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How to obtain loans to open a business

The loans to open a business They are essential for you and for your business, since any business that is just starting to operate needs financing.

But because you may have difficulties to obtain it or you do not know how to do it, you will find below the help you need!

Methods to obtain loans to open a business

How to obtain loans to open a businessThere are different methods for you to obtain loans to open a business such as microcredits or your credit card and you can also access a personal loan, a subsidy, access crowfunding or you can request it from a family member or friend.


The microcredits are aimed at small businesses and that is why they will offer you up to 50 thousand, whether you plan to create a child care center, which of course would be a non-profit company or a small business.


those of SBA will offer you a value of up to 13 thousand, because as you realize they are ideal as loans to open a business when it comes to a small business you don’t need a lot of start-up capital.

However those of SBA They are not so easy to obtain because they are offered to companies that can present guarantees such as movable or immovable property, be it company equipment or property.

Well, in the case of non-payment, the lender makes sure that he can sell the guarantee that you presented. On the other hand, you must meet certain requirements and even requires a procedure that makes the loan effective in several months.

Non-profit microfinance institutions and lenders:

This is an option not as difficult to obtain as the previous one because they are offered to small companies that are just starting their commercial activity or that do not have good economic stability.

It is ideal because with this type of loan you can make your small business grow and then later you can get a better loan.


Family and friends are another option for you to have your loan, but although you can maintain a good relationship with them, you must make sure that you can return it within the time period that they agree on.

In fact, you will have to work to convince them about your business plan and your responsibility to return the money they will lend you, since every new business implies a risk that you know and your lenders must also know about it.

Credit cards:

A small business can be financed with credit cards, especially when it is a credit of little money and that is not limited by your card.

However, this is an option that will be expensive to finance your business, since the rates that are determined by the card issuers are very high.

It is for this reason that most small businesses that use credit cards to finance themselves do not achieve the success they hoped for.

Personal loan: Many small businesses access personal loans, since online lenders abound and it is easy to access them.

However, due to the high interest rates, it is not the best loan you can obtain, since in the same way as credit cards it is not the option that will allow your business to grow.

So consider it as the last possible option for the initial phase of your business or for the purchase of the company’s equipment.


Crowfunding is a very popular loan method when it comes to financing small businesses, starting with raising money through online campaigns in which funds are requested.

Well, it is one of the new capital financing channels in which investors willing to finance your company participate, but in exchange they will obtain a participation.

Subsidies: To start your small business you can access both government and private subsidies.

Loans to open a business for women

For example, if you are a woman who is thinking about financing the business, you could access a special subsidy from the federal government for women if you will dedicate yourself to developing your business in a rural area or doing research.

The women’s business centers are sponsored by the SBA, as it is focused on helping women entrepreneurs who need access to capital to develop their business. An example of this is Development Corp. California where you will get them to lend you money directly.

The SBA It has sponsored centers throughout the country usually located at universities and colleges. Therefore, to access them, you can contact a local SBDC advisor and they can advise you on opportunities to finance your business and grants in your area.

Some private companies and organizations create national scholarship programs for women who are small business owners.

For example the foundation Amber grant Each end of the year awards scholarships to the winners of each month, as the selection of scholarship holders is made every month. At the end of each year, one of the 12 winners of the 500 dollars of the month has access to 2,000 more.

To access this selection you just have to explain the purpose of your business describing why you need the grant money and at the same time you will have to pay a fee of 7 dollars to win the 2,500.