How to obtain a quality certificate to increase the credibility of your business

That you have a Quality certificate It is the most important thing for your company and the sale of products, since you will be offering a guarantee to your public, but if you still have doubts, below you will know all the reasons why it is essential for you to carry out proper business management.

Why it is important to obtain the quality certificate in Spain

  1. In Spain as in any other country, by obtaining a quality certificate you provide your product with an added value of confidence in the consumer.
  2. In short, you are declaring to your audience that your product meets the requirements established by a standard. Although the adoption of these standards is not mandatory, the company can choose or not to request a quality certificate, but if you choose to request the certificate, you will improve the procedure and administration of your company.
  3. After that, with this request you request that a product or service be evaluated to verify that it is manufactured according to the quality requirements that govern internationally,
  4. By complying with them, you obtain the certificate with your logo so that it is viewed by the consumer.

Certifying entities of the quality certificate in Spain

  1. The competent bodies for obtaining the ISO standards, the International Standardization Organization, is a network that is made up of standardization institutes distributed in more than 150 countries.
  2. The CEWN, European Committee for Standardization is one of the competent bodies that is in charge of the development of standardization work covering the technical aspects of a product that does not belong to the electronics area, since this is carried out by another competent body, the CENELET, European Committee for Electronic Standardization.

EFQM is European Foundation Quality Management, which is in charge of total quality schemes.

Quality certificate and standards in Spain

  1. UNE, is the Spanish standard with an amount greater than 25,000 technical guidelines.
  2. AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, is the competent body in charge of developing and disseminating these guidelines.
  3. It is also in charge of issuing certificates, is a member of ISO and is the body responsible for developing and disseminating technical standards.
  4. As you can see, if you intend to obtain the quality certificate, you must be sure that the certifying company is formally recognized to issue that certification.
  5. If you have any doubts, you can go to ENAC, the national accreditation body in Spain, which is the institution that recognizes valid certifying companies, accredits the bodies that evaluate and give compliance regardless of what activity your company is engaged in, if it is public order or private.
  6. Well, when you are looking for a certifying company, you must verify that it has technical competence and you can even request its own certificate.

Quality certificate in Mexico

  1. In Mexico, the institution attached to the Ministry of Economy is the General Directorate of Standards, in charge of evaluating the quality of products and systematizing local standards with international ones.
  2. However, the National Council for the Standardization of Labor Skills is in charge of issuing standards of competence.
  3. SECOFI is in charge of certifying the quality of national and international products.
  4. The IMMC is in charge of promoting the competitiveness of Mexican companies based on the design of standards for certification, standardization and training, following the ISO 14000 standards.

What is a quality certificate?

  1. If you are looking for trust and loyalty to your customers, your products require a Quality certificate, because when a client sees that your product has this type of certificate, he sees your logo and realizes that this product meets all his expectations.
  2. It is an added value, you turn a common product into a quality product that surely surpasses that of your competition.

ISO quality certificate

  1. ISO are standards of quality and management of a product established by the International Organization for Standardization.
  2. While enforcing the standards is not a quick and easy job, it offers many advantages for businesses.
  3. For example, all the activities of the company’s personnel are standardized based on specific documentation.
  4. Customer satisfaction increases because the company’s products ensure quality because the activities and production procedures are standardized.
  5. All production processes are monitored and measured.
  6. The company increases its efficiency, which leads to the fulfillment of its objectives.
  7. The production process and therefore the final product receives continuous improvement.
  8. The production process significantly reduces negative incidents that can occur without permanent monitoring.

ISO 9001 quality certificate

The iso 9001 quality certificate is a management system standard that assures the company of quality management that at the same time allows it to improve and manage its products.

  1. It is a world reference that applies the fundamentals of quality management so that the performance of the company improves and can control production in order to obtain greater efficiency and improve customer service.
  2. When a company obtains this certificate it is publicly demonstrating that it ensures that it is committed to the quality of its products and that they receive continuous improvement.

How to obtain the quality certificate

To obtain the certificate you must follow the following steps:

  1. Before starting the process, be sure that you need to implement the quality management system.
  2. Once you have that assurance, you must choose a consultant.
  3. Plan the system by analyzing and identifying the processes that the company develops.
  4. You must train in quality or train people from a course.
  5. Record the entire process, because when the processes are documented it is easier for you to guarantee efficiency and avoid repeating them.
  6. Performs the tasks indicated by the quality management system of the standard.
  7. When verifying that the standard works correctly, do a certification audit, that is, you can request that an external audit be carried out to obtain the iso 9001 quality certificate.
  8. By complying with the entire process you will obtain the quality certificate but you will have to make an evaluation every certain period of time to ensure customer satisfaction and not have wasted time in an entire organization that you will lose if you do not control it.

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