How to mount an optic

It is true that in each city there may be many optical stores already installed; However, due to the high demand for this item, it still constitutes a profitable business for all those who dare to undertake an enterprise. Both to assist vision defects and to sell sunglasses and accessories, it is an excellent proposition that can make interesting profits.

There are two basic options: create your own brand or acquire a franchise. Be that as it may, here we will see the basic steps to start the business.

How to mount an optic

  1. Local: If you don’t have your own space to transform it, you can rent a commercial space. It must be approximately 50-100 m2 and must have a professional habilitation license.
  2. Personal: At first, it may be enough for you to take care of it yourself, but if the place is large and more customers begin to arrive, you should consider the possibility of hiring an assistant.
  3. Basic investment: You will need the necessary facilities and furniture, a basic stock of products, fix the premises, advertise your brand and carry out the paperwork to legally establish the firm. The investment is estimated to range from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 euros.
  4. Products to offer: You have to think about what type of audience you are going to target, because depending on that you will sell more expensive or cheaper products, of basic or higher quality. A good alternative is to have brand options and other more basic ones, to diversify the clientele. You will need glasses with regular prescription, contact and sun; accessories such as cleaning sprays or cases, etc. Do you want to offer a plus? Provides glass or frame repair services.
  5. Marketing: You have to guarantee customers that they will find the product they are looking for, and for this, you must continually replenish the stock. If you have good sales, do not hesitate to contact your suppliers to fill your shelves again.
  6. Financing: It is very important that you manage your capital well and be aware of the payment terms, because if you comply, the providers will trust you and give you preferential treatment. Also, a good credit history with the banks will allow you to access a loan in case you need it.
  7. Legal procedures: visit the local municipality to get advice on the bureaucratic procedures you must do to set up your business. In general terms, you must have a health license, qualification by optometrists, registration as a self-employed person and registration in Consumer Protection.

You already have the basic steps to start your new venture right now. Dare to be your own boss and found a firm that will bring you prestige, financial stability and interesting earnings. And never forget that excellent customer service and advice will set you apart from the competition.

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