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How to motivate customers’ desire to buy

The art of selling It is certainly not for everyone, this business system is made for those entrepreneurs who have the gift of knowing how to treat people, the gift of knowing how to give them what they deserve through quality products and services, but even having all the availability to do things well, a small amount of differentiation will always be needed to make them lean towards our proposals.

On this occasion it is about technical aspects that every company that seeks excellence must implement in such a way that no consumer can “escape”. It has not happened to them that sometimes customers come to their premises knowing in advance what they are going to buy, however, there are also those with doubts about what would be the ideal for their lives, jobs or studies. Regarding the first profile, let’s say it is about safe sales, but regarding the second, how would you proceed?

In this type of situation they will have to apply a series of strategies to help you sell quickly and permanently, here are the most outstanding ideas on how to motivate your customers’ desire to buy:

How to motivate customers' desire to buy

  • Employ promotions and discounts. Promotions and discounts have been and will be one of the best weapons that a seller can have, because if we put ourselves in the shoes of consumers, we will simply understand that an interesting discount percentage or a three-for-one bargain will motivate us in any way to buy. The same happens with the rest of human beings, who always look for the best price. We must bear in mind that with so much competition, they would always like to be able to offer one or another discount to be able to maintain their target sales.

But this topic could not remain in simple words, so you may be interested in reading more about Honey, a plug-in for Google Chrome that helps us identify what discounts or promotions are offered by online stores with which it has some compatibility. And another equally fundamental aspect is the collective purchases which consist of the mass purchase of a certain offer so that each member of said mass can pay less for what it has decided to purchase.

  • Offer money-back guarantee. Especially in Internet businesses, today we see how almost everyone offers a money-back guarantee in case the product that people have bought arrives in bad condition, and in the case of services, then if the client does not he is happy no more his money is returned to him. This is a strategy that anyone would be attracted to given that there are many scammers out there, so that you will start to win more clients who prefer to feel safe when making their payments, since many consider their acquisitions as true investments. and it is your commitment to keep them thinking that way.
  • Provide trial periods. This also happens frequently in virtual businesses and in particular in the sale of digital content or in the acquisition of memberships, where customers are generally offered a period of time to enjoy a certain service and thus be convinced of who have opted for the best option. What’s more, today, most startups start offering their services in beta version and then start charging, in most cases, the right price.
  • Propose to give more for the same price. Sometimes the competition can be very overwhelming or perhaps it is time to take an important step in terms of how to market our products. This is closely linked to the field of promotions, where a higher percentage of the product is offered, such as soft drinks, perfumery, food, etc., all to attract the largest number of consumers. The same happens with services, but they have to understand something, this of giving more at the same price could bring them logical repercussions to the detriment of their companies. But why would a company dare to “give away” two products in the 3 x 1 offer? In the case of supermarkets, it is these same establishments that produce their products and call them what they want, in this way it is It is possible to use this type of strategy, although if they are able to do it to promote their business, in good time, however, it would not be right for them to reduce the quality of what they sell to give more.
  • Employ merchandising. This sales technique consists of making a product more attractive to the “human eye”, how like this? Here they will have to use their imagination to be able to impress the view of those who will be their customers so that they are encouraged to buy a particular product either because of its very attractive design, because of its location at the point of sale (for example, the first necessity are in the bottom part of the shop windows and the others where people can take them more easily), and obviously for the price that must be visible although some entrepreneurs prefer not to place it. Added to all this are the various promotions and offers for each item.
  • Sale of exclusive products. This strategy works best for a certain market segment where people have high or acceptable purchasing power. The idea is to make them believe that they are going to buy unique items which will prompt them to have them immediately. It is also known as Premium products and it is perhaps one of the magic words or phrases that you can use from now on to sell regularly.
  • Provide limited offers. As for the offers, these are always accompanied by a certain time limit so that people can acquire them, otherwise, after the indicated period, they will no longer be able to buy more. With this you want to achieve that potential prospects become customers at once because if they do not they will miss out on unbeatable or irreplaceable items.
  • Improve the shopping experience. A satisfied customer will not only buy from them again and again, but will also recommend them to their friends and family, so it is not only convenient for them to focus on offering quality products or services but also care that makes them feel special. For example, serve them with kindness, make them smile, advise them when they have problems with their needs, offer them discounts when it is the right case, in short.

Well so far some of the guidelines to follow so that we get more clients than expected, and if you have some more we ask you to share them with us for the good of the business world, come back soon.