How to Monetize Your Website Profitably

Once you have achieved a certain level of traffic. As you may have already read in the previous article, the way to earn money is:

Ads on your website

The ads that are exposed on your website are ads that have to do with the topic you write. Services like Google Adsense offer you that possibility and pay you for each click that people make on the ad that is on your website.

They put the ads that are most related to your website to maximize Internet user clicks. That will depend on the amount of money you receive each month and that Google Adsense, as a service entity, can charge.

If you use keywords that are searched, then you get paid a lot for each click, otherwise you can only charge a few cents for each click.

You have to evaluate whether it is worth it for you or not. It may not be convenient for you to have ads if for what they turn you off does not compensate for the traffic you have and it has cost you so much to get, go from your website to another site, without stopping for a while to evaluate if what you have to say interests them.

From around 0.5 euros per click, you may get the bills and compensate for the loss of traffic. But it depends on the conversion of visits you have in the sale of your products.

Another strategy is to put your own ad in less obvious places. Put the actions that you prefer to be done first in the most strategic places where they are most likely to click.

An indication of the most strategic sites on a website and for which they are paid the most is in The best positions on your website. This is based on studies of what a surfer is most likely to notice. It has been proven that the top left is where our eyes go first when we see a web that is opened.

However, it is always better to test what works best for you.

You should install Google analytics for this, a very powerful free tool to evaluate where your traffic comes from, what it does on your website and where it is going.

Google analytics

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money online. It allows you to earn money for recommending other people’s products in exchange for a commission. For example, it allows you to make money recommending perfumery products without having to buy stock, have a customer service or pay storage costs.

A lot of people write a short recommendation on their website and then put a bunch of links out of their website to the product sites. But it is better to follow a more elaborate strategy.

Follow the Pareto rule, focus on 20% of the products that you recommend and that bring you 80% of your benefits.

You can do this using various options below. Recommend only the products that really interest you, otherwise your recommendations will be diluted.

1) Solve a problem using an article using the “How to …” to give a solution to a problem.

In the case of selling perfumery products, for example, how to apply the cream, what is it recommended for, when will the results be perceived … You can use real cases and explain to people with testimonials that it really works.

2) Another way is to write an article like “Product Summary …”.

The phrase ranks well even for low search volume. Your article should encourage and push them to make a purchase decision at that moment.

If you think it is a bad product, tell them. If it’s a good product, tell them enthusiastically. People get infected and enthusiasm sells.

But how to write about the products without having to buy them? Ask the owners to send you the product for free. At the end of the day you are going to advertise. You can also try the “demos” of the products that always give you a very accurate idea of ​​what the product is like.


The best way to have content on your website is to make others write for you.

Find experts in your niche, interview them, and sell it as a product.
Or create a forum on an unexploited topic. The posts that people write commenting and reporting are, after all, content.

The pay

When you have a product to sell, you need a payment system to process the orders. You can use ClickBank or Paypal. With Paypal you pay less for transactions, around 3% with a small amount for each transaction. But Clickbank offers an affiliate service that helps you pay them.


You already have your product and your payment system. But you still need a system that sends your product to the customer automatically. You can redirect them to a page on your website to download, or you can let e-junkie send it. The difference is that e-junkie has a security system to prevent someone from entering your website from the download of the product without paying beforehand. It also has many other features that may be of use to you, in e-Junkie.


Convince your readers that your product is what they are looking for and that it will be very useful to them. Use strategies such as reminding them of all the problems that will remain unsolved if they don’t buy the product. Copywriting is an art, you have to perfect yourself in writing.

There is a lot of free material on the internet. I recommend you read “Hypnotic writing” written by Joe Vitale.

Amazon has many books to help you perfect your writing skills.

Now there is only the last part, which is working to grow your business.