How to make more money with the advertising model by sharing your photos and videos monetizing them with Google AdSense

We all have photos and videos to share, some are more creative and original than others, there is no doubt about that, but it is obvious that the creator of such “works of art” will never be satisfied if he has not obliged before.flixyahad a reward for their hard work.

What better way to earn money by publicizing those files that could be useful to anyone who loves art or tutorials to be able to carry out an activity that they could not before, perhaps a tip to improve health, in short.

Well, the proposal is called Flixya, a platform that uses the Google AdSense monetization system for users to make their content profitable, being, as I already mentioned, photographs and videos, although there is also the possibility of publishing articles, in case you also like to write.

What you can get thanks to this new business model will depend on the quality of content you upload, the keywords, the page views, the quality of the traffic, the pay per click ranging from pennies to several dollars a day.

If you still do not have an account in AdSense, you have to register in Flixya where it will ask you to create one so that you can then activate it so that you can connect it with your other account in the same Flixya. So Google will know that you are using its ads to earn income from said portal.

What is recommended in Flixya to improve the chances of obtaining clicks is to add files that will help people either to solve a problem or for their personal delight, sharing that same content through forums, blogs or social networks, through the placement of exact titles, adding descriptions and tags. Logically, if you start working with AdSense, the content must be authentic while being suitable for everyone and not going against copyright.

For me, sharing something relevant is a business idea that has no loss and that constantly occurs among netizens, perhaps your files are more interesting than you imagine and from now on you could be earning what you always expected from the web.


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