How to make free internet calls

Today the free internet call They are in common use, as it is the way that we frequently communicate with friends, such as when we also use text messages or communication through social networks, being in this way that traditional communication by telephone is already little used by all the people in the world, but …

How to make a free internet call

Thanks to technological advancement, especially speaking of mobile phones, it is no longer necessary to do free internet call using the computer but we can make the same calls through the mobile phone and free to anywhere in the world.

Something that decades ago seemed like science fiction is now a reality. For this, Google made available to users an application such as Hangout through which you can call for free using Google Vice with your Android mobile phone.

Step 1: First of all you must download the application Google Hangouts Dialer.

Step 2: Once you downloaded the application, you will see that on the screen they ask you if you want to install it and of course you will install it.

Step 3: You have already downloaded and installed the application, so now you can use it by opening it.

Step 4: In order for you to use the Google App, you must choose the icon that shows you a dial pad.

Step 5: Having chosen the dialing icon you will be able to enter the phone number you want to call and you will choose the icon with the phone form to dial the number.

Step 6: You will immediately notice that the call is already in progress.

advice: Many times when you call online you hear the words between cuts, this is not a problem of the application, but you should check your connection and the wi fi network, since an unstable connection will not allow you to enjoy a call without cuts or delays.

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Call free by wifi

You can make free calls online either using your mobile phone or your computer, in this way if you need to communicate frequently with friends who live in another country, throughout the year you will find that you save a lot of money, then for example with:

Application to make free calls


Line is another application to make free calls online, it is one of the most downloaded applications because in addition to offering you free calls, it also offers instant messaging with an interface different from WhatsApp.

In general, it is an application that works well but you will always have a good performance if you have a good internet connection without causing you between breaks of words or listening to yourself after speaking.

Google Duo

Google Dou, as its name anticipates, is also an application that Google offers you for free calls, which was born in competition with other messaging applications, but with a simpler interface than Hangouts. You only need to register in the same way as you do with WhatsApp, that is, by entering a phone number.

Google Dou

Google Dou is an application with good sound quality, without words between cuts and with a good video quality, but before downloading and installing it you must make sure that your contacts have also downloaded and installed it so that they can call each other for free using the internet.


WhatsApp hardly needs an introduction, since most of the people in the world communicate through WhatsApp with free text messages, but on some occasions they have also discovered the possibility of using WhatsApp for calls and video calls.

Best of all, you will not need to tell your contacts to download WhatsApp because they have already downloaded it and therefore you can save money on your calls with this application.


As an application to make free calls there are many examples such as Viiber, one of the first with which you can call whoever you want for free as long as that person has also downloaded and installed the same application.

Viber is also an application for free internet calls with millions of downloads to communicate with your family and friends at no cost.

When you download and install Viber, the same application searches for your contacts and automatically synchronizes them to know who of them uses Viber and then you can use it to talk to them.

In addition to calling for free with Viber, you can share photos and send messages like with any other instant messaging application.


Taku, it’s another app to make free calls, perhaps not as well known as the previous ones but with good sound and image quality. Of course it works as a free application to make calls to your contacts, who have downloaded the same application.

But if your contacts did not download the Viber application, it has a credit system with low rates of dollar cents so you can communicate with them.


Skype, you can download it on your mobile phone or on your computer to make calls anywhere in the world for free as long as the other person has also downloaded Skype.

The use of Skype is totally free and you can also make video calls for free and share your screen while you talk.

Skype, is an application for free messages and calls and video calls with millions of downloads and it is for this reason that it is one of the best because in addition to being used by individuals to call friends and family, it is used at a business level so that there can be good communication with suppliers or customers, for presentation of exhibitions and other tasks that are essential in a company.

But beyond this quality, with Skype you can call from your mobile phone or from your computer and you also have the assurance of a good call quality and that the client or provider will also have downloaded Skype


The Gmail call service belongs to Google, sometimes you may have to pay a very low price of cents of dollars for the call and offers you the possibility to communicate to 150 countries.

To use this service, you only need to have a Google account with your unique username, give Google your phone number and after Google verifies that the phone number is yours, you can start making the calls you want. .

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