How to make a credit card payment with AEO (American Eagle Credit Card)

Do you happen to know the benefits of getting a American Eagle Credit Card? Applying for a store credit card gives you regular rewards that other credit cards don’t offer. For example, with a American Eagle credit card, you can receive gifts that you do not receive with other credit cards.

In some stores, they give you a pair of jeans after buying 5 pairs, or they can give you a free bra after buying 5 pairs. Plus, you’ll get 15 reward points for every dollar you spend with your cards at retail stores. American Eagle.

This is certainly something that we do not see on a daily basis compared to other credit cards from regular banks, which only give low interest on a return on whatever amount of money you may have with them. In the end, the banks are the ones who benefit from your money, since they invest in loans from other clients and only pay you back the minimum.

Something to keep in mind when having this American Eagle card is that if you do not pay your statement on time, instead of saving money, you will end up paying much more, two or three times more than what you spent buying any item in the store . This is the trap of this type of credit card that many customers fall into. Some of them are not well informed at the time of acquiring their credit cards, they just go for all the juicy advantages, discounts and benefits that these credit cards offer.

Pay American Eagle credit card

When it comes to paying your American Eagle credit card, you have several options. As mentioned above, you need to be very informed when obtaining this type of credit card to avoid late fees and a lot of default interest for not paying on time. For this type of credit card, you cannot pay your credit card bill in stores. Unlike most businesses where you can get a credit card, and you can make your payments in stores, with this card, you can only pay your statement in 3 possible ways. Despite not being able to make payments in American Eagle stores, the payment methods are very simple and very convenient for customers.

You can pay with your American Eagle credit card (tag_trong) online. Just log in with your credentials on the American Eagle credit website. For those customers who are accessing for the first time, you can register perfectly through the website. The process is very simple, it is like creating an email account in which you have to provide all your personal information. You will need your mother’s maiden name, your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number, and a valid email address.

You will then be taken to an account management page credit card from American Eagle where you will need to log into your account and click ‘pay online’ to make a payment. As you may already know, if you have other credit cards it is recommended to make at least the minimum payment to avoid late payment penalties. Some banks have late fees of $ 10 to $ 15. This is a lot, and it is, of course, something that affects your pocket for not making your payments on time.

Paying online will give you the option to pay with your bank account number, you would have to submit this information and the routing number of your bank account before submitting your payment online. This has to be a US bank and the payment will be sent to your credit card information.

Pay your American Eagle credit card by mail.

The second option you have for paying your American Eagle credit card is by mail. With this option, you can use cash or check to pay by credit card. Paying by this method is very simple, just write a check or receive a money order payable to AEO, Inc. Credit card, or send the check or money order and your most recent statement to the following address: AEO, Inc. Credit Card Services, PO Box 530942, Atlanta, GA 30353-0942.

You need to be patient and allow time for the letter to reach the payment center for processing. One thing you really need to keep in mind when paying this way is that you are responsible for late fees and interest that accrue on late payments. So if you are considering using this payment method, be sure to send the letter with your check or money order in advance to avoid any late fees.

Pay your AEO credit card over the phone.

The last and most traditional or conventional way to pay your credit card is by phone as you would with any other credit card from any bank. Just call and pay for free using the automated system, otherwise you will have to pay a $ 10 fee to pay your credit card over the phone with the help of a customer service agent. Just call and enter your credit card number, your bank routing number, and account numbers, as well as the amount you want to pay.

American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card.

Have a credit card from American Eagle Outfitters It brings with it many advantages that you never imagined you would have with any other credit card. This is just a list of all the features of this card when buying clothes online using your AEO credit card:

  • Get a 20% discount on your first purchase with the AEO credit card.
  • Free standard shipping.
  • Get 15 points for every $ 1 you spend.
  • 2,500 points equal a reward of $ 10.
  • 20% discount on coupons for your birthday.
  • Buy 5 jeans get 1 free.
  • Buy 5 bras, get 1 free.
  • 6 events per year for the cardholder.
  • Online and from your credit card management phone.
  • $ 0 fraud liability.
  • Get 5 points for every $ 1 USD you spend at any of the establishments that accept Visa credit cards.