How to install roofing step by step for a strong and durable roof

If you want to know How to install roofingFirst of all understand that it is hard work, fear of heights is not your problem, right? Well then you can commit to this project.

If you still do not know, go up to the roof of your house and try to walk, if you were able to walk without getting dizzy, you have passed the first test and you will embark on an adventure.

Step by step process how to install roofing

Then you can learn How to install roofing If you did not have any problem climbing to the roof of your house and follow these steps:

Step 1Go to the lumberyard and buy a pack of shingles, saturated felt, self-adhesive waterproof base, nails, tape, and a ladder.

Step 2: When placing the tiles make sure to distribute them evenly along the roof, as you should not place the tiles without first removing the old tiles because it is too heavy for the beams.

Step 3: After you have cleaned the roof and make sure you have obtained the permit if necessary, you will clean the drip edge of the eaves.

Bear in mind that snow and heavy rain can force the water under the old ones already installed and the water can seep under the lower tiles and drip into the house.

Then, to prevent leaks, apply a self-adhesive waterproof base coat to adhere to the roof sheathing. You can buy it from roofing supply companies.

Step 4: Cover the remainder of the roof with a # 15 asphalt-saturated felt base overlapping each layer two inches with the bottom layer and continue to nail the drip edge along the sides of the roof on top of the bottom layer.

As you did with the flashing, fold the upper pieces over the lower ones, as the felt keeps the roof covering dry and protects from rain and wind, increases fire resistance and protects from missing tiles.

Step 5: Find the center of the roof at the top and the eaves and chalk a vertical line, to begin weaving working from left to right and towards the rakes or sides, but consult the recommendations of the shingle package.

Step 6: For the first row of shingles, cut the tabs of the three tabs to apply with the self-adhesive strip facing up and along the eave.

Make sure the row has a projection beyond the drip edge to protect the ceiling with filling of the spaces under the cutouts and joints.

Step 7: Nail the first row of shingles directly over grade with four nails per shingle and six in windy areas, then you can begin breaking down the horizontal chalk lines by securing 6 inches of the shingle tabs where the bottom edge of the tabs that meet the top of the cut.

How to install metal roofing

Step 1: Make sure the edge is square and if you need to adjust the panel do it as the first step, since you can tilt the panel a little to frame it correctly, which you must do from the first panel.

Step 2: If the panel you use is very long, cut it calculating an inch and a half or two for the eave, to do this, place the tape on the end wall and measure to the edge of the eave and add an inch and a half or two to cut the panel according to that measure.

Step 3: Apply the sealant tape between the layers of mental along the center of the entire eaves, then remove the tape.

Step 4: Install the panels with the panel at right angles to the eaves so that the panels are laid out straight and put a screw in the fastening strip and loosely so that the panel does not come down.

How to install roofing singles

Step 1: Make sure the panel is well framed.

Step 2: While you don’t need to drill it will make your job easier, then you can drill the panel for the screw holes by measuring the precision of the drilling between the holes so that all panels are equal.

Step 3: If you need to cut them, do it with a cutter, tapping the panel and then bending it back and forth until it is detached so that it maintains a good edge.

Step 4: Screw fasteners in a straight line without over-tightening.

Step 5: While working with metal flashing and roofing wear rubber gloves.

Step 6: When you finish installing the metal roof, remove the chip from the roof to prevent rust that can build up on the roof.

Tips on how to install roofing

While it is you can learn cHow to install roofing and do it yourself or dedicate yourself to offering your services as part of your business, you can have complications depending on each roof, since while some may have dormers and several peaks and therefore it will be a challenge for you, in this case it will be faster installing a roof with tiles because they are flexible rather than metal roofs which are rigid.

But for a gable roof, the installation of metal panels can be faster and easier.

Anyway, a metal roof requires the skill of the installer, for this reason roof installation contractors are professionals in their trade. And even because most prefer to work with shingles over metal when they need to install metal roofs they charge a difference in their price.

Beyond the price, the best time to install a roof is during fall, summer and spring, but if you call a contractor in winter you will get a better discounted price and since metal papers are not affected by the cold, winter is a good time for the installation of a metal roof.

But if you have decided to install the roof of your own house and with your hands without fear of heights, you already know the tools you need and how to install roofing on the roof of your house so that the tiles frame correctly.

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