How to improve the productivity of your collaborators in real time

Within any company there will always be important projects and tasks to be completed, but these tasks must be done well to satisfy the client, for this we need tools that allow us to monitor the progress of these activities so that our collaborators only dedicate themselves to working effectively.

An application that allows us to do all of this is Do, whose main function is the creation and management of projects for all kinds of companies, all in real time and through the web and mobile devices with iOS.

Do also allows us to increase the productivity of our employees since we can add many members to each project where their respective work groups have previously been created.

how to improve the productivity of your collaborators
This way we can organize and do the proper follow-up of the tasks in each project, we can take notes and notes, it allows us to work in close contact with our collaborators and clients or other companies. And to increase productivity we can make use of alerts and the sending of summaries by email, feedback is assured thanks to the fact that we can attach files to tasks and projects, we can receive updates and progress of the tasks and general status of the project.

To work with dates, Do includes a calendar and also integrates with services such as Gmail and Google Drive.

We already know that you have thought of many more options but like Do, surely the management of your projects and the tasks of your company will be well supervised through a clean and easy to understand interface.


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