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How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest To Get More Customers For Your Business

Recently my colleague and friend Yasel Polo posted on her blog a guide that basically explains how Pinterest works. This has inspired me to create this article on how to get the most out of Pinterest to get more customers for your business.


But How To Get Potential Customers With Pinterest?

Marketing with social networks or social media marketing has evolved a lot in recent years. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most powerful social networks today, and the vast majority of bloggers actively participate within these networks, although they are always attentive to the new social networks that are appearing.

Pinterest came at the right time, just when Google Plus has been gaining ground within social networks. With Pinterest, you can easily share your favorite images and easily get qualified traffic.

Twitter is a platform of Micro blogging, Y Pinterest it is basically a virtual board for sharing images. Both Twitter and Pinterest are both very powerful tools for growing your business.

Unfortunately, many people who are using Pinterest are not realizing its potential. Several bloggers and marketers are making a serious mistake, they are getting traffic, but they are not focusing their efforts on increasing their conversion rates (sales, subscribers, etc.). Pathetic right?

The Pinterest Concept

The essence of marketing with Pinterest is to always present (PIN) the best images. Not because they are pretty, but because of the relevance they have for users. Pinterest and Twitter are two powerful marketing systems that will allow you to grow your blog or website very quickly.

When images become popular on this social network, they appear very well positioned in search engines. By appearing in search engines, you can get free traffic, without making any effort.

Now you must bear in mind that beautiful or attractive images will not necessarily produce the desired results, the images must be closely related to the theme of your blog or website.

Have a Good Capture Page

The capture page is one of the most important aspects. People who participate in social networks are very carefree people and most likely they do not read your blog articles (in the first instance). Yes, your articles or your content in general are probably very good, however users who browse social networks do not really care.

Social networks make it very difficult for people to stay reading some type of article or similar, they themselves prefer to subscribe to download “Something specific” or simply join some type of service (or similar) that is valuable or entertaining to they.

Having a good capture page will help us first to capture those potential customers from Pinterest, and then build a relationship with them. Pinterest generates a lot of noise on the web, and it has quickly become a great traffic generator for one of my blog. The first image (Infographic) that I uploaded to Pinterest generated 54 visits in less than 24 hours. In 3 days, I got 120 views, and 15 of those visitors signed up to that blog’s email list.

Over the last few weeks, I have been learning more and more about how to get traffic and increase my conversion rate (subscriptions) using Pinterest and a good capture page. The latter should be very simple, and should not have advertising of any kind. It is also important that you include some type of bait or bait that encourages users to subscribe.

The incentive or bait can be a digital book, or some kind of useful tool for users. You can design the subscription page to your liking, although I do recommend using bright colors and using headlines that attract attention.

Turn Your Blog Into A Magnet

Working in the blogging industry is not about waking up every morning and writing. There is more of the articles, and the comments. It’s about attracting and building strong relationships with your audience or target audience.

Therefore, you must put relevant images for your potential clients on Pinterest. Otherwise, you will get low-qualified traffic, and you will be reaching an audience that is not interested in your content. Which implies a resounding failure of all your efforts.

Each article you write should awaken the interest of your visitors, and unconsciously invite them to consume more content. Quality content will always be very important, but by itself it is not enough, that is why you must implement a good marketing strategy, and Pinterest makes it much easier for you.

In summary…

You have a great marketing system at your fingertips … Pinterest!

However, you must remember that you should never send visitors to your main page (of your blog or website) even if it is super optimized and you have the subscription box very well located. What you should do is send visitors to a capture page, to capture their name and email, and convert them into potential customers.

Then you just have to build a good relationship with them (a relationship that can last for decades). This is the best marketing strategy that you can implement to grow your business using social networks (In this case, Pinterest).

A cordial greeting,