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How to grow your FanPage follower list

Tony is a small businessman and as such has a Facebook page. But it feels frustrated. No matter how much desire and effort you put in, you can’t get your Facebook page to take off. He currently has few followers, and worse still, his posts are seen by very few people. He is desperate.

Do you see yourself reflected? I do not doubt it.

If you have a business, you probably also have a Facebook page. Now … How many Likes do you have on your page? They can be many or they can be few.

The reality is that almost all businesses that have a Facebook page have relatively few Likes and most likely also few sales that were born from a Facebook prospect.How to grow your FanPage follower list

Why promote your business on facebook?

Today Facebook is the platform where more people in the world meet to exchange ideas, upload photos, make comments and watch videos. Thus, Facebook is also an excellent platform to promote your business.

The problem is that most people have no idea how to effectively promote their business on Facebook.

The most common mistake …

It is very common to see businessmen who only publish promotional posts on their Facebook page, and by this I mean images that promote their products or some type of offer or discount, but the reality is that very few people see and pay attention to it. to those posts.

This is because Facebook, recently, has implemented the strategy that posts from Facebook pages are only seen by a very low percentage of people who like the page.

Obviously Facebook also wants to make money and, therefore, has imposed the rule that you have to pay for your posts to be seen by more people. In English they call it “pay to play”.

The interesting thing is that promoting your Facebook page is really very cheap. Much cheaper than doing it in any other traditional medium. It is also cheaper than buying Google Ads.

You can invest 2, 3, 5 or 10 dollars a day in a Facebook ad and tons of people will have access to your publications, I’m talking about thousands a day even. You can schedule your ad to appear to people who already like your page, or to people who haven’t liked you yet.

Now, effectively advertising on Facebook has its science, but don’t think it’s too complicated a science. The important thing is that you spend a little time learning the best practices so that your ad is as effective as possible at the lowest cost.

On your Facebook Page… Likes first, sell later

Marketing experts say that, for a business, the most important should not be the Likes of its Facebook page but the reality is that, having many Likes gives you credibility. It is not the same to arrive at a Facebook page and see that a business has 300 followers than it is that it has 30,000. This is called “social proof”Or social validation.

We all fall into the “trap” of thinking that if a business has many Likes it is because it must be good…. Like when we think that a restaurant that is always full has better food than one that is half full.

So … generally the first thing you want to achieve is to collect “many” Likes for your page (for the record, “many” is subjective).

To achieve the above you must know your target market … it is no longer worth wanting to sell to anyone. You must choose very carefully who you want to sell to then create your marketing precisely for that sector of the market and thus be able to attract them efficiently.

Did you know that on Facebook you can target your paid ads to a particular city?

Or to two or five or ten cities or a state or a country specifically?

You surely understand how powerful this is.

Imagine that you are a local business in the city of Monterrey. You can easily create an ad on Facebook that only people who live in Monterrey can see. In the United States, you can even target zip codes. Honestly, I don’t know if it works like that in Mexico as well, but in his case, it would be an ultra-powerful weapon for your business.

In this way, if you decide to pay $ 100 to Mark Zuckerberg, it will be $ 100 well invested, since your target market will be who will be seeing that ad on Facebook.

Furthermore, when creating your paid ad, you can target people who not only live in your city, but are also men or women, from such an age, who have certain tastes or certain hobbies or certain passions in particular.

This makes it even more attractive to spend some of your money on a paid ad on Facebook.

But like I said before, it’s not just about creating an ad and running it and paying for more people to see it. You must create a strategy behind the ad.

Ads with a clear objective …

While it is true that at the end of the day, what you surely want is more sales, your paid ads on Facebook should have a clear objective.

Hardly a person who does not know you is going to buy you the first time.

Therefore, it is worth first creating an ad on Facebook that only has the purpose of getting people to Like you and, therefore, to find out about the existence of your business.

Once you have their Like, you can create another ad, now yes, aimed at people who already like your page, where you offer valuable and free information, in exchange for them subscribing to your mailing list. With this, what you will achieve is that these people open up a little more towards you and your business.

This is already a small victory and a step forward for you.

Also, targeting paid ads to people who already like your page is cheaper than ads targeting those who haven’t liked you yet.

Convince them by Email …

According to marketing gurus, even today, the best way to get a person who likes your Facebook page to become a customer is by convincing them to join a mailing list to which you, periodically, can send valuable information so that, over time, they will be convinced that you are their best option.

But … How do you get people to voluntarily subscribe to your mailing list?

A few years ago it was relatively easy to get people to sign up, but today it is increasingly difficult.

Marketing experts say that the best way is to offer your prospect customer some interesting and valuable information that is Irresistible. It can be a checklist for something in particular, an ebook, a video, or even a super discount, etc. (but do not offer that $ 50 pesos discount … nobody is interested in that).

To people you already have on your mailing list, don’t try to sell them out of hand.

A very big mistake some entrepreneurs make is that they try to sell out to their prospects abruptly. That doesn’t always work. Remember that, in general, nobody likes to be sold … but we love to buy.

A typical example is when you are in a store and an employee approaches you … what do you always say to him? “I’m just seeing”. A little no?

Sure! We all do.

The million dollar question is … how do I make my followers want to buy from me without me having to sell them?

That is something that you have to discover for yourself but, as a general rule, the best way is precisely through email marketing offering interesting and valuable information about your products and services.

As I said before, the secret is that you convince them that your business is their best option.

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the places where your customers spend the most time … apply and find them. Then convince them. It is a process that takes time and some effort. It also involves some investment.

If, through experimentation, you find the formula that works for you, I assure you that Facebook will be an excellent tool for your marketing.