How to get unsecured loans in banjercito by electronic banking

You need to know about banjercito loans Why do you need money borrowed from this entity? A loan to renew your appliances? Or maybe you need a piece of furniture that you want to have from a loan? Well, you can get it but surely you still don’t know how you can get it granted and what its characteristics are.

So then, below you are about to know all the information you need so that you can get rid of the doubts you have about this type of loan:

How does banjercito loans work?

  1. First banjercito loans It is intended for active military personnel with the minimum rank of second lieutenant or a higher rank or that which corresponds to an equivalent rank in the navy.
  2. It is also addressed to retired or retired personnel but you must prove it with the warning of the pension or retirement for life.

What benefits does banjercito unsecured loans offer?

Banjercito unsecured loans offers several advantages such as facilities for:

  1. When you access the loan, it makes it easier for you to buy what you need for your home.
  2. You can use the money to buy any appliance you need.
  3. You can also use that money for the purchase of electronic products with a fixed payment because the interest rate is fixed and the discount of the loan payments are through payroll.

What is Banjercito loans Normal

  1. It is a loan that is of immediate liquidity, that is to say that once you request it, its approval is immediate.
  2. You can allocate the money for the acquisition that you decide.
  3. The payment of the refund fee and deducted directly from the payroll.
  4. It is a loan that does not require an endorsement.
  5. It is a loan with fixed payments.

Requirements to obtain banjercito loans

If you want to do the procedure to obtain your loan at the National Bank of the Army, Air Force and Navy you must gather the required documentation such as:

  1. The original Banjercito solution request.
  2. The original of the liability payment format.
  3. The original of the authorization as applicant to consult the credit bureau.
  4. The original and copy of the official identification in force IFE / INE or in its replacement the military identification.
  5. The original and copy of the proof of address that is not older than three months.
  6. The original of the certificate of deductions and perceptions for personnel of the Secretary of the Navy.
  7. To access the loan you must have a minimum seniority of one to two months receiving the assets of the navy, army or air force.
  8. Gathering this documentation you should know that it is a free procedure.
  9. The procedure can be done in person at any of the branches of the National Bank of the Army, Air Force and Navy.
  10. If you do not know the address of the branches and the one closest to your home, you can find them in the branch directory:

How does banjercito work unsecured loans electronic banking

Banjercito unsecured loans electronic banking It works in such a way that it benefits you for the purchase of the product you need, because it does not require a specific destination of the money you receive, for example:

  1. When you opt for the loan you can choose the payment term of 12 to 24 fortnights if you belong to the active staff.
  2. If you belong to retired staff you can choose the monthly discount instead of biweekly.
  3. From an established house you can purchase the home product you need, including electronics and appliances.

Banjercito financing unsecured loans for retirees

  1. Banjercito unsecured loans for retirees is aimed at retired military personnel who require a loan to have money to be used for the purpose they require.
  2. Without specific destination it is a credit of immediate liquidity.
  3. According to your degree as an applicant and your ability to pay will be the amount you can access.
  4. You will make the repayment of the loan through your payroll.
  5. To obtain it you do not need an endorsement.
  6. It gives you the peace of mind that during the entire loan period, the payments will be fixed.
  7. You can apply for the loan if you belong to the personnel of the Navy, Armed Forces, Army or if you are a pensioner or you are in retirement.
  8. The pension or retirement you obtained must be for life and also your degree must be soldier, marine or a higher degree.
  9. The credit you obtain is handled in national currency.
  10. The commission for opening the loan is calculated on the gross amount at 2%
  11. You can reduce the monthly payment of the credit if you extend the contract term for 2 years.
  12. You can make advance payments without incurring a penalty.
  13. You have four fortnights prior to the payment of the first amortization that you want to pay.
  14. You can request a renewal when you have covered 25% of the loan payment.
  15. You can pay by direct debits, by transfer of funds, with a check or with cash at the window.
  16. If you are a retired military officer, your rank must be Sergeant 2 and Third Master or higher.
  17. The Total Annual Cost or CAT for generals, bosses and officers on average is 14.8% without VAT.
  18. The CAT, if you belong to the sailor or troop class, on average is 13.7% without VAT.

Banjercito special unsecured loans

  1. banjercito Special unsecured loans also works as the Normal without specific destination and is of immediate liquidity with fixed payments.
  2. It is aimed at you if you belong to the personnel of the Navy, Air Force or Army, Marine Corps or a higher grade and if you have a minimum seniority of 1 year and 2 months.
  3. To apply for the loan you must submit the loan application.
  4. You must also present a copy of current official military identification.
  5. You must present the PQ account number.
  6. Credit management is also carried out in national currency.
  7. The procedure can be done at any of the Banjercito branches.

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