How to get UBER billing for trips made?

Surely you need to know about uber bills because you are one of those people who frequently use this service. However, you can get it when you make any trip and in a very simple way.

If you still do not know, then you will have all the information about billing and even when it is done by third parties, so keep reading because it will interest you:

How to get uber invoices

To get uber bills in a very easy and fast way, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter

Step 2: Once you have entered the site, you must enter your account and search for Tax Profile. In this section you can carry out the modification, verification or tax registration and even create profiles with different payment methods.

Also from Tax Profile you can activate automatic billing for your profile or for those you need.

Step 3: You will have finished and you will go to My travels. In this section you can view all the trips you made and choose which one you want to check in by clicking on See details.

Step 4: As a last step you must click on the invoice request. Then you will receive the and you will receive your invoice in XML or PDF format at your email address.

Step by step everything about Uber billing

As a user, learn about uber billing It is essential for you to invoice the trips, if you want to make the modification of fiscal data and you may even need to download the invoices of a previous period, then handle it this way:

Step 1: When you download the App you will have registered with a username and password, as use this data to enter

Step 2: When you enter the site you will see the option My Trips.

Step 3: In the section you can see all your trips, then you just have to choose the trip you need to check in with a click on See details.

Step 4: As you need to request your invoice, you will click on Invoice request.

Having followed these 4 steps you will receive your invoice in XML or PDF in your email.

Keep in mind that any user can request their invoice for the trip they made.

Therefore, in this case, your billing profile is used to issue the invoice.

So if you need to check your history of invoices generated with your RFC, follow these steps to enter the billing portal:

  1. Login to
  2. Once you’ve logged in, go to Invoice Settings (you’ll find it in your account menu)

In this sector you can modify, verify or register your tax information and select the scheme according to your tax situation.

  1. But keep in mind that if you entered to register the tax information, you do not need to generate a new record.

You should also consider that the trips you made in uber are at your disposal for 60 days, but to request the invoice you must allow 24 hours after the trip that you need to invoice has been made.

Requirements for third-party billing uber

For the uber third party billing keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. All uber partners must register with the SAT by entering the CSD and FIEL certificate for the issuance of invoices.
  2. As soon as the members register, all the trips you make generate an invoice, since in this way it is a guarantee for the payment of taxes before the SAT.
  3. Keep in mind that if you do not have the fiscal credentials, you have the option to select third-party invoicing to be able to issue invoices. For this it is only necessary that you share a proof of address, your tax identification and your CURP.

Well, although it is a guarantee for the payment of taxes to the SAT, it is also obvious that it is a fiscal responsibility that implies an increase in those responsibilities that give rise to the payment of more taxes and it is for this reason that there is the possibility that you choose the option of invoicing by third parties, which in addition to speeding up the process of activating your account allows you to issue invoices quickly.

Anyway, you should know that to work with uber it is essential that you register with the SAT and you must also have your FIEL (electronic signature), since if you do not comply with this last requirement you can opt for pre-registration until you finish with the corresponding procedures before the SAT.

However, pre-registration is not the most recommended because you can only use it for a specified period of time and you will have to pay for each invoice you issue $ 8 + VAT for any trip regardless of its value and even during that period of time, all income is paid. You will declare before the SAT for the payment of taxes that correspond.

After all the procedures you must enter your control panel before Sunday to register the bank account where Uber will make the weekly payments. It must be an account that allows you to receive international transfers

How to download uber invoices

Always bearing in mind that you are the administrator of the account and that you must wait 24 to 48 hours after having made the trip that you want to invoice, since it is the period of time that must operate so that you can see it in the trip log and the invoice is generated automatically.

Well, automatically as administrator you will receive all the invoices if you register an additional email address for said shipment.

But in the event that you have lost the file and therefore need to download the invoice, follow these steps:

  1. With your uber invoices administrator password, enter
  2. On the left of the screen you will see an icon Invoices issued. If you browse through the arrows on the side you will be able to view the invoices by month of issue.
  3. Choose the zip file option to download the invoices you want.

Keep in mind that the invoices that have been sent to you will be available to you again for 90 days.

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