How to get the best debit cards without fees

You are looking for a debit card without commissions? Well, in Mexico you can get it from several banks such as Azteca, Banorte, Santander, Scotiabank, HSBC, Banamex.

But you should always compare the qualities and benefits that each one of them gives you when you request and they grant you your card, for this reason below you will know everything you need to know so that you can make the best choice.

Where to get a debit card without fees

When you get a debit card without commissions You get an account at the same time at no cost, without commissions for the issuance of the card, they do not charge you commission for managing the account or for opening the account.

They also do not charge you commissions for using electronic banking or for making transfers.

  1. An example is the card of the Banamex base account, which is a basic account without commissions, therefore you can carry out many operations such as withdrawing money and other operations at the counter, withdrawing money from the ATM, making transfers through electronic banking and not they will charge you commissions.
  2. Another example is the basic Bancomer card with which you can make purchases at Visa-affiliated businesses without charging you and you can also check your balance and free withdrawals both at ATMs and at bank branches and even at the In case you lose the card, they will not charge you commission either.

How to get the debit card without commissions Bancomer

To get the cards you must meet certain requirements such as:

  1. Present your valid official identification with an updated photograph.
  2. Present proof of address in your name.
  3. You avoid having your account canceled by maintaining an average minimum balance of $ 1000.
  4. The third example is the Santander debit card that does not charge you commissions and in the case of charging them they are minimal. You can get the card by opening a basic Santander account, as it does not require an average minimum balance or monthly income or minimum opening amount.

Debit card without commissions or minimum balance

As for the debit card without commissions or minimum balance, accounts with:


In bankaool you can open your account and obtain a bank debit card, the Bankaool MasterCard with the assurance that you will not pay commissions, annuities, or extra payments that often appear in the fine print and you cannot read them.

Once you access your card, you can use online mobile banking. In addition, being a Bankool MasterCard card, they accept international payments, so you can make purchases online as well as you can book flights, pay for services such as Uber and much more. To get the Bankool MasterCard debit card, taking into account that you must make a minimum deposit of $ 500, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the fields with your personal data: Your first name, your middle name, your paternal last name, your maternal last name, your date of birth, your gender, your place of birth, your nationality.
  3. Then enter your zip code, the street of your address, the exterior number, the interior number, the state, the municipality / delegation, the neighborhood / urbanization, the city or town.
  4. Since the debit card is delivered personally, you must sign an acknowledgment of receipt presenting your official identification, then choose whether you want to use the address you indicated to send the card or you prefer to have it sent to another address.
  5. Enter an email address to receive your account information and re-enter that address to confirm it.
  6. Check the box I have read and accept the privacy notice.
  7. Check the I’m not a robot box and click Continue.

Banamex base account

It is the basic account with which you receive a debit card without commissions, you can pay for services and goods, withdraw cash from ATMs or at bank branches.

Banamex base account requirements

  1. You must present your valid official identification.
  2. You must be over 18 years of age.
  3. Present the voter’s credential.
  4. Present proof of address if the address on the voter’s credential is different from the one on the application.

You can open your Banamex base Account by going to any of the bank’s branches and you will access the debit card without commissions.

Santander debit card

The Santander debit card can be obtained by opening your basic account, then you can make cash withdrawals, make inquiries about your balance at no cost.

It does not require a minimum amount for the opening or monthly rent, or minimum average balance.

In addition to this, the international debit card is associated free of charge.

How to access the Santander debit card

  1. Go to any of the bank’s branches.
  2. Present your valid official identification.
  3. Present proof of address that is no longer than three months.
  4. Present 2 personal references who do not live at the same address.

Banorte debit card

Affiliated to the MasterCard and Visa franchise, the due banorte card gives you the advantage that you can use it anywhere in the world and receive remittances from your relatives from the United States.

Banorte debit card requirements

  1. To obtain the Banorte debit card you can go to any bank branch.
  2. Present your official identification with an updated photograph.
  3. Present proof of address that is no older than 3 months.
  4. Then it demands an average monthly balance of $ 1000.

Bancomer debit card

  1. It is the debit card that you get by opening your basic Bancomer account. In this way, you can withdraw cash from BBVA Bancomer ATMs in addition to making purchases with your debit card.
  2. You can also make withdrawals and deposits without having the card at Bancomer ATMs.
  3. You can use Bancomer and lines at no cost to make the queries you want.
  4. It has no opening cost.
  5. Account management is free.
  6. It requires a minimum balance of $ 1000 which must be maintained so that your account is not canceled.

Bancomer debit card requirements

  1. You must be over 18 years old.
  2. You must be a resident of Mexico.
  3. You must have a valid mobile phone number.
  4. Official valid identification such as passport or INE.
  5. You will present your immigration form in the event that you are a foreigner.
  6. You will present a proof of address that is not older than 3 months.

How to get the Bancomer debit card

1.Gather all the requirements with the documentation.

  1. Go to any of the branches and you can get your debit card by opening your account.

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