How to get out of the credit bureau ?: Alternatives, ways and times

You need to know how to get out of the credit bureau because surely your credit references are not good, which is hurting you if you want to apply for a loan.

That is why it is important that you know it so that you can be viable again for a new financing, because it is still possible without paying, do you know how to do it? And if you want to get out of the Coppel bureau? Or if you already paid how will you get out? And if you are in the bureau, how long will you be? Well, in short, you know what it is specifically and what is its way of working? All this information you need to know, you will read below.

What is the credit bureau and how does it work?

  1. Then you understand What is the credit bureau and how does it work?Since the credit bureau is nothing other than a private, non-governmental company that is in charge of receiving information from financial entities and banks that provide loans to legal entities and individuals.
  2. The information they receive is filed in the credit history with the name of the applicant, which means that when you apply for a loan you are in the credit bureau.
  3. The information collected by the company is used by financial institutions and banks to make an assessment of the credit applicant’s ability to pay.
  4. Your ability to pay without risk not only means that you comply or not with the payment but your income, economic dependents, age among other factors.

How to get out of the credit bureau if you haven’t paid yet

If you still haven’t paid to learn how to get out of the credit bureau It is very easy since you have three options with you:

  1. As an option with negative consequences for you is that you request a restructuring your debtIn other words, you must go to your bank and talk to the staff who attend you to settle your debt with a payment plan designed and proposed by you.

In this way you will be paying your debt in full with payment plan that suits your comfort and an interest rate that is acceptable to you.

If you manage to restructure your debt, you will clean your credit history, you will recover your credit score and the bank will inform you that you are getting up to date with the corresponding payments.

  1. As a second option, it is a matter of negotiating with your creditor a reduction, that is, requesting a discount to pay part of the debt. If you feel capable enough to do this negotiation, you can do it yourself, otherwise you can hire a credit repair company.

The credit repair company offers you a savings program and once you accumulate resources, negotiate it with the bank. This is a good option if you have several creditors to negotiate with or when you do not have the ability to pay, as the company will help you establish a payment plan according to your possibilities.

Anyway, when choosing it, you should analyze what its services are and the cost of the same if it is by settlement or monthly and check in Profeco if you have complaints or complaints.

However, having settled the debt with a reduction, it will appear in the credit bureau for 6 years during which you will not be able to request a loan.

Even the credit repair companies do not have an agreement with Elektra or Coppel and they will also help you solve your problem if your debt is more than $ 30,000.

  1. The third option is that you simply wait until the credit circle and the credit bureau eliminate the record of overdue credits, as that is what the rules issued by the Bank of Mexico and the law for the regulation of credit information companies establish. .

How to get out of the credit bureau without paying? it’s possible

  1. How to get out of the credit bureau without paying? It is possible by the prescription of the debt as determined by the Mexican Commercial Code as long as your creditor does not intervene in a legal action for its collection.
  2. Also, as a debtor, you have the right to have your credit bureau record erased within 6 years.
  3. However, it does not mean that you have to wait a maximum of 6 years, because on the one hand the credit bureau will end up erasing your negative antecedent, but your creditor has the legal right to collect the debt.

How to get out of coppel credit bureau?

How to get out of the coppel credit bureau? It’s easy by following these steps:

Step 1: Enter

Step 2: Register or log in if you have already registered with your username and password.

Step 3: Complete the form with your name, surname, state, email, mobile phone, landline and finally leave your message describing who is your creditor, what is the amount of your debt, what is the type of credit, how long do you owe, choose if you have already received a claim or not, explain the reason why you stopped paying, indicate if your salary is deposited in the creditor bank, indicate if you prefer to be contacted by an advisor, check the box you have read and you accept the privacy policy and finally click send.

How to get out of the credit bureau if you already pay?

How to get out of the credit bureau if you already pay?Well, if you have already paid your credits, your history will be updated in 10 days.

In this way, the credit bureau will indicate in your status that you are up to date, that is, it indicates that you have no debt but your negative behavior will continue to appear since there are Bank of Mexico regulations that indicate the following:

  1. If your debt does not exceed 400,000 UDIS (Investment Units), which is equivalent to $ 2,556,000, your debt is not in criminal proceedings and you did not commit fraud with your credits, it will be eliminated between 1 to 6 years.
  2. If your debt is between 25 and 500 UDIS, equivalent to between $ 150.75 and $ 3195, it will be eliminated in 12 months.
  3. If your debt is between 500 and 1000 UDIS, equivalent to between $ 3,195 and $ 6,360, it will be eliminated in 4 years.

How long does it take you to get out of the credit bureau?

How long does it take you to get out of the credit bureau? In addition to the above list, you may have a lower debt, so be guided by the following:

  1. If your debt is 25 UDIS, equivalent to about> $ 113, it will be eliminated after 1 year.
  2. If your debt is 500UDIS, equivalent to about $ 2,260, it will be eliminated after 2 years.
  3. If your debt is 1000 UDIS, equivalent to about $ 4520, it will be eliminated after 4 years.
  4. Debts greater than 1000 UDIS are eliminated after six years as long as: they are less than 400 thousand UDIS, the credit is not in judicial process and / or you have not committed any fraud in your credits.

If you have had delays or defaults, you do not have to wait for the information to be erased to improve your credit history. If you catch up, it will show on your record and show that you are making your payments.

How long do you last in a credit bureau in Mexico?

You knowHow long do you last in a credit bureau in Mexico?, since the period for the reports to be eliminated starts from the first report as expired or the last time your creditor updated the information.

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