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How to get months without interest in lefties Mexico

You want to take advantage of the benefits of lefties Mexico? Well, you know that you can take advantage of them in the Inditex group stores. Well, the group allied with Citibanamex issued a credit card so that customers can obtain the benefits that are exclusive in their stores.

But if you want to get the months without interest when using the card and you don’t know how to do it, then you will find the step by step:

What is lefties Mexico

First of all you need to know what lefties Mexico is, then:

  1. Lefties is the cheapest fashion store in Mexico. All the prices you find in the store are reasonable.
  2. It is an Inditex store that has a presence not only in Mexico but also in Russia, Portugal and Spain.
  3. Under the Lefties brand you will find designs for all ages and genders, since in stores you will find designs for babies, children, men and women.
  4. In fact, the section that most represents the brand is the Womenwear section.
  5. It also has its own line of accessories and footwear, as it is constantly looking for new ways for its customers to find fashionable products.
  6. On the other hand, in the lefties catalogs you will see that fashionable products are so that you can use them at any time of the day and you will always be in fashion.

What are the benefits of lefties México

  1. Once you access your card, you benefit because you can make purchases in the store for 3 months without interest.
  2. With the Affinitty card of lefties you accumulate 7% in points for your purchases in the Inditex group stores and you also accumulate 5% for your purchases in other establishments.
  3. You benefit from a 10% discount on the first purchase you make in lefties or in another of the Inditex group stores.
  4. With a turnover of 40 thousand Mexican pesos per year, you get an anniversary bonus for 6 thousand Premia points.
  5. You benefit from a fixed rate payment plan so that you can partialize the balance by favoring yourself with a preferential rate.
  6. You will access Ticketmaster presales prioritizing you as a customer over others with tickets for events such as concerts among others.
  7. Through Premia Points you benefit from the loyalty program with cash rewards. Well, your purchases in the Inditex group stores accumulate 7% and those you make in other stores with the card accumulate 5%
  8. In the lefties stores you will find all trend products in fashion, you can visit the online catalog where all the novelty in footwear and clothing for children, women and men is exposed.
  9. In addition to benefiting from purchases in months without interest, you also benefit by buying fashion products at low cost, since the lefties stores are low cost. Therefore your whole family can dress up in the latest fashion trend at reasonable prices.

App lefties Mexico

With the DondeLoCompro App you can find out the opening hours to the public at the reins and the addresses of Outlet Lefties, Parque Delta, Parque el Toreo, Parque Tezontle, Oasis Coyoacán and Galerías Toluca.

How to get the lefties mexico Affinity Card

You can get the lefties mexico card by requesting it online without having to request it in person.

In this way you will get it right away, since it will be delivered to you in less than 1 business day.

When you request it, you must complete the application form like any other card indicating your name and surname, your age, address, complete your financial information and finally they will ask you the address where you want to receive the card.

Lefties Mexico stores

With the Affinity card from lefties mexico You always get 3 months without interest in all Inditex group stores, that is, at Zara home, Stradivarius, Uterqüe, Oysho, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Zara.

Months without interest with lefties mexico

  1. In order for you to obtain interest-free months, your purchases must exceed 1,000 Mexican pesos.
  2. With the Home Depot card from the same store you can access 6 months without interest with any of your purchases no matter how much you spend on them.
  3. When you make purchases with the Office Depot card, you always get months without interest.

Lefties mexico billing

If you made a purchase in lefties and need an electronic invoice to be generated, the only possible way is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. You will find a form to complete with your full name, then you will index your last name or surname, your phone number and an email address,
  3. Then you will find a drop-down menu for you to choose the theme. You can only choose between employment-job offers, affinity card, customer service or corporate information.
  4. Below you will write your message requesting the billing of your purchases.
  5. Check the box I have been able to read and understand the information on the use of my personal data in the privacy policy.
  6. Finally click Submit.

Since the message you will write refers to the need for your electronic invoice to be generated and in the drop-down menu you will not find this option, the best thing for you is that you choose Customer Service.

Well, in this way a representative will respond to your message and at that moment you will indicate the need for billing for your purchases.

Whoever attends you will know how to understand your situation and will be prepared to generate the corresponding invoice or, otherwise, your message will be deferred to the administration sector so that it is in charge of generating your invoice.

How to book in lefties mexico

If instead of buying when you enter the online store you prefer to reserve the product, you can do it this way:

  1. Login to and find the product you want.
  2. You will find a button “stock and reserves”, click on it and make the reservation in the store by entering your information.
  3. After that you will receive an email confirming your reservation, then you can pick up the product you reserved in the store.