How to get mobile business permits

You need to request the mobile business permits required by each municipality where you will be working, since each of them configures them in a different way.

While some require licenses for residents and non-residents, others require licenses according to the type of mobile business.

But if your intention is to carry out the business through several municipalities, you will require licenses for each of those municipalities.

What are mobile business permits

The mobile business permits They allow you to manage your business through different municipalities. They are also known as the Intermunicipal Business License.

Each mobile license It was created independently of the participating local governments, so there are variations in the operation of the license according to each area that participates, these variations include the types of businesses and the price.

Generally, when obtaining a business license from the local government you are offered to obtain an additional business mobile license so that you can operate in the municipalities that participate in the agreement.

For example, when you obtain a base license, you can accept an additional mobile license for $ 150 to work legally in other municipalities, without having to manage the license in the other municipalities separately.

However, as each municipality works differently in terms of its regulations, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with each of the regulations of all municipalities.

Profits: In this way, you reduce the cost and time it would take to manage multiple licenses.

You also save the time of the renewal of each license by having managed them at different times.

In turn, it is a simpler process and in this way you avoid mistakes.

It provides you with access to your target market, which will be broader when reaching several municipalities.

Where to get the license: The mobile business license can be obtained in the participating municipalities. But before requesting it, you must make sure that you have:

A commercial name, the address, the telephone number, the date of creation of your company, the type of business and the total area of ​​the physical place that you will have bought or rented to establish your business, because even if it is a mobile business you must have these requirements.

All information about the mobile business license can be obtained from the Ministry of Small Business.

Florida Mobile Business Permits

The mobile business permits In Florida, they will have to do with the type of business, that is, for example, if you plan to operate a mobile food service including preparation, cooking, service or sale of food from a mobile support such as a vehicle or trailer, you must meet the following requirements:

Requirements: You must obtain a CU or certificate of use that is renewable every year.

In the application you must describe the operation and the hours that you will operate the mobile business.

A copy of the state license that is required for food service establishments.

Zoning: Mobile operations are only allowed in the urban area and in the urban center.

For mobile operations are only allowed in residential zoning districts and on properties with a current certificate of use and occupancy.

Restrictions: You will not be able to operate your business in restricted areas such as parking spaces, loading areas or in areas that impede the circulation of vehicles.

Schedule: The allowed hours to operate your business can be from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. at 10p.m. and on weekends from 7 am to 11 pm

Alcoholic drinks: In Florida, the sale of alcoholic beverages through a mobile business is prohibited.

Sound: If you plan to advertise or use sound while selling with your mobile business, you should know that it is also prohibited in Florida.

Signagen: In the same way, as a promotion you can think about the signage of your business. In this sense, class B point-of-sale type signs affixed to the vehicle are allowed.

In the signage you can include the menu in case your business is food.

But you are not allowed to attract the attention of customers with banners or balloons or other devices.

As for the menu, you can place the table within the sales area, but only during the hours your business operates, then you must remove it.

Electric service: It is allowed to connect the electrical service with a plug as long as you do not carry out a wiring beyond the sales area and that it does not pose any danger to customers.

The sales area will include the space occupied by a portable support, a vehicle, products, signage and equipment in addition to tarps, marquees, or awnings.

Responsibility: In addition to the CU or the certificate of use that you obtained, you must amend it so that you can carry out mobile operations, since the number of mobile operations that you can perform locating yourself in a certain site is limited to 6 days in a period of 30.

However, it is considered a mobile parked operation per site that contains at least 10,000 square feet of area in a lot.

And an additional mobile operation for every additional 50,000 square feet of area on a lot.

Likewise, its location in parking spaces is not allowed.

General tips: Keep in mind that all companies, even if they are ambulant, must have the corresponding records, licenses or permits before legally opening the business.

Even your business will be subject to municipal, county, state and federal requirements if applicable, since according to the industry the requirements may vary.

You must also allow an annual inspection and receive a safety operating permit from the Florida County Fire Rescue Department.

If you operate your business in Miami-Dade County you are required to obtain a local county business tax return and if it is located within a municipality, you will need a county and municipality business tax receipt.

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