How to get jobs in New York without papers

Get jobs in New York without papersWhen it comes to you aspiring to a hierarchy job where you can have a high salary, it may seem difficult, but do not be discouraged, here we give you some tips to achieve it.

If you are not so demanding with your aspirations and do not have papers, instead of working for a large company you will find employers who do not have the necessary resources to verify your lack of documentation.

New York City workers are covered by many labor and employment laws, regardless of your immigration status . Get an overview of the job protections available to you .

Below you will find additional useful information for immigrant workers.


Where to get jobs in New York without papers

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Difficulties when looking for a job in New York without papers

There are employers that offer jobs in new york without papers, because they require cheap labor and if this labor is scarce in the legal market, they hire illegal immigrants, especially when it comes to temporary work.

In fact, if you do not have papers, you can apply for a job, depending on how long you have been illegally in the United States, because it matters in the same way as if you had stayed. legally in the United States, but keep in mind that it is not the most common.

  1. Immigration law makes allowances for a person to be eligible for a job and be considered an illegal immigrant. With your expired visa you will have a temporary status and without the need for you to leave the United States.
  2. For example, you can apply to work on a farm in a small city, since the employer without being able to carry out the work by himself could not hire students because they do not have free hours to do the work, then since he cannot pay a minimum wage or High, the only solution is to hire a family of illegal immigrants, as this is the most common job of illegal immigrants who work on farms owned by farmers in the United States.
  3. Another of the most common jobs that are accepted by illegal immigrants, that is, people without papers, is cleaning homes and construction.
  4. Undocumented workers are employed to care for elderly parents and children as people without legal status who are accepted by families who need someone to take care of their parents and children while they go to work.
  5. The construction sector It is also one of the places where employers usually hire people without papers, because illegal immigrants think that by doing hard work everything will work better and the day will come when they will be able to legalize their situation.
  6. The most common is that an undocumented person, an illegal immigrant starts working for a small shop where he will earn a certain amount of dollars that will allow him to survive until he decides to look for another job to better position himself and if, for example, he chooses to work in cleaning it is because he knows that he will be able to earn more, but despite having a somewhat higher salary, all illegal immigrants They go through major problems while illegally staying in the United States.

10 problems with jobs in new york without papers

While it is possible to get jobs in new york without papers For a very low salary, illegal immigrants face several problems because the best jobs are not available for these types of immigrants and also if you do not have papers you will feel that you are being persecuted and you will be afraid of being deported.

  1. The worst of all is that if you have a health problem, you will be afraid of undergoing a medical study because you will not even have a social security number and therefore it will be very difficult for you to get your medication.
  2. If you are lucky to get a job and you have an accident or you simply get injured, you will not have health coverage for work accidents. You will think that you can go to the hospital to receive medical attention because they cannot reject you even if you do not have papers and you are in New York, but will you risk it? Will you run the risk of showing up if you don’t have papers?
  3. You can get a high-risk job, for example cleaning an apartment to clean glass at height, it is a dangerous job, you do it, but you should know that only you run the risk of falling and that with your fear that They deport you, having no papers, where will you receive medical attention?
  4. You know that all jobs are competitive including those of employers who hire illegal workers, so if you realize that your salary is much lower than that of other workers with the same status, you will not have the right to make any claim, because you will feel unprotected.
  5. In the same way, if you notice that your employer threatens or abuses you, you can only confront your boss and beg that his actions stop, because you will have no other option because no organization will protect you.
  6. Within your own work you will feel unprotected because although there may be a union that defends the workers, you will be special, you are illegal and no union will protect you. Even if you join as part of that union supporting it and your employer warns it, it is better that you quit your job and look for another, because the employer could contact the government to clarify your illegal situation.
  7. Perhaps you could have entered the United States with a tourist visa and if you propose to work, that visa does not serve to prove that you are a legal immigrant, you can get a job but if they find out about your illegal status you will pay a serious penalty. In this case, it is convenient for you that when you relate to someone who hires you to work, they sponsor you so that you can request your documentation and become a legal immigrant.
  8. In fact in New YorkWith a tourist visa, you can stay up to three months but without working and without looking for work, because if they find out, in addition to paying a fine, you will never be able to receive a tourist visa again.
  9. You can get a job as a waiter, as it is one of the jobs that students occupy in New York to pay for their studies, but also for illegal aliens, since as the Green card is quite complicated to obtain, they decide to work without papers and put themselves at risk to pay a high cost fine and with the prohibition to return to the United States until 10 years have elapsed.
  10. Police controls are common and you may be susceptible to those controls after which it will be confirmed that you are an illegal worker, because with the intention of interacting with different people you can be denounced for your illegal status.

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