How to get good private health insurance

Are you thinking of a private medical insurance as a complement to your social security?

Many people like you are thinking the same thing, especially when they have a baby at home or is about to arrive, you know that you need to take it regularly to the pediatrician to monitor its evolution, because it is important that you have a complement of public health care because despite the fact that it guarantees you assistance 24 hours a day, you feel more peace of mind if you take out private insurance.

How to buy private health insurance

Even if you do not want to complete your health plan but you need a private medical insurance Because you are not eligible because your income is too high, you can buy health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

You can also obtain insurance in another way through a private insurance company, an online insurance seller, or a broker or agent:

Step 1Quickly check if you have the ability to save, then take a minute and think if your income is within the range for you to qualify to save. If you do, you can enroll in a Marketplace plan, as it is the only way you can save on monthly premiums.

Estimate your income and the number of people in your charge, don’t you qualify? So there are other ways to buy a health plan.

Step 2: Go directly to an insurance company. You can contact any insurance company and review the plans that are available in your area.

Step 3: You can also purchase your health insurance through an insurance agent or broker. Typically, agents work with a single health insurance company, while brokers sell health plans from multiple companies, but both can help you compare plans and enroll.

Keep in mind that if you choose a broker or an agent you will not pay more premium because they are paid by the insurance companies that sell them, since they only sell plans from some companies, but look for agents and brokers that are within your area.

Step 4: Look for an online health insurance vendor, as it offers you health plans from several companies so that you can compare prices and characteristics and then you can enroll in the insurance company you have decided on.

Characteristics of private health insurance

Usually the private health insurance they have these characteristics:

  1. It offers you a varied medical profile and different assistance centers so that you can choose the professional of your preference and the schedule according to your needs,
  2. You can go to the specialist doctor without having to visit the family doctor beforehand, in this way you reduce the time to receive a diagnosis.
  3. If you need hospitalization, you can secure a single room.
  4. Many of the insurance companies offer you 24-hour care so you can call if you have any questions.
  5. Some may offer you personalized attention, and say that it is a service that helps you, for example, to remember medical check-ups from a call from a nurse.
  6. Some also include dental coverage or you can add this type of medical care with a little extra, which is important when you think about the cost of dental treatments.
  7. Some insurance companies extend their coverage outside the country, which is also important if you are a person who travels for business or frequently goes on vacation with your family.
  8. When buying medical insurance, analyze the modalities that insurers generally offer you, with or without excess, with medical examinations or without medical examinations and then you will adjust the price of the insurance according to your financial situation.

How get insurance doctor

You can get Marketplace coverage this way:

  1. Applying online.
  2. Applying by phone and requesting a health insurance plan, for this you must register by phone: 1-855-8899-4325.
  3. Applying in person by visiting a trained counselor within your community to obtain information, apply, and enroll in person.
  4. Applying by mail. In this mode you must complete a paper form and then send it by mail.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance is usually offered by your employer, but some employers offer you only one type of plan with no choice, while others may offer you to choose from more than one plan.

When you buy health insurance on your own if you don’t get it through your employer, it will usually cost you more because it will be you who will pay for the plan rather than sharing the cost with your employer.

Please note that some insurance plans work with certain health care providers and facilities that are in the plan’s network and thus can provide health care at a lower cost.

HMO: HMOs are plans that pay only for health care within the network of health providers and have a lower cost compared to those offered by a variety of professionals and providers.

PPO: These are plans that cover medical costs if you receive medical care within the network of health providers and pay some cost for care outside the network.

Mapfre health

Mapfre Salud developed an extensive medical team and medical solutions. It has the Family Health policy, within modular assistance with extensive primary care and specialists.

It also offers the Medium Health option for the free choice of the doctor and with worldwide coverage.

Mapfre salud Elección is another type of policy with a combined family assistance insurance with quality health coverage, a guarantee and with a private medical staff of experience.

It also has dental health insurance that allows you to choose from several specialists in dentistry and oral radiology.

Advantages of private health insurance

Among the Advantages of private health insurance are:

  1. Option to be treated by the doctor of your choice.
  2. If you need surgery, the waiting time is shorter.
  3. Control when and where you will treat yourself if you get sick.
  4. It is helpful if you need services such as physical therapy, chiropractic, optics, and dentistry, as they are services that Medicare does not cover.