How to get Credit Cards without Proof of Income

If you are looking for a credit card without proof of incomeIt means that you do not have the necessary proofs to prove to the bank that you are solvent, which would be essential for them to grant you your card if there was no possibility that you would get it without those proofs.

Well, if you do not have a formal job, whether you collect your salary every month or every fifteen days and therefore you can present a payroll receipt, your situation would seem that it is not so easy because you are in what is called the informal economy .

However, many people like you are within this group, that without proof of income it is possible to obtain a credit card, you want to know what the possibilities are, so keep reading …

Options to get a credit card without proof of income

Obtain credit card without proof of income It should not be a problem for you because although you work in the group of people who are within the informal economy, even if you do not have a payroll receipt, your income can be verified in another way. In fact, not only with proof of income you get a credit card, there are more options such as:

  1. You can open a savings account as the first and easy option.
  2. You can also show a debit card, since it means that by having it you have verifiable income.
  3. Depending on your income, you can check them by opening an investment account at a bank.

In any case, to get your credit card you must show the last 3 account statements whose balance is the one required by the card you want to obtain.

More credit card options without proof of income

If you did not open a savings or investment account and you do not have a debit card, you still have options to get your credit card without proof of income, for example:

  1. You can get a departmental card that does not require proof of income, it can be an option even though they are cards as they do not have the support of, for example, MasterCard or Visa, you can only use them in the branches of the stores where they were issued, in other words, its use is limited.
  2. The credit card issued by Fintech, those that are issued by Fintech companies do not require many requirements like those demanded by banks. The Vexi credit card is an example.

You can request your card online and control all your expenses and movements with an App that you download on your mobile phone. Also, it does not charge you an annual fee and you can use all the digital services it offers at no cost. If you do not have proof of income and you have not created a credit history, it is an ideal card for you.

  1. The gold credit card Guaranteed, it is the card that you can get without having created a credit history and if you cannot verify your income. It also does not charge you an annual fee and you also benefit from refunds for the purchases you make.

The Gold Guaranteed Credit Card of the Azteca Bank requires that you have an investment account or a deposit account with a minimum amount of $ 2,500.

If you use the card once a month, you benefit from 1% on the purchases you make in that period and it does not charge you an annual fee.

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Credit card without proof of income

You already know that you have several options for credit card without proof of income, but you will know which is the one that suits you when you know all its details, then:

  1. The Vexi credit card does not require you to present your proof of income and helps you start building your credit history.

If you can start processing it without proof of income and without credit history and it does not charge you an annual fee, the commission for opening is $ 450.

You get the virtual Vexi card so you can make purchases online.

You can also download the Vexi App to know the movements of your card and do all the procedures digitally.

You can defer your purchases to 3,6, 9 and 12 months through the Vexi App with interest.

Receive alerts by email or your mobile phone at no cost.

You access special promotions and discounts negotiated by Carnet, since it is the card that supports Vexi.

Requirements to apply for the Vexi credit card

  1. You must be a person over 18 years of age.
  2. Your references in the credit bureau must be good (if you created your credit bureau)
  3. You must have a Facebook account.
  4. If your income cannot be proven in any way and you are a student, what you receive as an allowance is considered.
  5. Present your official identification with the updated photograph.
  6. Present proof of address.

A credit card without proof of income is convenient

In general terms, these types of credit cards that do not require proof of income to start the process are ideal if you do not have an extensive credit history or your ability to pay is low.

  1. For example, they are ideal for you if, despite the fact that you have a job, it is not possible for you to verify your income through documentation.
  2. It is also ideal for you if you are a young person who is just starting in the job market and want to get your first credit card.
  3. If you are an independent worker, they are credit cards that help you manage your finances and control your expenses.
  4. If your income is low, you can get a guaranteed card with which you can make purchases in physical stores or online, you can make payments for services and you can even make and receive transfers with the App.

Credit card without proof of income for housewives

They are credit cards that help control household expenses. You can buy at the pharmacy, the supermarket and other products that are related to the home and its maintenance.

Credit card without proof of income for unemployed

If you do not have a job you can get a credit card for the unemployed, it is a guaranteed card, from which you use the limit money of your savings account and avoid the fear of going into debt.

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