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How to get cleaning employment contracts

If you thought of establishing a cleaning work company because you are seduced by the idea of ​​investing little capital and you also know all the licenses and permits to open a business, but you have not started yet because you do not know what to do to get cleaning employment contractsYou will find very good ideas below.

Well, in a world where competitiveness is found in all business areas, your cleaning company is not excluded from the need for you to create a business plan.

Business plan to get cleaning work contracts

1: Create a business plan high impact and focused on competitiveness.

Think about the marketing and all the materials you will need to promote your business from cleaning work. At the same time, think about the price that you will charge your clients and the service that you will offer them.

Write the biography of your company, It will be very useful as part of the information for your future website. You should also prepare all the materials you will need for the promotion, such as the price list of your services, brochures and your business cards. As you have not yet developed your website, take advantage of the social media What Facebook Y Twitter to promote you.

2: Study your market: Take your computer and open an Excel or Access document and create the database of your potential clients, as it will be who you will look for to be hired.

Therefore make columns to enter your contact information such as the date you will visit, the name, the address, the telephone number and the comments that you need to add.

Well, it will be useful for you if that cleaning work you plan to do it in offices. Therefore, your database will contain all the information you need about the companies located within the area in which you plan to work and to which you will present yourself to offer your services, since the data can be easily obtained from the internet.

3: Knock on the doors of your potential customers: To get cleaning work contracts you must take action, open the database document and contact the companies you have registered. The best thing is that you visit them personally, but if you still don’t dare because they are your first customers, you can send them an email or call by phone to ask if the company has a cleaning service and they are satisfied with the service they provide.

Although you will be wanting them to respond that they are not satisfied and are looking for another cleaning service, they may also be satisfied, but anyway you will offer them a budget, because even if they are satisfied, it is always ideal to have another cleaning service company. cleaning in the event that at some point they cease to be compliant.

Therefore, arrange a meeting at the company to present your budget.

4: The day of the meetingDo it with the person in charge of the cleaning sector of the company and visit the facilities. During the tour, talk to this person and ask about the requirements that are given to the cleaning staff, such as the hours, frequency and type of cleaning that the company needs for its offices.

After this conversation you will already have several data so that you can present a budget, therefore when you return to your office generate that budget based on all the information you obtained.

Make two printed copies of the budget, one copy you keep so you can keep track and the other copy take it personally to the company.

5: You have already submitted your quoteTherefore, you will wait until you have news about the hiring of a cleaning service that may be the one you offered or, on the contrary, the company decided to hire your competition.

In the latter case, do not hesitate to ask the reasons that led that company to hire a cleaning service that you did not offer them, study the reasons and ask them if you can contact them again in the future so that they take you into account before the inability of the chosen company to carry out its work.

Then before an affirmative answer plans to contact you again allowing six months to pass and you will offer a new updated budget quoting all the services that the company requires.

But if the company was satisfied with your budget and hired you, you should have a conversation with the person responsible to finalize all the details before starting work.

6: Your first customers: In this way, you will introduce yourself to each of the companies that you registered in your database, since surely many of them will hire you and become part of your clientele.

Therefore, you already have clients to whom you offer your cleaning services, these clients are the best reference because, given their satisfaction, they can recommend you to other companies from which you will begin to expand your network of clients.

Now that you learned what you need about how to get cleaning employment contracts Remember that you should focus on doing the job well and that the people we serve recommend us.

The contract for house cleaning work

However, you can not only resort to looking for your clients in companies, since family homes are also a good resource for you to have more clients.

On this occasion you should have an active participation with the neighbors, for example joining the neighborhood meetings and attending the charity events in your locality.

In fact, by talking with the neighbors you will be able to make yourself known, especially if you carry brochures or cards with you, because when working in a neighbor’s house satisfactorily, that neighbor will refer you to another neighbor and the latter to another and in this way you will have your growing chain of customers.