How to get cheap plane tickets

Get plane tickets economic, it is one of the main tasks to lower the costs of your trip, because discovering what the offer is in flights is often as a priority as choosing the final destination, which also includes the choice of the flight company and of course the hotel.

But to start planning your trip, detecting these offers is important because if you get a flight to the destination but it is very expensive, it is likely that you will give up your trip, therefore below you will get the information you are looking for so that you can get your flight to low cost.

Tips to get cheap plane tickets

Today get plane tickets Economic is much easier than you might suppose, because the airlines offer promotions and offers that you can take advantage of to get low prices on flights and those prices are much lower than those of other companies because they all compete with each other, but how do you get them? Follow these tips:

  1. Flying out of season is the first tip, as you must be flexible when choosing the date of your trip. In high season there is a greater demand and that is when prices increase, since flight prices vary according to the time of year.

In fact, during a time of warm weather, the demand for flights to, for example, the Caribbean countries or from the southern hemisphere to the north abounds to enjoy the summer.

  1. When choosing the day of the flight, if you are looking for cheap prices on flights avoid weekends, as this is when there is a greater demand and prices rise.

You may be thinking of traveling for the holidays, but that is when prices increase, but if you travel after the holidays you will get a cheap price.

In this sense, the flight schedule also has to do with it, since a flight at dawn is cheaper than during the day because fewer people prefer a trip at dawn.

  1. In the same way that you must have flexibility in terms of dates and times, you must also maintain that flexibility with the chosen destination, since there are destinations for your trip much cheaper than others.
  2. Explore is the tool that Kayak offers you so that you can easily search for your cheap flight, simply entering the departure airport will show you a map with the available flights.
  3. Another useful tool to search for cheap flights is Google Flights, which works the same way as Explore, so if you are flexible about the destination and flight time you can take advantage of either tool.
  4. Leave aside the traditional airlines that are more expensive, nowadays you can choose the low-cost ones that have a significant number of long-distance routes, so you can choose a destination anywhere in the world without having to pay a fee. high rate.
  5. Another tool and perhaps the best known is Skyscanner through which while you are flexible you can get your flight at low cost to the destination you have chosen.

How to use Google Flights to find cheap plane tickets

Step 1: First of all, enter the website of Google Flights.

Step 2: Click on the map and enter the date of your trip and the departure airport, then the site will show you all the options so that you can choose the one you prefer.

Step 3: Click on To and in the pop-up window choose one of the options presented by the system. The best thing is that you choose the whole month so that you can choose between the lowest cost dates for your trip.

How to use Skyscanner to find cheap airline tickets

Step 1: Enter the official Skyscanner site.

Step 2: Write the city from where the flight will depart and the closest airport in your city.

Step 3: In Destination To, enter everywhere.

Step 4: Enter the number of passengers and the dates, always remembering that the more flexible the better prices you will find.

Step 5Click on Search and then the system will show you several options for cheap flights. Focus on the destination or destinations of your liking and you will see the offers available by cost.

Where and how to find cheap flights?

Above all, you can find cheap flights if you can choose the date of your vacation, that is, you do not have a mandatory date to vacation because this way you can make your trip out of season.

Then you must apply your flexibility to choose a flight at dawn and even at night, therefore if you like staying up late it will be ideal for you because you will find many flights to any part of the world very cheap and if you do not have a destination set in In particular, it will be much better because you can choose destinations that are popular to us and therefore, since they are not the most chosen, they are cheap.

  1. Skyscanner offers you to subscribe to price alerts, so you will stay with an ideal update to access flights with the lowest cost.

Simply enter the website and click on Create price alert and the alerts will arrive to your email and if you delay your choice you will receive an email with the price update.

How to find cheap flights to Mexico?

The cheap flights to mexico You can get them without choosing the most popular destinations like Cancun or Mexico City making it impossible for you.

  1. Southwest Airlines on line offers you a tool so that you can get your cheap flight thanks to its low fare calendar.

You simply have to enter the city of origin and destination, then you will click on Travel and the calendar will appear showing you the offers of the month.

  1. Keep in mind that in general if you want to make the flight on the weekend before Christmas Day or after it is the most expensive time for your trip.
  2. But if you choose as your travel date from 1 to 12 of the month or plan your trip for the first week of January, you will get low-cost flights.
  3. Avoid traveling during Mexican national holidays, the festive dates are very attractive, but if you want to save on the price of the flight, you should travel at another time of year.

Tricks to get cheap plane tickets

These tricks to get cheap plane tickets They will surprise you because surely you would never have thought of applying them:

  1. Your flight search is a secret for everyone including Google. If you don’t want your flight to increase in price, keep it a secret by browsing incognito, because if you repeat your search you will realize that after a few moments the price will have increased.
  2. Other tools to find deals on flights besides Skyscanner it is Momondo, AirFare, or Cheapoair.

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