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How to get an international driver’s license

If you travel abroad you need a international driver’s licenseWell, there is nothing as comfortable as renting a car and deciding with it to move within a city to which you have just arrived and want to know every corner.

First of all the IDP is he international driving license which differs from the international driver’s license since it is the document with which you can drive a vehicle abroad, but it is valid together with the driver’s license of your country.

The IDP it is not a replacement for the driver’s license you issue USA Instead, it’s like the translation of your driver’s license that you have with you and it’s written in your native language, but …

How do I get an international driver’s license

So you can get your international driver’s license you need to meet certain essential requirements:

Requirements for international license

  1. You will apply to have your international driver’s license if you are 18 years of age or older.
  2. You need to have with you your valid driver’s license and issued in your country of origin along with your IDP.
  3. You can obtain your IDP in the same country where your driver’s license was issued.
  4. Your IDP is valid for one year from its issue date.
  5. When necessary if you cannot renew your IDP, apply for a new permit.
  6. The United States government requires you to apply for an international driving license from the AAT (American Automobile Alliance or AAA (American Automobile Association).
  7. You must present your valid driver’s license issued by the United States.
  8. You must complete the AAA agency form or the AATA agency form.
  9. If the AAA or AATA accepts that you send the completed form by mail, you will attach a photocopy of both sides of your driver’s license.
  10. The photos that you will attach must be the size of a passport and you must also sign them on the back of them.
  11. Along with this, you must pay the corresponding fee.
  12. In the forms you will find the method of sending the payment, destination and processing time of the request.

Anyway, in general you can send the request by mail or in person, but you can ask the shipping options in the corresponding agency, it is convenient that you contact the agency because it is also likely that you will obtain more details about whether while you are abroad you can apply to have your application approved.

Where to apply for the international driver’s license

Remember the organizations approved to obtain the international driver’s license It is LA AAA (American Automobile Association) and AATA (American Automobile Touring Alliance, as other organizations can sell you false permits and they will also charge you a higher rate than the regular one.

Therefore, if you did not know that only these two organizations are the ones that are approved, you already did the management with another organization and you suspect fraud, you can resort to the FTC complaints assistant.

Even if you use other messaging services and you have suspicions, you should make sure that your application is executed through AATA or AAA.

Foreign driver in the United States

If you are a foreign driver in the United States, of course if you rent a vehicle, you will have your valid driver’s license with you.

But since the required official documents vary by state, it is convenient that you contact the vehicle agency, because the same agency where you rent the car can help you learn the traffic rules while you are driving within the state.

Even the driver’s license and IDP requirements vary depending on how long you plan to stay in the United States.

For example, a short visit has minimal requirements compared to a non-citizen resident.

International driver’s license for the united states

Therefore, to rent a car internationally you need to obtain an international driving permit, which is often called a license, although it is only a document as a permit.

The permit allows you to drive a vehicle in another country, but as long as it is supplemented with a valid driver’s license issued by your state and recognized or valid as identification in more than 175 countries and companies that rent cars internationally.

Note that while many international driver’s license outlets are illegal, the state department only recognizes those issued by the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Alliance.

IPDs are issued to anyone over the age of 18 who has held a driver’s license valid for 6 months or more with a validity of one year or for the term indicated by the current state driver’s license.

Select your provider within the two options AAA or AATA and go to their website, print the driver’s license application, complete the application and send it.

When you have completed the application, you can send it by mail or in person at an organization office.

The AAA office can process your application during your visit but if you submit the application the process will take between 10 and 15 business days.

Florida driver’s license

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles began issuing a Florida driver’s license in August 2017 with greater security and at the end of 2017, that new credential is available in online service centers. from all over Florida.

The old driver’s licenses and identification ones will remain in use along with the new credentials until they are removed or replaced.

The new driver’s license and identification card are exclusive to Florida. If you need to replace your current driver’s license or ID card has expired or you need a change of address or name, you can manage it in person at the service centers or you can also do the management online at

Miami International Driver’s License

If you are a foreigner and want to rent a vehicle in Miami, you need to be 121 years old or older, a credit card, passport and driver’s license.

Most companies have programs that allow you to use the email system called tool-by-plate, in which tolls, variable rates of the service are automatically charged to the credit card you use when you rent the vehicle .

Keep in mind that before leaving your country you can make reservations online or by phone.

On Miami It is necessary that you have an international driving license, which has a value of between 15 and 25 dollars.

Learning license

The learning license is temporary with a validity of up to 8 months from the date of issue. It is a license that is issued for the purpose of learning to drive motor vehicles.

The age of eligibility is 18 years old to drive vehicles up to 50cc and 16 years old with parental / guardian consent.

Learning license requirements

  1. Complete application form.
  2. Medical certificate with blood group.
  3. Concession and renewal license and signature.
  4. Residential certificate with passport, electricity bill, telephone, ration card with two certified copies.
  5. Birth certificate where it costs the minimum age of 18 years, PAN card, school certificate, and certified copies of the birth certificate issued by a civilian doctor.
  6. Certificate of self-declaration.
  7. Two passport size photos.
  8. Fee and service charge.