How to get Airbnb discount coupon on my first reservation

You want to take advantage of the airbnb coupon? Well, it is very simple and you acquire the right to a discount that you can take advantage of and benefit from.

Do you want to know exactly what you must do to get this discount benefit on airbnb? Then keep reading because below you will get all the information you are looking for, because when you travel and want to save by renting a room or an apartment instead of a hotel you can get a greater saving.

How to get an Airbnb coupon

You can use a airbnb coupon which is an invite discount code, but keep the following in mind:

  1. Airbnb publishes an ad with a suggested price, you can accept it and make the reservation or you can also negotiate the price and the host will send you a special offer.
  2. Keep in mind that if you rent an apartment or room for a long time, you will surely get a better discount, although you will also get it if your trip is not so long. You can even do the negotiation before reaching your destination.
  3. To negotiate instead of clicking on immediate reservation or request a reservation scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Contact the host.
  4. Sign up for airbnb by going to and you will immediately get the discount of 32 dollars for your next reservation.
  5. Once you signed up, if you want to invite friends to sign up, when they book you, they and you receive the $ 32 discount when they stay and end their stay.

Even if you invite your friends to become hosts, they receive a $ 75 credit that they will receive at the end of the first stay.

  1. If you want to make a reservation in a city in the United States or Europe, you can take advantage of coupons for a 10-euro discount by entering
  2. There are also compensation coupons that work when the host cancels and therefore a new reservation is necessary.

In this case, Airbnb is the one who offers a discount code for cancellation compensation and then you can make the reservation of another apartment or room and even if you do not want the change, they will refund the money.

  1. Airbnb also intervenes with a discount coupon when it receives a complaint because the host did not comply with what was promised or when the property did not meet the expected characteristics.

In this case, a special code with the credit arrives in your email and that special code valid for one year is entered as a coupon code when you make a reservation.

Airbnb discount coupon

The airbnb discount coupon You must meet certain requirements to be valid.

  1. You must use your ciborium by registering with a new account.
  2. You must make a reservation that is at least for a value of 79 dollars or 79 euros, as it is the minimum value to make the discount coupon effective.
  3. Fulfilling the two requirements when you finish your first reservation you can continue making unlimited reservations.
  4. Although it has been offered for several months, in 2019 airbnb continues to offer discount coupons for 30 euros that you can use cumulatively and unlimitedly in your reservations

Airbnb coupon first reservation

  1. The first booking airbnb coupon It is 30 euros, a discount that you receive in a welcome coupon.
  2. The coupon can be used by reserving after searching for the place and date that best suits you, because you can choose from the immense amount of accommodation that the site has at your disposal and only when you are sure about the place and date will you make your reservation.
  3. Keep in mind that the reservation will be made according to the owner, because with some you will make the reservation simply by clicking, since it is not necessary for the owner to approve the reservation while other owners have not activated the reservation with a click, so by not If the option is activated, you must request the reservation, after you accept your reservation you will pay.

In the event that the owner has activated the one-click reservation option, you will make the reservation and pay in the same way as you do when you book a hotel.

How to use the Airbnb coupon

  1. If you got an airbnb coupon you will use it when you book a property.
  2. You will add the coupon on the checkout page.
  3. When completing the payment page, under payment method you will see the option to redeem coupon, click on the redeem button.
  4. Then you just have to enter the coupon code.
  5. Finally you must click Apply.
  6. In addition to taking advantage of the airbnb discount coupon, you can also take advantage of a credit when you refer a friend.
  7. You must first send your friend a referral link like
  8. When your friend uses the link, he receives a credit to be applied automatically when he makes the first reservation and he will be able to see it on the payment page when he makes the reservation with the minimum value without taxes or commissions.
  9. When that friend you recommended reserves and their reservation is validated, you receive the credit to use it in your airbnb reservations, but you will only receive that credit when your friend’s stay is over.
  10. At that time at the end of your stay you will see your credit on the payment page of the reservation that meets the requirements w request airbnb.

Why is my Airbnb coupon not working?

It is likely that you follow all the correct steps but when entering the code your coupon does not work, so why does your coupon not work?

  1. First of all, you should check your email to make sure you are entering the correct number.
  2. You must also make sure that your coupon is still in force and has not expired, because if it has expired you will not be able to reactivate it.
  3. If you have already used that coupon, you will not be able to use it again because it is only possible to use it only once.
  4. If you made a reservation using your voucher and canceled it, that voucher will have already lost its validity.
  5. Keep in mind that you can have a coupon but only those issued by airbnb are valid.
  6. The coupon has a total value that you must use it, because if you do not use it you lose it.
  7. Coupons are not retroactive.
  8. You cannot transfer a coupon, as you can only use it if you are the one for whom it was issued.
  9. Although there is an experience reserve, coupons can only be used for accommodation when they have been issued for it.

To make a reservation you can use a coupon, that is, a coupon per reservation.

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