How to get a license to sell food

At the request of many of the users we present below the way how to get permissions Y licenses to sell food in the city of Florida and other cities in the United States.

Steps to open a food business in the USA

If you want to sell homemade sandwiches for tourists on one of the Florida beaches or install a food truck in US cities such as Miami, Orlando or Tampa, you should know that it is necessary to obtain a food sales license. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the people who oversee the distribution of food sales licenses. Additionally, food vendors must follow the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Guidelines for Mobile Food Establishments.

how to get food license in Florida USA

How to obtain a food vendor license in Florida USA?

permits and licenses to sell street foodBusinesses that need to obtain a public food service license can complete an application at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the next Web page. Once the application is processed by the State, the food supplier is subject to a health and safety inspection before it can start selling the food.

Rules to keep in mind

Food vendors who get a public food service license must comply with the Guide to Mobile Food Establishments in Florida. These standards require that food vendors have to supply only food suitable for human consumption, avoid hand contact with food, and protect food from the weather and environmental contamination. Food vendors must understand these instructions before applying for a license.

How to Get a Permit to Sell Street Food

More than once we have had the opportunity to see street vendors certified with food carts that are in the street within reach of the people, however, that is not a matter of buying a truck and parking it in a specific place but rather requires a certain space, about special permissions and of certain procedures in order to comply with all legal requirements and thus be able to sell street food without any impediment, since as is well known, food is products for human consumption and therefore it is necessary that this be in the best possible conditions.

Steps to obtain permission to sell street food are as follows:

  1. The application must be completed in the business and professional regulation department (DBPR), this application can be found on its website and is filled out through the same portal.
  2. You have to wait for the status process your request, you will be notified as soon as the process is complete.
  3. You should expect a inspection by health and security so that he is formally authorized to start the sale of food. However, it is not only to obtain the permit but to comply with a couple of rules that are established in the guide for mobile food establishments, which vary depending on the state where you want to open the mobile food business.
  4. Vendors must prove that they are supplying only those foods that are suitable for human consumption.
  5. Sellers must ensure there is no contact with your hands and the foods that are going to be sold directly, or at least avoid it in its entirety, as such is the gloves or the different kitchen utensils to use.
  6. Seek protection of food against pollution and climate so that they are in optimal condition at the time of use.

permits to sell street food

What type of food or food businesses need permits?

Permits to open a food business.- The Department of Business and Professional Regulation specifically states which food establishments are required to obtain a license. Many food providers require a license. These include coffee shops bowling alleys or office buildings, stalls selling barbecue and booths that sell food in a fair festival or agricultural market. Also, food stalls at any of Florida’s theme parks, such as Disney world or Busch Gardens, they must have a license.

Mobile food vending businesses that need a license

Despite what has been explained, it is very important that you approach the business and professional regulation department so that you know more precision and safety if your business should or should not need a license, since it is a kind of help to get customers because it is being certified as a food business that complies with all the safety rules that the government or the state establishes with the in order to ensure the health of the human being as such.

What types of businesses do not require a license?

Some food vendors do not require a license. A vehicle that only sells packaged food, such as an ice cream truck, can operate without a state-issued license. Vegetable stalls or peanut vendors also do not require a license to sell food. Although vendors at fairs, festivals, and farm market vendors generally need a license, there are some exceptions. If the vendor is selling a single packaged food or is a member of a non-profit organization, they do not need a license. Also, any mobile food vendor on church or school property can operate without a license.

What is important to take into account if food is sold on the streets?

Whether it is an ice cream truck, whether you are talking about selling vegetables or selling peanuts or selling junk food, regardless of the license or not, it is vitally important. Consider a couple of tips for your vehicle to gain the amount of clientele you need to stay open to the public.

Depending on your audience you can choose or you can put it aside, which has to do with the sale of alcoholic beverages, usually not many people are going to have a beer before going to work in the morning or coming home in the morning. late. At the same time, it is very important that the hours that you stipulate are always being respected, as well as that the days that are considered non-working for the state are taken into account since although they are businesses that could be considered as informal in the eyes of the government they are seen as any other food company as such.

A vital factor for success is to keep the area in which the vehicle is located clean, no one will want to eat if it is near a garbage can because it tends to think that the food could be contaminated or something similar, it should also be avoid promoting what is violence or any other act that generates disturbances among people as such since it is not possible to wish that the site itself seeks to urge society to break the peace that public entities find it so difficult to maintain in its entirety.

Finally, it is always very important to keep the same permit or license in force, if it is expired, not only can it be a problem with the law but it also does not give the guarantee to people who are eating in a restaurant. A place of the highest quality, that is why if your business requires it you should have it as the main priority when opening the doors to the public at all times.

Typical Licenses and Permits to Open a Food Vending Business

All food businesses whether restaurants, food business or fast food carts They require various licenses and permits to operate. Licenses and permits must be obtained before the food facility opens its doors.

Each city, county, and state has its own licensing and permitting requirements. The most commonly required licenses and permits are listed below.

Business license

Every food business must obtain a business license to operate. Depending on the city and state, and the type of business, the business may be charged a percentage of its gross sales or an annual fee, along with the license fee.

Seller’s permission

Business owners need to apply for a seller’s permit with your state to be able to buy food and other goods at wholesale prices without having to pay taxes.

Building permit

Food establishments operating within a building must obtain a building license with the city or county. An inspection by the fire department, environmental safety board, or other safety organization may be required before the license is issued.

Health permit

All food businesses must obtain a state and county permit to operate. Health permits for businesses are obtained from the local health department. The business must have a business license before it can apply for a health permit. The health department will conduct regular sanitary inspections of the food establishment to ensure that the business complies with health regulations.

Food handling permit

Some cities and states require that one or more employees of a food facility obtain a food handling permit. The city or state may require one or more employees to take a food safety class before the permit is issued. It is a wise idea and sometimes a person with a valid food handler permit is required to be on business premises at all times during business hours. Because of this, it is a good idea for multiple employees to obtain a food handling permit.

Sign Permit – Sign Permit

Before hanging a sign in front of a business, the city or county must grant a sign permit. Cities and counties generally have restrictions on the size, shape, and location of business signs.

License to sell beverages containing alcohol

If a business wants to sell alcoholic beverages

You must obtain an alcoholic beverage license from the Board of Directors.

county alcoholic beverage control. The beer licenses and wine are easier to obtain; liquor licenses are more difficult. Some areas limit the number of businesses that can sell hard liquor in a particular area. If there is already

too many licenses for hard liquor and

In the area, a business owner may attempt to purchase a license to

Most alcoholic beverage licensing boards will not issue an alcohol license.

icor to a business owner with a criminal record. hard liquor from another business.

Music license

Businesses wishing to play copyrighted music in the restaurant must obtain a music license. Businesses that play copyrighted music without a music license can face heavy fines. The three main music information clearinghouses that issue music licenses are BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Each music chamber owns the rights to the different songs.

Other licenses

It is important to comply with all regulatory requirements of your business to avoid costly fines and business closures. Each city, county, and state has its own licensing and permitting requirements. Business owners can look up the specific business license and permitting requirements in their area on the United States Small Business Administration website (

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