how to get a job and how much do you earn with this service

Did you hear about him valet parking, but do you know exactly what it is, what are its functions, that is, what services does it provide for your convenience? Where can you find a job of this type? Or if you are an entrepreneur, what equipment do you need to set up your company?

What is valet parking?

The valet parking It is a service oriented to parking in which several people hired by a company carry out their work by ordering customer vehicles within a given space after receiving them and then taking care of delivering them.

For example when you arrive at a restaurant with your car, valet parking He will receive it, he will order it inside the car parking space and then when you finish eating he will deliver your car to the entrance door of that restaurant.

There is also another variety of this service in train stations and airports, these are companies that offer it to people who travel and arrive in their own vehicle to the airport or train station and need to park their car while doing business or They travel around town, then the valet parking company staff picks up their car, puts it away, and returns it to the customer when their trip is over.

How is the valet service when tipping?

You know about him valet parking when to tip, which is customary in the United States because the service may have a fixed cost or a price is charged according to the parking time, but with respect to the tip, it is given when picking up the car.

Where to get valet parking jobs?

If you want to provide this service, you can find valet parking jobs in different internet portals, for example in:

  1. Accede to soon as you enter you will be able to read the details of the jobs available in the cities of the United States.
  2. You will also find in the upper menu, type in the valet parking search engine and the city where you are looking for work and then click on Search and the system will show you all the available jobs within your choice.
  3. On Place valet parking- united states in the top menu, filter by date of publication and salary on the left side and the system will show you all the available jobs with the job description.

Where do you offer valet parking services?

The valet parking services They are offered in many establishments but the most common is that you find this service in hotels, clubs and high-end restaurants.

You can also consider parking your car in a municipal parking lot, then upon entering, a machine will give you one of the valet parking tickets that you must keep until you remove your car because in that ticket you will find the time you entered and based on this you will pay the number of hours you left your car parked.

How much does valet parking charge in New York?

The valet parking new york charges a average annual salary of $ 28,390 being between 10 and 16 dollars an hour depending on each employer.

Valet attendant job description

If you access a valet attendant stand you should provide friendly customer service. When the client arrives you will receive the car keys and you will drive him to the parking place and when the client has finished his activities he will return to look for his car then you will give it back to him by driving his car to the entrance door of that establishment.

What is needed as a valet parking equipment?

If you are interested in starting a business of this type you need to know about it valet parking teamSince it is a risky job because you will be caring for and driving other people’s cars all day, first of all you require an insurance policy for which you must consult with your insurance broker so that they offer you the most appropriate for this type of work.

It is also a fundamental requirement that all your employees have their uniform with your company logo and driver’s license and although they are not part of the team, your employees must have a friendly personality, because as you will choose them, you will focus on being outgoing and very kind.

You will also need double tickets, that is, two parts because one part must be attached to the car wash and the other will be delivered to the client.

How much should a valet parking be given?

Did you understand how much should a valet parking be givenWell, you already know that tipping is part of American culture, for example if you attend an event in a party room you will find next to the bar a jar labeled with the word tip jar so that inside the jar you can leave the tip for at least 1 dollar.

Valet parking when to tip?

However with respect to valet parking when to tipIt will depend on the good or bad attention you have received, because you can leave more or less tip but you will always leave something because if you do not leave a tip it will mean that you have had a very bad experience that you can tell a superior to improve the service.

How to organize a valet parking service?

If you want to know how to organize a valet parking service You should follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you must know the traffic laws of the state with its rules which can be provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Even if you have a driver’s license and know how to drive your car very well, you should practice driving different types of cars so that you can feel comfortable regardless of the make and model of car you drive. For example, practice with hybrid electric cars, with one that has an ignition system with a start button and with manual and automatic transmission, practice with both cars and trucks.
  3. You need a business plan considering how you will manage it, how you will hire your employees and how you will establish your accounting system.
  4. To start your own business and offer the valet parking service you need a place for the office for the administration and for your clients to visit you.
  5. As you need protection for a high-risk job, you will speak with your insurance broker to advise you and buy an insurance policy that gives you peace of mind in the event of causing damage to third-party cars.
  6. Then you will look for contracts in hotels, seaports, airports, stadiums, hotels, cinemas, casinos, shopping centers and restaurants.

How much does valet parking cost?

You know how much does valet parking costIt depends on the establishment, but you will find hotels that will charge you 3 dollars for 24 hours but a public parking lot usually charges 1.25 dollars per hour.