How to get a handyman license in Florida

Obtaining the handyman license in florida It is different from other states, since as a professional operator you also need a commercial license.

Therefore, to obtain it, you must demonstrate your commercial intention and what your experience is.

Steps to get a handyman license in Florida

Follow these steps to make sure you get the handyman license in florida:

Step 1: To verify the requirements that require you to meet to get your license, you can receive advice from the State Board of Contractors or the National Contractor Licensing Service can also provide you with information.

Step 2: You should get advice if your state requires this type of license, therefore a professional association is a good resource that you can turn to. Since you can receive the explanation you need.

Step 3: Although to start a maintenance service in Florida, you only need a business license, if you use a business name like “Fictitious Name, the handyman”, you will need to have a DBA or create an LLC.

Also, since you are an independent contractor, you will need to obtain an EIN for any work you do that is for an amount per year greater than $ 600.

Step 4: To obtain your license and training you must show your credentials corresponding to the maintenance work areas.

You can attend classes at local community colleges or trade schools where there are usually training programs for handymen.

Step 5: Since it is necessary for you to take the classes and pass the exam, register to take the classes and take the corresponding exam.

To do this, get advice on the dates and places where the State Board of Contractors evaluations are carried out, then you should take enough time to study and prepare to take the exam.

Step 6: The National Contractor Licensing Service and professional handyman associations have programs available to you so you can study for the exam.

Study the Florida state codes and any other reading the state board of contractors provides.

Step 7: Complete the application to obtain the license and once you pass the exam you can apply for the license. Note that test scores are valid for one year, so you must obtain the license immediately after passing the exam.

Complete the forms required by the state board of contractors attaching your resume, proof of insurance and the necessary documentation that is required.

Step 8: Since Florida requires you to get insurance, get liability insurance.

How to get a handyman license

To get your handyman license in florida You must meet all the requirements required by the state of Florida:

  1. You must pass all modules of the exam.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Must meet all experience and educational requirements.
  4. You must show that you have good moral character.
  5. You must pay all the fees required to obtain the license.
  6. You must obtain coverage against work accidents.
  7. You must show that you have financial responsibility.

Tips for getting a handyman license in Florida

Before registering for the exam, make sure that you understand all the requirements to obtain the license, because if you take the exam but do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to obtain your license despite having passed the exam.

Keep in mind that Florida requires maintenance personnel to have a business license, therefore first of all you must have a business license to obtain the fictitious business name and a tax identification number that you can obtain from the Department of Revenue of Florida.

To obtain your contractor’s license, you must show that you have passed the apprenticeship program or have the necessary experience for you to qualify.

After you have applied to the Licensing Board, it is determined if you qualify to take the exam. The review process is carried out by the Licensing Board based on interviews, verifying your application and your background.

Where to get a handyman license

If you are concerned about having the handyman license, because you will work or hire employees as part of your business, you will need a state license first, because once you get your license you will have more credibility and it will be easier for you to win clients who trust your skills to work.

Contact the Board of Contractors to find out the requirements and request your license, because to obtain it you need experience and have acquired the necessary knowledge.

Then get a license application form from any of the maintenance offices and read the instructions before filling out the form.

Along with the application, you will likely need to attach proof of your financial status, client reference certificates, and your resume.

Submit the application along with all the documents and the corresponding fee in the offices designated by the Council and they will inform you about the exam you must pass.

Find out how and when the Council will inform you about the exam, as they will generally review your experience and once they determine that you are eligible, they will send you a letter confirming it so that you can appear for the exam with the registration form and identification number.

Get advice on the format of the exam and the centers where you can take them.

The exam

The exam has two parts, one part has to do with the commercial norm and the right of examination and the second part is related to the skills you need to obtain the certificate, that is, it has to do with the operational and required for you to perform your work based on your experience and the knowledge you will acquire in the course.

You will receive all the information with the details about the exam in the eligibility letter, in addition, the general meeting offers you its own material that you can buy in the store that is assigned to you.

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