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How to get a food safety permit

The health permit for food It is supervised by the Food Safety Program of the Food and Drug Administration.

The application for a food safety permit

Each health permit for food that oversees the Food Safety Program of the Food and Drug Administration includes the application for the registration of processed foods, the application for the registration of organic processed products, the license for refrigeration or cold storage, the food permit in general, the exemption from food safety fees …

Wholesale and retail water bottling plant license, water carrier license, private water source operator license, water vending machine operator license, canning factory license , the request for export documents and others.

On the official site of this body you can find out about the necessary requirements for the retail installation of food in markets, restaurants, bars, bars.

These requirements will be different according to the state in question, since for example Los Angeles County is governed by ordinance 97-0071, so you must find out in the county where your food business is installed.

Poster permission: You need Environmental Health to provide you with a poster permit so that you can place it as instructed by the inspector, always in a visible place.

Inspection score: The inspection that the food safety permit starts with 100 points.

The official food inspection report has subcategories that will be marked with a score by the inspector.

The subcategories of section III and the categories of sections I and II are assigned a score according to the health risk that may be caused by violating the requirements.

In the inspection report you will be able to realize that the points were deducted from the initial 100,

In this way, the degree of installation is determined, for which the inspector first adds the deductions of each category with its violations that correspond to section I-II and the subcategories of section IIII, then subtracts that total from the 100 points of the Start.

The grade: The scorecard or the grade that can be A, B or C and issued after having carried out all the corresponding inspections and that are routine.

The card that is issued is based on the score received in the official food inspection report and calculated according to the points.

From 90 to 100 points, with an A rating: these are the cards that are awarded to a business in a much more than acceptable way, as it is rated as superior in food handling and maintenance of food facilities.

From 80 to 89 points, with a B rating: Also common and good for food handling businesses and general maintenance of food facilities.

From 70 to 89 points, with a C rating: it is considered acceptable in the same food handling practices and in the maintenance of food facilities.

From 0 to 69 points, the rating is poor in both food handling and food establishment setup.

In turn, with a score below 70% your business will receive a score card instead of a score card and that score card will show the amount of points you received.

That scorecard should be displayed and marked until you receive the next routine inspection and then that inspector should offer you a new scorecard.

If your business facility showed a significant violation of the law, it can be closed regardless of the inspection report score.

Even if the score received is less than 70% for the second time in a year other than closing, your business will be subject to judgment.

With your business inspected, you can use the EPermits system that is based on the Web and allows all users to submit requests for import, transit, release, interstate movement and receive copies of permits.

APHIS acts in the same way for the issuance of certifications, but for exporters.

The forms that you must fill out will be the AC, AD, APHIS, CA, HRO, IS, MRP, OPM, PPQ, standard, optional, savings bond, savings plan, WS, claims, ethics, and contracting forms. and Acquisition, Animal Health Lab, Grant, Category Listing, Grant Financier, Safety, Veterinary Accreditation, and Workplace Violence, USDA, OPM, and GSA.

The permission includes live animals, meat products and derivatives such as prepared foods and meat pies that come from countries with exotic animals to the United States.

If you think of foods that include mollusks, mushrooms need permission from Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratories.