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How To Get A 9% Subscription Rate On Your Blog Email List


As many of you know, I currently have several projects on the web, including a small site that I started building earlier this year focused on the health and wellness niche. In just 10 months, this site already generates 2,000 unique visits per day.

This is a good amount of traffic, however the main problem I have is that it has been a bit difficult for me to convert the readers of this site into subscribers.

At the moment I only have a subscription form (opt In) in the sidebar. And I have about a 1% subscription rate, which is pretty low.

In this article, I want to tell you a little about a plugin called Thrive Leads, which allows you to have an email list subscription rate of up to 9% which is incredible.

If I used the Thrive Leads plugin on my health and wellness site, I would be getting 180 new subscribers per day, 1,260 subscribers per week, and 65,520 subscribers per year.

How Does Thrive Leads Work?

When a visitor reaches any page or article on your blog (you can configure it to appear only on the main page, if you prefer) a capture page automatically appears, before sending the visitor to the blog or website. In this capture page the visitor only has two options: subscribe to your email list, or click on “No thanks” and go to see the content of the blog.

A good example of this type of page would be the capture page of the official website of the White House of the United States.


If you offer a good incentive, many of your visitors will be happy to subscribe to your email list, and you could get a subscription rate of up to 9%.

Tips for Better Results

Something that many people are concerned about, especially when using this type of technique, is that it can annoy your visitors. Here I am going to share with you some tips to prevent this from happening.

1.- Mix the layout of the capture page with the layout of your blog so that your readers know in advance that it is part of the site and not some kind of ad or pop-up. The plugin has a very intuitive administration panel that will allow you to customize the design.

two.- Always make it clear to your readers that it is not their obligation to subscribe if you don’t want to.

3.- Make it very easy and obvious for readers to access blog content if they don’t want to subscribe.

4.- Configure the plugin so that the capture page only appears once every 14 days (or more) after the visitor visits your blog for the first time. This will also help you not to upset many of your readers who constantly visit your blog.

By following these four simple tips, you can get a high subscription rate (opt In) on your blog, practically on automatic pilot, and taking advantage of the traffic you normally receive.

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Because Thrive Leads Is the best option?

Using this plugin to build your email list (instead of sending traffic to a traditional capture page) is by far the best way to grow your email list (Opt In). Let’s see why.

1.- Blogs generally get very good search engine rankings, especially for long tail keywords (Long Tail), so getting new subscribers to your email list will be practically on automatic pilot. Traditional capture pages don’t ever get good search engine rankings.

two.- The contents of your blog that your readers share on social networks can sometimes go viral. And that’s a ton of free traffic coming from social media. Traditional capture pages are never shared by users on social media, and they don’t go viral.

3.- You can create an unlimited number of content on your blog It will attract a lot of people willing to become subscribers.

Blogs alone are capable of generating much more traffic than a traditional capture page, and achieving a subscription rate close to 9% currently if possible, using this tool.