How to find the best credits

If you want to buy a car, the auto financing It is a good idea, because it is a system that has many advantages as long as you know in advance what it is about, where you can find this type of system, even when it comes to used cars and self-financing or pre-owned and if you decide on what Car agency you can find the best self-financing or what you need or failing that you need information about the bank that can offer you the best auto credit, because you can read all this below …

What is auto financing for?

The auto financing You should not confuse it with a loan or a credit because the company hired to manage the money of the common fund that is formed through the group of people who contribute a certain amount of money periodically does not fulfill this function, since that company that is hired does not have the ability to offer you money.

Although you can detect several advantages, you must also make sure that you should not sign a contract without first knowing exactly the number of members of the group in addition to the fees that you must pay with their conditions and periodicity.

In addition, as your intention is to have access to a car, you must request that the make of the car, the model and all the characteristics of the car you want to access be specified.

You must also bear in mind that you will not deliver any amount of money without both parties having previously signed the contract and in the event that you regret it and want to cancel it, you have 5 business days to make the cancellation in writing notifying your decision and the provider has 25 calendar days to return the payments you have made, including late interest, if you do not do so.

In the same way that you have rights, you also have obligations such as the payment of the total periodic fee, which is fixed without the possibility of it being modified while the contract is in force.

Where to find used car auto financing?

If you want to search used car self financing you may:

  1. Login to!messageGeolocation
  2. You will find coupe, pick-up, hatchback, SUV, sedan, vans, and off-road cars.
  3. On the left side you can filter by location, make, model, versions, price, condition, kilometers and body type.
  4. Once you decide on one of the cars that you see on the screen, click on the image and the following page will open where you will see the price, the technical sheet with its items, the description of the vehicle, the type of credit, the type of delivery and hours of operation.
  5. If you want to ask the seller a question, you must fill in the empty fields with your name, your last name, your email, your mobile phone and you will write your message and then click on Ask.
  6. If after you received the answer you decide to buy it, you can click Put it aside.

Self-financing of pre-owned cars

If you are looking self-financing of pre-owned cars You can enter the commercial cadeagestion platform where you will find not only pre-owned cars but also 0 km that you can access through a pledge credit through banks or financial entities of the brand that interests you with a fixed annual rate from 9.5% .

You can also get them at Upon entering you can filter by price, by year, by brand and subtypes. When you decide on one of the cars that the system shows you, click on the image and the following page will open so that you can read the technical sheet, the description and if you are interested you can send a WhatsApp, request to be contacted or see the phone and call.

What is the car agency with the best self-financing?

You want to know which is the car agency with the best self-financingWell, an example is Ford Credit, with the standard purchase you can finance a certified used car, a new or used car.

The system works in such a way that with each payment you accumulate capital to buy your Ford car in variable terms between 12 and 84 months according to the program that meets your needs.

In that sense, you benefit because as the capital accumulates with each payment you make, the price for the purchase of your car decreases. It also offers you Flex buy which is a low payment structure in the first three years with the flexibility of terms ranging from 66 to 75 months and you even get a discount of between 15 and 18% in the first 36 months.

Autofinauto Monterrey

Autofinauto Monterrey It is an option so that you can not only access your car but also your house. As for cars, it offers you a large number of brands.

  • It offers you a commercial system made up of people who make up a group, when you join this group you contribute a monthly fee to be able to buy your car.
  • The company is responsible for the administration and integration of groups of up to 800 members per type of product and as a customer you must pay the corresponding monthly payment collected by the company on the payment date.
  • Then with the resources that have been collected, the company acquires the movable property that will be assigned among the members of the group to which you belong in a raffle.

What car financier you can enter where the finance department will be in charge of offering you a service plan so that you can access a used car.

What is the best auto loan in 2021?

You want to know what is the best auto loan 2021You can get it through a credit union or bank and even through a dealer.

At your bank you can request a loan from an expert who will help you understand the process. If you request it from a dealer you can get a quick approval especially if you have a good track record and they will send you several lenders who will review your credit in the same way that the bank will do.If you get a good offer from the dealer evaluating the conditions of both you can request the bank that improves its conditions so that they are closer to those of the concessionaire.

What is self-financing?

Did you understand what is self-financingIt is simply a system for the commercialization of goods from a group of people who form groups and contribute a certain amount of money in installments to a common fund, which is administered by a third party.

What is needed for a self-financing?

You know what is needed for a self-financing, since the requirements are:

  • Official identification in force.
  • Copy of the RFC.
  • Signing of the adhesion contract.

Which bank has the best rate for auto credit?

You know what bank has the best rate for auto creditThe best is 10.7% from Ford Credit, followed by 12.3% from BBVA and lastly 12.6% from Banco del Bajío.

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