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How to find out my account balance

You need to know what Bnareservas offers you (Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic), know your balance and other typical bank concepts through its portal?

Below you will know all these important data for you as a bank customer, as they are basic concepts that the bank offers you in a very easy way.

How to know the balance of your reserve bank account of the Dominican Republic

  1. To view your account balance from reserve bank of the dominican republic you can do it from the portal you [email protected] banreservas, as it is the website that the bank has for you as a customer to make various typical transactions such as making payments, making transfers, checking your balance, credits, debits and much more.
  2. You can enter the bank’s portal at any time every day of the year. Therefore, the review of your account statement and the transactions that you need to carry out are at your disposal for you wherever you are, whether in your office or at home.
  3. When entering You will access by choosing People or Companies and then you will simply select in the tab that opens the concern you want to solve with the guarantee of confidentiality of your data and the security provided by the latest generation applied technology.
  4. In the Queries tab you can find out details about your account such as your credit card movements, the account statement and much more.
  5. From the Transfers tab you can make the transfers you need in real time, either to your own account or to third parties.

You can also check the history of the transfers you have made and you can also make transfers to other banks.

  1. If you choose LBTR, you will make the transfer in real time with an extra cost for commission.
  2. If you choose ACH, you will make the transfer and it will be reflected in one to 24 hours in the destination account.
  3. If you choose the Payments tab, you can make the payment of your card registered in the bank, pay other banks, third parties, loans, etc. You can also check the history of your payments, manage them and make payments to EdeNorte, Edesur, Claro, Orange and others.
  4. If you choose the Requests tab, you can request a loan, a card, manage additional products, check the status of your card and even request an increase in the limit to make your purchases.
  5. In the upper right menu you can customize the website according to your preference by choosing the language between French, English and Spanish in addition to managing your accounts and making the settings you want so that you have a better experience.

Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic nearest branches

If you need to know the branches of the Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. As soon as you enter you will see a map with a search engine so that you can find the branch closest to your home.
  3. Write the area, city or address in the search engine and hit enter.
  4. To the right of the search engine, the image of the area you have searched will open with the arrows that indicate the branch of that city or area.
  5. By scrolling you will be able to read the results with the address of each of the branches and on the right you will see an enlarged map that shows you the area with the exact location of the branch.

What is the telephone number of the reserve bank of the Dominican Republic

If you want to know about the reservation bank of the Dominican Republic, you can contact you whenever you want, because at any time they will assist you if you call the contact center: (809-200-3121 or (809) 960-2121.

If instead of calling by phone you want to communicate by sending an email, you can do so at [email protected]

What is Banreservas

  1. You want to know what banreservas is, as it is a banking institution that leads the financial system, targeting the different sectors, both individuals and companies.
  2. However, it is not only a banking institution, since from its beginnings it stood out for contributing to the economic development of the Dominican Republic with a commitment and philosophy that supports different segments of culture such as plastic arts, sports, education, literature, music. and everything that has to do with the development of the human being, for which it collaborates with other institutions of a social nature that serve those most in need.
  3. Furthermore, due to its importance, it is only behind the Central Bank. Going back to its history, the reserve bank of the Dominican Republic originated in 1941 through a decree of the then president Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, since in those years there were only 12 banks in the entire territory of the Dominican Republic, 3 of them foreigners: the Bank of New Scotia, the Royal Bank of Canada and the National City Bank of New York.

After several negotiations between The National City Bank of New York and the Dominican government, the reserve bank of the Dominican Republic buys The National City Bank of New York in order to achieve economic security and Dominican independence sustained in the future and organize the economy. from the country.

Beyond its history and respecting its destiny, it is made up of:

  1. Personal banking, the commercial division that provides banking services such as loans, credit, debit and savings accounts with the participation of ATMs, branches, a nearby agent, your [email protected] and offers to make payments with your mobile phone through the Banreservas App.
  2. SME banking as a division of business banking that provides savings, loans and financing for SMEs.
  3. Government banking as part of the government division in charge of granting loans, financing and also offers savings, credit and payment services.
  4. Business and institutional banking, the division dedicated to business banking offering savings, loans and financing for SMEs.