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How to find good employment lawyers

Labor Lawyers You can find many, but when you are faced with a legal case you need to find the best one to win that case.

While it may not seem like a difficult task, it is important that you take the time to do a good search. In fact, among all those you have looked for, it is important that the one you have chosen has experience in a case similar to the one that is affecting you and has won it, since this will be the right one for you because if you have already won similar cases it is very likely May it also help you win your case, then …

Strategies for Finding Good Labor Lawyers

Follow this step by step to find labor lawyers that they are good at successfully solving your case and that it is related to the laws and courts of the area where you live

Step 1: Look for a lawyer who is specialized in the area that affects your case, since in this way he will be able to better represent your interests and present the briefs quickly.

If you are having trouble with finances, you will need an attorney with experience in bankruptcy law.

An experienced employment law attorney helps you if you need to sue your employer for wrongful termination.

Step 2: Contact your local bar association to find qualified attorneys based on your area of ​​conflict. If you go to state bar associations, you will find public records of disciplinary action and complaints against licensed attorneys.

Keep in mind that most will offer you free services that help you find a lawyer according to your specific needs according to your case.

Step 3: Also make inquiries with family and friends, since if they used a lawyer they will help you to speed up the search, because if they were satisfied with a particular lawyer, you can be satisfied as well as long as they tell you that they recommend it.

Step 4: While you contact the lawyers, make a list of the potentials that you have found in your area with their name, address, telephone number and the website if it has one, because in this way you will obtain a good organization to filter your research.

Step 5: If the attorney has his website, check it and see if he has information about his law school, his specialization and his background.

Step 6: If you choose a law firm, choose the one that best suits your problem, because if it is not very complicated it is convenient that you go to a small law firm because the largest are those that deal with complicated cases and usually international

What are the labor lawyers in New York

To simplify your search, below you will read the data of some of the labor lawyers, in this case in New York:

  1. Law Office of Michael G O’Neill, has experience in employment law and personal injury law, is located at 30 Vesey St. New York, NY 10007, his phone number is (347) 650-4533.
  2. Ottinger Firm, PC deals with employment law, their website is
  3. Murray Hill, Midtown East, you can reach him at 192 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, his phone number is (212) 983-1077.
  4. Goldberg & Fliegel LLP, has experience in judicial labor cases and you can contact him at 387 Park Ave S New York, NY 10016, his phone number is (646) 588-4870.
  5. Dan W. 3510 Broadway, is an employment attorney that you can contact in Astoria, NY 11106, his phone number is (718) 777-0400.
  6. Outten and Golden, has experience in Employment Law and you can contact him at Midtown East 685 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10017, his phone number is (212) 245-1000.
  7. Levy Davis Maher & Klein, is a labor lawyer with a website: and you can also contact him in New York, NY 10122, his phone number (646) 484-5020.
  8. Alex Umansky, Esq, can be reached at 322 West 48th St. New York, NY 10036, his phone number is (718) 504-6090.
  9. Bronson Lipsky, experienced in employment law, can be reached at Midtown East, Murray Hill 630 Third Ave, New York, NY 10017, his phone number is (212) 392-4772.
  10. Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein, is a labor lawyer with his website: and telephone 212-285-9300.
  11. Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, deals with Employment Law at 45 Broadway New York, NY 10006, with phone number (212) 248-743.
  12. Granovsky and Sundaresh, has experience in Employment Law at 48 Wall St. New York, NY 10005, phone number: (646) 524-6001.
  13. Edward Rogan & Associates LLC, is a labor law firm in New York with a website:

Miami employment lawyers

Among employment lawyers in Miami you can search among the following:

  1. The Mavrick Law Firm, Phone: 954-406-7650-
  2. Alan D. Danz, is an attorney specializing in labor law, phone: 954-406-7535.
  3. Alberto Naranjo, Jr., is a labor attorney at AN Law Firm, PA Miami Lakes, FL, phone 305-942-8070.
  4. Gary Andrew Costales, is a Labor and Employment Lawyer with phone: 877-389-7395.
  5. Jerome Wolfson, is a labor attorney with phone (305) 285-1115, email: [email protected]
  6. Alberto Naranjo Jr., phone: (305) 942-8070.
  7. Salvatore Joseph Sicuso, Phone: (305) 529-2355, Address: 9350 South Dixie Highway, Penthouse 1, Miami, FL 33156

Los Angeles labor lawyers

Among Los Angeles labor lawyers, you can contact:

  1. Brent Buchsbaum, phone: 562-606-0382.
  2. Michael Bononi, phone: 213-550-5503.
  3. Pat Barrera, phone: 310-802-1500.
  4. Jeremy Golan, phone 310-904-6783.
  5. Omid Nosrati, phone: 800-483-1890.
  6. Raymond P. Boucher, phone: 818-340-5400,
  7. Nick Ebrahimian, phone: 310-432-0000.
  8. Jeremy M. Golan, phone: 310-904-6783.
  9. Christina M. Coleman, phone: 323-592-3605.
  10. Michael J. Faber, phone: 310-442-6610.

Legal help for the worker

At any time during your work stage you may need legal help for the worker, since from the beginning when you complete the job application, when you start working and maintain a working relationship with your employer and until when you end the employment contract, your Labor rights can be violated and therefore you should contact a labor lawyer who will help you with their experience in labor laws and will analyze if your rights have been violated.

Free labor lawyers

If you do not have money to meet the expenses of hiring a lawyer, you can also have the benefit that labor lawyers give you for free, such as:

  1. Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bowmik De Blouw LLP, phone (0800) 568-8020, web site:
  2. Employment Lawyers Group, phone 1-877-525-0700.
  3. The Klein Law Group PC phone: 917-639-5350, web site:
  4. Brownie Labor Law, phone 800-421-2594, web site:
  5. The Sawaya Law Firm, phone 720-709-2855, web site: