How to find an office cleaning job

If you wish look for office cleaning jobYou should focus on combining online marketing and expanding the traditional strategy to public relations, referrals and social networks.

Strategy for looking for office cleaning work

Before I start look for office cleaning job, you should think about selling your services and therefore it is necessary that you identify your target market.

You can focus on providing your services to small companies, so you should not strain to make a marketing strategy focused on large facilities.

Review your client portfolio and focus on those who are more profitable or those who are satisfied with your services and go to companies looking for a profile like yours.

By knowing the wishes of those clients you will be able to correctly direct your marketing strategy, but also make a good focus on prices and establish what types of services you will offer and if you will contract with service packages.

Differentiate yourself from others who offer cleaning services, as you must propose that your potential clients will see in you something that stands out from the services of other people or cleaning companies.

For example, you can offer an ecological cleaning service, but if you focus on this type of cleaning you should think about buying specific cleaning products, which are ecological, safe and more expensive.

Cleaning contract networks

Cleaning contract networks work, but you can’t expect instant results, they just work so you can build relationships and build them over time.

However, it is a good method to spread the word that you are in the cleaning business and they take you into account. The members of the networks may not be looking for the services you offer but they can meet other people who need them and therefore the contract networks will work for you.

The main idea is that you interact with as many people as you can, since the more people you meet, the more possibility of awakening interest in your services.

In fact, the secret of success in the networks is that you are constant in making yourself known and attending the meetings that take place between the members.

You can join the networking groups, you can search for the groups and join all of them, since you will have time to filter them and decide which ones are of your greatest interest. In general, the best groups are those that have at least 15 to 20 members in the meetings and if they exceed this number it will be better.

It is a good strategy that will boost your search in the long term.

Find office cleaning jobs with direct mail

Direct mail is another method of look for office cleaning job, as it works to build your business and win contracts.

To do this, you must create a sales letter together with a brochure that integrates all your services and any offer you can make, since an offer is the perfect hook to attract a potential client.

The sales letter

The sales letter needs a special section because it is not easy to build it. And you should do it with time, but it is not a complicated job either.

It is only about that in that letter you sell yourself, talk about yourself and your work, your way of working, the cleaning products you use, the care you have in the company where you work and everything that highlights your services.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents typically seek cleaning services either when preparing a home for sale or after closing a sale to deliver the home in perfect clean condition.

Online Marketing

Keep in mind that potential clients make their decisions by visiting the internet and then contacting you personally.

Therefore, it is essential that you develop a solid and complete internet presence in order to market your cleaning services.

The key is that you offer customers useful, up-to-date and reliable information. You can use social media sites like Facebook to reach potential customers with videos, news, and articles talking about your services.

You can also develop a website where you update your customers with information about your new services, include questions and answers to provide quick answers to common queries.

Although at the beginning you will feel disoriented with the need to learn search engine optimization techniques, do not be discouraged because your effort will pay off.

In addition to creating a website and exploiting the possibility on the internet with your search, you can also resort to traditional forms.

Traditional methods

If you already have some clients, encourage them to refer you to their friends or colleagues and you can even ask them for testimonials and post them on your website and on social media.

Plan participation points at local businesses, social events, donate to charities, and sponsor. In fact the objective is to make yourself known.

Generating contracts through advertising, online marketing, referrals and networks is only part of the process to obtain a contract, since you must close the deal with a potential client and that is where the journey comes into play.

He thinks that each office space is different and it is rarely possible to determine the exact tasks that are required or the price until you physically inspect the facilities and consult with the client.

So take a look at the rooms, their features, the windows and the floor coverings, and ask the client what they need you to do.

Find out how often you want cleaning, what is your budget and when the work should be carried out, because with this information you can calculate labor costs and determine the price to suit the specific needs of the client . In this way you will close more offers and ensure in advance that the price of the services leaves you a profit margin.

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