How to fill out form I-765 for work permit

As a foreign citizen arriving in the United States, you have the right to stay for a certain period of time, but you will not have the right to work if you do not present the form i 765.

By filling out the form, once it is approved you acquire the right to work in the United States, but it is also useful for you to obtain your driver’s license and social security card, since it works as a photo identification document, but …

How to fill out form I 765

First of all, the I 765 form can be downloaded online from the official site of USCIS.

  1. If you do not have to complete a field because you do not apply, USCIS allows you to enter N / A (not applicable) or None, that is, you will not leave a blank space but you will complete it with some of these words.
  2. If the space in the field to complete is insufficient and you need to add more information, you can do it on a separate sheet, that is, on a separate sheet of paper from the form, but you will write on the top Continuation sheet I-765, you will write your name and if you have a registration number abroad you will also write it down and you will make sure to indicate to which question the information you are adding belongs with a date and signature on each added sheet.
  3. If it is the first work permit you are applying for, in the I am Applying field, you will mark Permission to accept employment.
  4. In the event that you have already applied for a work permit and if you now apply for it because it is part of the permanent residence application and you received it as promised, you will check the Renewal box.

From 1 to 8: Questions 1 to 8 are self explanatory.

Question 9: Mark Yes, if you have a valid social security number and in 9B enter the number, if you do not have it mark No.

From 10 to 13 If you need an SSN to question 10 mark Yes and in question 11, disclosure request and provide the information about your parents, SSA and you will be given a number, then the card will be sent to you after receiving the work permit.

Question 14: You may have an alien registration number, the A number, or an I-94 number. You will have an A number if you applied for the immigration benefit to arrive in the United States.

You can find your A number that continues with 8 or 9 digits in some correspondence you received from an immigration agency in the United States.

If you don’t have the A number, list your I-94 number. If you entered the United States by boat or plane after April 2013 you will find your I-94 ion line number, have your passport number with you and if you arrived before this date or crossed a land limit you will find it on the white I-94 card stapled to the passport.

Question 15: If you have already applied for a work permit in the United States, the USCIS office will ask you, then look for the name of the office that approved or did not approve your application. Look on the I-797 form you received. The date is the date you received the application and file the I-797 forms with the I-795.

Question 16: It asks you the place of the last entry. You arrived by plane, so it is the airport where the plane landed the first time and a border officer inspected you, otherwise it indicates the border state.

From 17 to 19: Describe your category as a student or visitor and if you are not legally in the United States write No legal status.

From 20 to 23: Review the instructions for Form I-765 to find your eligibility category. If you apply for an adjustment of status you will be in the c9 category or you can be an F-1 Student, looking for work off campus because you have financial difficulties, then you will enter c3.

You will see three open parentheses to complete. If your category has only two letter-numbers, start at the extreme left and leave the extreme right of the parentheses blank.

If you do not know how to determine your category, consult an immigration lawyer because depending on the category, you may have to provide additional information to questions 21 to 23.

Application for employment authorization

The work permit is the EAD, it is the employment authorization document issued by USCIS. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

As a foreign citizen you must present the form I-765 as an application for employment authorization with the USCIS. Even if you are temporarily in the United States, you can apply for the EAD employment authorization card because it is issued for a specific period of time that is based on immigration status.

With your EAD, you will be authorized to work freely in the United States without the need for your employer to request a petition for a nonimmigrant worker. Note that you do not need an EAD if you have authorization to work for a specific employer.

You will submit form i 765 if you need:

  1. Renew the EAD, if it expired or is about to expire.
  2. Replace the EAD because you lost it, your information is not correct, or it was destroyed.
  3. If you need a provisional EAD for a period of time not exceeding 240 days. You will be eligible for a provisional EAD if after 90 days of submitting the application you did not receive approval or 30 days if the application was based on asylum.

Application for employment authorization

The application for employment authorization is the document issued by USCIS and you use it as proof that you authorize you to work in the United States. When the EAD card expires you can renew it as an eligible applicant and it will be issued under the same category as the previous EAD.

USCIS will approve your application for employment authorization when it determines that as an applicant you submitted all the information and documentation it requires and if you are eligible.

To do this, to determine your eligibility you will have exactly completed question 20 of the I-765 form.

Form i-765 in Spanish: How to fill it out to obtain a work permit in the USA. form i-765 It is of utmost importance for all foreign citizens who are in the United States, since from the presentation of this form you begin the process so that you can work legally.

That is, it is the one that gives you place to request the employment authorization and an EAD, the employment authorization document. Therefore, since it is a document that you need to complete correctly so that your application can be approved, do you know how to fill it out? Below you will find the step by step:

What is the use of filing form i-765

Before getting into the step-by-step to complete the form i-765 It is convenient that you know what it is for to present it, since in this way you will know if it is functional for you or not, because in principle it helps you if you are a foreigner who is in the United States, then you will present the form to:

  1. Request the employment authorization document, the EAD, in English and the employment authorization.
  2. Apply for the EAD that is issued for the first time if you are an eligible applicant within a specific eligibility category.
  3. The renewal EAD that is issued as an eligible applicant after the previous EAD has expired and will be issued under the same category as the previous one.
  4. The replacement EAD when as an eligible applicant you have the previous EAD damaged, stolen, or lost.

Instructions for filling out form i-765 in Spanish

First of all remember that the form i-765 You can download it for free from the USCIS official site, once you download and print it, complete it like this:

  1. Start by completing the form with your personal information, your full name and surname, your contact information, etc.
  2. The entry method of question 12 has to do with the type of visa with which you entered the United States, they want to know what is the most recent entry date on which you entered the country, if you lived for a time in the United States and you took a little trip to a foreign country.
  3. In question 16 you must indicate your eligibility category. If you do not know your category, you can make the query on the USCIS website or review the instructions for the same form.
  4. If it is a guaranteed asylum, category (a) (5) corresponds to you.
  5. If you are a student who is in the middle of an optional practical training after completing the course, category (3) (c) corresponds to you
  6. If your status is TPS, temporary protected category corresponds to you (a) (12)
  7. If you have pending adjustment of status, category (c) (9) corresponds to you
  8. If you are an exchange visitor, you have the J-2 eligibility category.
  9. If you are a spouse, category (c) (5) corresponds to you
  10. If you have a pending residence card, category J-1 corresponds to you.
  11. If, for example, category (c) (9), (c) (5) or another with letter and number correspond as in the form, you will find three spaces with parentheses, the letter c, place it in the second parentheses and place the number in the third parenthesis.
  12. You will qualify for the work permit if, in addition to meeting the requirements, you send as proof a photocopy that proves the veracity of the status you indicated in question 16.
  13. Once you complete the I-765 form you can send it by post or you can complete it online and send it in the same way along with the corresponding payment.
  14. However, if you submit the form online, you will still need to send all the supporting documents by post.
  15. Even if you send the form and documents by postal mail, verify the address to which you send them because that address is according to your eligibility, it differs if you use the United States postal mail or use the FedEx or UPS shipping service.
  16. Once your application is approved you will receive a card as a work permit with your first and last name, your photo and its expiration date.
  17. As for the expiration date of the work permit, it usually extends for one year, although it all depends on the immigration status you have or the type of visa, your work permit will never last longer than the permit for your stay in the United States. .
  18. For example, assuming you have a K-1 fiancé visa and you qualify for a work permit, it will have an expiration date of 90 days because that is what the visa indicates.
  19. However, once you are married, you must adjust your status and you will qualify for a longer-term work permit.
  20. Even if your stay is extended and therefore you need to extend the duration of your work permit, you can renew it for the duration you need.
  21. You should also know that if you entered the United States with the H-1B visa, since it is a temporary work visa, you do not qualify for an EAD, because you do not need it because you can directly obtain your card and your social security number.

Form i-765 in Spanish

Although you have already read the step by step to fill out form i.-765 if you have more questions, the same form has all the instructions to follow and also indicates whether you are eligible or not together with all the documentation that you must present together with the completed form.

However, while it is important that you know how to complete the i-765 form, it is also important that once the application is approved and you receive your permit, that you pay close attention to its expiration date because if you do not renew it, it will not be a permit for Valid work, the permit expires and if you continue working you can not only lose your job but you can go to prison or find yourself in the middle of an immigration network.

In fact, not only do you harm yourself by working with an expired work permit, your employer also harms you before the immigration authorities.

In fact, he did not bother to check the immigration date and therefore did not request the last work permit you obtained.

To avoid this problem, you must apply for a new work permit at least 3-6 months before your current work permit expires.