How to do Network marketing

How to do network marketing: We are witnessing a very rapid change in the ways that we traditionally know in terms of jobs, new technologies and the systemic crisis of the current model in all nations makes many people have to rethink their future in a different way. Since recipes for entrepreneurs I want you to see other ways of working

Within these changes there is a profession that is in continuous growth and that in the coming times will grow a lot. It is none other than working for oneself doing “Network marketing”.How to be Successful with Network Marketing on the Internet

But what is really doing network marketing?

Well, first of all tell you that for better or for worse nowadays many people have no idea what it means, I am one of those who thinks that it is better this way because we who know what J. Jokes is apart from …

Network Marketing is nothing other than a distribution system, traditionally known as Direct Sales and that does not intend anything other than to eliminate intermediaries in the sales chain but with the addition and here lies the great success of the capacity that this system has of commission their clients, and this is achieved by eliminating intermediation costs in the sale, so everyone benefits.

That is, in the past, and still today, many sales businesses are based on:


Of course, the manufacturer already sells at a margin to the distributor, and logically this has to earn a living by selling to the end customer, the great loser is the end customer, since he is paying an extra cost for the distributor.

The Network Marketing or Sales in Networks or Marketing in Networks supposes an extraordinary benefit for the final clients, since it is based on:


As you can see, the figure of the distributor disappears, but then who is the distributor? Very simple, the client becomes an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR thus obtaining great benefits in the purchase price and also great benefits for promoting and selling their products.

There are hundreds of companies that generate billions of dollars like this. The United States is a pioneer, more than 50 million people work like this. Latin American countries are very powerful and marketing networks grow and grow every day. In Europe they are beginning to gain strength and their strength will be greater every day, since we have suffered a great crisis that has transformed the way of understanding jobs.

Now, there are thousands of companies that sell their products through this system, you have to understand very well how each one works, there are many shapes and colors and if you do not know what it is, it can become a disaster for you.

Many people complain in advance, without even knowing what it is about, the fault is not the industry itself, the fault lies with those who unprofessionally have taken over this industry and confused its meaning.

Working in Network Marketing does not mean having to sell like crazy and desperate, and always burning your relatives to buy you, and always calling the same people and today I am in this independent distributor company and tomorrow I am in another. NO, a resounding NO, that is not done that way.

To work in the Network Marketing industry you have to do it professionally, effectively and understanding that your market is global and that your work can be done from home or from the moon, because you only need basic tools such as a computer and the internet. . And of course you can also do it in person, I know many successful networkers who do it, but their networks are national and never international or almost never.

So what must every Networker know to be successful?

Every Networker should know the following, and the order does not alter the result:

  • How to attract hundreds of prospects to your business
  • Identify your niche or market
  • How to create and activate a blog optimized for Google
  • Design and personalize a blog with your personal branding
  • What is a sales funnel
  • What steps should you take to capture prospects on the internet?
  • How to Create a List of Prospects and Customers
  • What is the correct position to attract prospects on the internet
  • What to say and do to convert traffic to leads
  • How to install an auto responder
  • Design an email marketing campaign
  • How to write emails that turn into sales
  • The steps required to create Videos on YouTube
  • How to sell products on the internet
  • What it takes to create a profitable business
  • How to buy traffic on Facebook, YouTube, Google and others
  • The correct way to promote a multilevel on the internet
  • The relationship of Facebook and Twitter with your personal branding
  • How to sponsor distributors on the internet
  • How to do a webinar or Google Hangout to sell sponsor
  • What to say to a prospect when they approach you to close it

You see, it seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Don’t be scared, it’s not so much, what happens is that this is not learned without someone teaching you, you have many possibilities of getting in touch with great experts, you just have to look for them on the internet, or You can also choose to ask me, and I’m sure I am capable of teaching you.

In addition to my traditional businesses, I have created NETWORK MARKETING networks and today they work very well for me. I just decided to learn back in the day.