How to do business on the Internet on Elance

What is Elance?

elanceElance is an independent online hub where remote workers (known as “vendors”) can connect with employers who hire for various projects (known as “buyers”). Elance is one of the oldest sites of its kind doing business on the internet, and it has a large number of active project announcements at any given time.

Currently, Elance has more than 97,000 suppliers registered in its job system, and buyers have posted more than 25,000 jobs since it began operations, Elance’s suppliers have earned close to a quarter of a billion dollars from the comfort of their own house.

What sets Elance Apart from similar sites?
Elance is structured like other similar sites that you may be familiar with such as, Rent ACoder, and oDesk (newcomer). Elance gets more traffic from suppliers and buyers, possibly because it has built a solid reputation in the freelance arena. Elance offers independent service providers:

• Access to customers around the world
• A profitable mechanism for marketing your services
• An efficient system for suppliers with precision
• Confidence in a payment system that is maintained in an account
• Ability to work anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your home

What skills are in demand in the market?
Elance allows registered vendors to submit proposals for jobs in the following areas: web development and programming, design and multimedia, book and text writing and translation, sales and marketing.

How to become an Elance Provider?

Becoming an Elance provider is easy, although to have full access to the Elance system, you will have to pay a monthly fee which is non-refundable. The first step in becoming an Elance provider is to register for an account and select the type of account (paid or unpaid) and you will need to create your professional profile.

Before starting

Until You Have Created Your Profile And Go Through The Account Creation Steps, yes no you will not be allowed to Bid on the Different Jobs and Projects on the Market. In your Profile you must indicate the Type of Work You are Interested in or in which You Are a Specialist, and then you can upload your portfolio of work to the platform so that potential Buyers can evaluate them.

The Basic Membership at Elance is free of charge, however, Most Providers find it Difficult to Get Jobs at Elance With A Free Subscription. There is a big difference between free and paid members.

visit the Elance site to find out about the requirements, but if you have any of the aforementioned careers and you have a good command of the English language, this is a great opportunity where you can get jobs from the comfort of your home, if you have a company that is in the areas of development of web pages, programming wants to do business on the Internet Elance offers a wide market.

Here are a few Facts about Elance :

* Over 100,000 potential buyers visit Elance online every week
* # 1 consulting website and top 1,000 most visited sites
* Best of the Web Award by Forbes magazine (2003)
* Reliability Certified by the Better Business Bureau

And here are some of the benefits of using Neat Elance:
* Easy to sell to a global pool of potential customers.
* All its services at established prices.
* You can get benefits as an independent consultant.


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