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How to dial a private cell phone in the United States

You know how to dial private in the United States? If you want your phone number to not be recognized when you make a call, it is possible to make your number remain hidden.

Also how much your number appears as private your contact information will also be kept private.

Step by step How to dial private in the United States

Learn how to dial private in the united states It is easy to follow some steps that you will know below whether you make the call with your mobile phone or with a landline:

  1. If you make the call with your mobile phone, you must open the dialer, while if the call is made with a landline phone, you must wait for the dial tone.
  2. Next you must dial the code that hides the number, as all countries have a code to hide the phone number and that it remains private.

You will enter the code before the phone number you want to call. But what is the code that you must enter to dial private ?, because it is 67.

Therefore dial the code *67 which is the private calling code in the United States.

  1. After you have dialed * 67 as the private call code, you will continue to dial the phone number as it is, always including the country code, then the area code when making a call abroad.

In this way you can make a call as you normally do with the other person, but with the difference that instead of your name or phone number, that person will read Unknown or Private in the caller ID.

  1. Even your phone number can be permanently hidden so that your name is never detected and therefore your call will always appear as private.
  2. If you prefer this method, you must contact your telephone operator so that the service is configured as private on the lines that you want to appear as private.
  3. However, you should think that if the person you want to call has a habit of not answering anonymous calls as they will appear, you will not be able to contact them, unless another temporary private call code before Tuesday.
  4. In the United States, the temporary private calling code is 82. By dialing the number 82 you will allow the private call from your phone number to be temporarily deactivated.

how to dial private in the United States

How to dial private in the United States with an iPhone

If you use an iPhone, you must deactivate Show my caller ID from the settings menu:

  1. Then go to the settings menu, then go to Phone and finally deactivate Show my caller ID.
  2. Anyway, everything will depend on the operator of the telephone service you have contracted, since not all telephone service operators for iPhone incorporate this option.

How to dial private

If you want your phone call to be shown as private and your name or phone number does not appear, it will not appear on the caller ID of the person you are calling if you follow these steps and it will not appear throughout the entire call:
  1. With the dialer of your mobile phone, dial the number 67.
  2. In other words, before dialing the phone number of the person you want to call, you must dial number 67.
  3. After dialing the number 67 you will continue dialing the phone number you want to call.
  4. Once you have dialed all the numbers you can press the Call button.

How to call with a private number

In general, when you make a call, you hope that the person receiving that call can identify you, that is, you want your landline or mobile number to be recognized.

However, there are several reasons that, like you, many other people do not want their number to be detected when they make a phone call to a particular person.

It is in this situation that you need to know how to dial private in the united states and that your number appears private during the entire call and in this way it is not detected that you are the one who is calling and your contact information data cannot be registered either.

Well, there are several ways so that when your call is answered by the other person, the digits of your phone number do not appear on the screen of their mobile phone and you can also make the private number appear in a particular call or in all calls phone numbers you make.

Well, it’s you who must choose to always appear as private or only on some occasions.

How to dial private in the united states for every call

This method will be useful for each call you make and that you want to appear as private, that is, it is not the permanent method so that all the calls you make are shown as private.

  1. In both cases you must dial a prefix and with the method to appear as private in a particular call you must dial the number 31.
  2. After having dialed the number 37 you can continue with the dialing of the telephone number as you always do, remembering that if you are making a call abroad, the number 37 will continue with the country code, then the area code and finally the number of phone number of that person you want to call but without identifying you.

This method is used for calls you make with your mobile phone, because if the call is made with a landline you must dial the code number 067.

How do you dial private in the USA for all calls?

If in addition to the option to use the code 067 for private calls, you can also use this other option to make a hidden call in the USA:

If you prefer that your phone number is always shown as private, then you should handle yourself differently, as a number will always be hidden every time you make any call to anyone.

Think that you call whoever you call, you will never be able to know that it is you who is calling, If this is the method that suits you because you never want to be recognized and you will also apply an easier method than the previous one because you do not need to dial prefixes every time you do a call and anyway your phone number will remain hidden, you will handle yourself in this way:

If your mobile phone’s operating system is iOS, go to Settings, then go to Phone, then uncheck the option Show caller ID.

Codes to make private calls or hidden call in any country