How to create a cleaning company in Spain

If you have cleaning skills, you can learn how to create a cleaning company in Spain and open your own business as long as you meet the requirements imposed by law to open a business in Spanish territory.

Steps to learn how to create a cleaning company in Spain

¿How to create a cleaning company in Spain?

Steps to learn how to create a cleaning company in Spain

Follow these tips starting from step 1 and work your way to the success of your business.

Step 1: Business plan

Create a business plan by describing your services, because you must think about what sector you will dedicate yourself to, will you offer your services to the houses? Will you extend your services to the offices? Will you include cleaning the commercial premises? Think about it because the budget you should allocate for your equipment, supplies, hired personnel, office, etc. depends on it.

You must also define whether you will be cleaning the exterior or interior of buildings, since you could specialize in cleaning facades.

Step 2: Equipment and logistics

Determine the process that you will use in your cleaning work, since it depends on the type of machinery you will need and the cleaning products that will vary your budget and the price that you will charge your customers, because if you choose to offer ecological cleaning you will have to do one investment with a higher cost compared to the use of standard products, which are cheaper.

Step 3: Contact your suppliers

Once you have defined the type of cleaning products you will use, you must determine the purchase of the products in conjunction with the machinery you will need to carry out your work. Look for suppliers that give you a guarantee in the cleaning machinery company.

Step 4: Recruitment of personnel

Continue defining the number of people you will need to hire, determining the tasks that each of them will perform.

Do interviews, evaluating their experience and the treatment that you can perceive that they will have with the client and once you have decided to hire an employee, teach them how to use the machinery you bought.

Of course, you will have thought about the salary that you will offer to the candidates, you will explain what their benefits and obligations are and in this way you will make everything clear before they start working with you.

Step 5: Permissions and licences

Go to your city council and find out all the legal aspects that involve your business, since in this way you will avoid facing the payment of fines.

In fact, due to the damage caused to the environment through the use of chemical products, there are penalties and obligations that are related to the protection of the environment and your government can offer you credits in the event that you use products with low ecological damage.

Step 6: Advertising and marketing

Promote your business, it is best that you take advantage of advertising on social networks as part of your marketing strategy using the internet.

But you can also make use of traditional advertising with business cards, since promoting a door-to-door business is still favorable.

Step 7: Strategic location

Think about the physical location of your business because you will need a commercial premises for the attention of your clients and with the necessary space to store supplies and cleaning equipment.

The location of your commercial premises as an office is important and especially far from the downtown area of ​​your city, since health and hygiene are two important factors for you to obtain the authorization of the office.

On the other hand, beyond the location you choose, you must bear in mind that it must always be impeccable, you will use the same technique that you use to clean your client’s house or office, since in this way you will be promoting your company almost without realizing it.

Requirements to create a cleaning company in Spain

Pay attention to the requirements that you must respect and are necessary to fulfill, if you want to learn how to create a cleaning company in Spain:

  1. In Spain you do not need to have a special qualification to start offering cleaning services.
  2. Although for a matter of practicality and professionalism, it is best that you think of a commercial premises to serve customers and store equipment and supplies, Spanish law does not oblige you to rent or buy a physical premises.

Therefore, evaluate this need, since that money can be used to buy better cleaning products or to hire more staff for your company.

  1. If when you set up your company, you and your partners did not decide to have a business premises and do not want the address to be added to the deeds, you can resort to the company domiciliation service and it will grant you a postal, fiscal and social address through payment corresponding, then you will benefit in:

-Your home address will be safeguarded.

– It will give you reliability in the eyes of your customers.

– All the correspondence of the company including that of finance and social security will be directed to that address.

  1. Another requirement has to do with creating a business plan where you describe your target audience and how you will finance your project and the viability of your business.
  2. You must establish a legal form, taking into account that the most common as an SME is the limited liability company or individual entrepreneur.

If you decide on an individual entrepreneur as a legal form, you will not need a pre-established initial capital and you will not have to carry out too many administrative procedures.

  1. You must go to the tax administration of your tax domicile to make a statement before starting the business, as it is the first thing to do before starting business activities.
  2. You must go to the town hall of the municipality where the business is located to manage the opening license to be able to start your business.
  3. You must pay the economic activities tax called IAE, which is annual and must be paid 10 days before starting business activities.
  4. In the public administration you must make the census declaration of beginning of activities.
  5. In the Social Security Treasury you must register according to the tax regime for self-employed workers.
  6. If you establish a limited company, you will go to the Mercantile Registry and Social Security to register the company, as you must make a deposit in the bank of at least 3005 Euros.
  7. In a maximum time of one month you must digest the autonomous community to communicate the opening of your business.

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