How to correctly fill out the form ss-5-sp

You must correctly fill out the form ss-5-sp when you need to replace your social security card, make a name change, or change your immigration status.

Most of the requirements are self-explanatory and quite simple to understand, but the smallest mistake can cost you a lot of time and for this reason you must understand it very well.

Guide to complete the form ss-5-sp

For this reason, keep this guide in mind to fill out the form ss-5-sp correctly, because keep in mind that the form is divided into elements:

  1. Name to be displayed on the card: You must fill in the name change correctly in the space on the right, that is, you must write the new name that you want to appear on the card.
  2. Full birth name: Make sure to enter the name you had before you changed the name due to your marriage, the Social Security Administration needs this information to locate the record of your previous social security card. If you are a woman, you must enter your maiden name.
  3. Assigned Social Security Number: In this space you will enter the number that you have been using as your social security number.
  4. Place of birth: Fill in this space with your place of birth without abbreviating any of the names.
  5. Date of birth: Complete with your date of birth in Month / Day / Year format.
  6. Citizenship: In this space you must select the option that corresponds to your citizenship. You will be able to read if you are a citizen of the United States, a legal alien with permission to work, if you are a legal alien without permission to work or if none of the above options apply to you, in which case you must select “other”, but keep in mind that only you are allowed to choose an option.
  7. Ethnicity: You must decide whether or not to fill out this section that asks if you are Latino or Hispanic ethnic with the options Yes and No.
  8. Race: This section requires you to fill in your race. You can select from: Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, Asian, American Indian, Black / African American, Other Pacific Islander, or White, but you can choose to ignore the section.
  9. Sex: You should only choose your gender if you are a man or a woman.
  10. Information about your mother (optional): This section is optional for the name change on the social security card, however you can enter it to ensure that the application is not rejected. Then you will enter your mother’s full name in section 9 and in section 9b you will enter her social security number and if you do not know her social security number you can enter “unknown and you have no way to find out.

Father’s information (optional): You must enter your father’s full name and his social security number in sections 10a and 10B respectively and although it is not mandatory you can write “unknown” in section 10B if you do not know the social security number.

Section 11: If you are requesting a name change on your social security card, you will be required to respond to this section with the option “Yes” to the fact that you have previously submitted and received a social security number. By answering this section you advance the completion of sections 12 and 13.

Section 12: You will enter the name that had the most recent social security card, usually it is the card that you have in hand and you want to replace with the name change.

Section 13: Taking into account that the social security administration can make mistakes, your date of birth could have been corrected and then you must enter the date it had before that change. In the event that your date of birth was correct in the first application, leave blank

The present day: Enter today’s date, that is, the day you request the name change.

Phone number: Enter your phone number making sure it is correct, since the social security administration can contact you directly.

Shipping Address: Enter your email address, make sure it is correct, since you will receive your social security card in approximately 14 days.

If it is not your address, be sure to provide the correct address of the person who will receive the social security card.

Firm: Signature with a blue ink pen so that there is a difference between a copy and an original.

Relationship with the applicant: In this section they ask you what is your relationship with the person whose name you entered in point 1, for example if you are yourself, natural or adoptive father, legal guardian. Specify one of these options.

Tips for filling out form ss-5-sp

The form ss-5-sp You can fill it out to request your original insurance card, to replace the original one or to change the information you have registered for the first time.

For any of these options, you must fill out the application completely and correctly, attaching all the required documents (originals and certificates).

To apply for the original social security card you must provide at least two documents that indicate your age, identity, United States citizenship, authorization to work legally in the United States.

If you need to replace the card, you must provide a document that certifies your identity and if you are a foreigner you must provide a document that proves your citizenship and permission to work legally.

If you need to change information, you must provide documents that prove your identity and that certify the need for the change that you want to enhance.

Limitations: There are limitations for the replacement of the social security card, established by law you can replace it three times a year, unless you need to replace it due to your legal name or for employment reasons.

Anyway, any questions about the documents you need to present can be contacted at 1-800-772-1213 or by the nearest office.

You can prove the age by presenting your passport or your birth certificate.

The passport and your driver’s license are also documents that prove your identity.

Once you have completed the form you can send it with the documents to any social security office, as all the documents you sent will be returned to you.

Remember that you must protect your social security card by keeping it in a safe place and only have it with you when you need to present it, for example to a new job.

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