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How to correctly endorse a car invoice in Mexico?

You may need to know how to endorse a car bill Despite the fact that it is not a title of credit or a check, letter or promissory note, documents that can be endorsed while there is no jurisprudence that has established the endorsement of invoices.

But since you need it, for whatever reason, then below you will know exactly how you should endorse the invoice.

How is a car invoice endorsed?

Endorsing an invoice is the way to transfer ownership of a car or car. It consists of a written text that the owner of the car initiates on the back of the original invoice or a re-invoice of the company with a copy of origin, where the following information must be included:

  • Name of the owner who sells or who endorses.
  • Name of the new owner of the vehicle.
  • A description, which details the transfer or where it indicates that the property rights of the car are transferred.
  • The place and date of the transfer or handover.

Although it is very common for the sale of used vehicles to proceed in this way, it is not advisable to stay only with this part of the process. For security, it is essential to also make the contract for the sale of the car.

How do I assign the rights to a check or the rights to this invoice?

You will make the endorsement of the invoice as the owner of the car and with rights over it, you guarantee by means of a document the transfer of the value and ownership of the car to another person.

The operation will be carried out by writing your transfer on the front, that is, behind the invoice you will write:

Invoice endorsement text

I … (your full name, I assign the rights of this invoice of the car to Mr. (full name of the new owner), as the new owner of said vehicle.

City name, day, month, year

Signature (in the blank space you will sign)

Keep in mind that if you only sign on the back of the invoice, it does not mean the transfer of ownership of the car, although it can assume a transfer of ownership.

The ownership of a car is transmitted through the sale.

The Law of Titles and Credit Operations considers that the signature on the back of the invoice of a car arranges the sale.

Although legally it is not a commercial endorsement, due to its commercial use it is an indication of the transfer of rights or of sale.

However, keep in mind that there are various criteria of the highest courts and consequently it is important that the sale is accompanied by an endorsed invoice and also make the change of owner before the authorities so that the transfer of ownership of the car is demonstrated.

These steps are necessary because since the invoice proves the ownership of the car there are several invoices such as the original invoice, which is the document issued by the factory or assembly company when the vehicle is put on the market.

Example on how to endorse a car invoice

Although, as you have already read, there is no jurisprudence that indicates the need to endorse an invoice if you need to know how to endorse a car bill, you will carry out a transfer of rights as follows with an explanatory model:

From this invoice, I assign the rights and ownership of the protected vehicle in favor of (write the name and surname), residing at (write the full address). Place and Date… (Write the city and the date with day, month and year)

Leave several blank spaces and then write NAME AND SIGNATURE. On these words, sign and write your full name, since it is you who assigns the rights.

How is the endorsement made? How to endorse a car invoice?

  1. If you bought or sold a used car, it was always common for the car invoice to be endorsed in the name of the person who bought it so that the ownership of the car was transferred to the new owner.
  2. However, there are many reforms in the tax area through which paper invoices were replaced by CFDI’s, digital tax receipts.
  3. However, if you work on your own or have a business and therefore need to invoice, you will request the issuance of a digital tax receipt, which is a digital invoice that has two files, a file in XML format and a file in PDF format, this file It is the one that is printed.
  4. Therefore, if you buy or sell a used car that was bought after the year 2012, you must have a digital invoice support, so an endorsement for the transfer of ownership is not enough.

How to endorse a digital car invoice

Therefore you must know How to endorse an invoice for digital car for a used car.

  1. To transfer ownership of the car to the new owner, you will do so through the transfer of rights, since it is the legal figure that is contemplated by civil law.
  2. You can also do it through the sale contract that translates as the transfer of rights.
  3. Then sign the contract for the sale of the car with a commitment clause that indicates that you, as the seller, assign the rights to the invoice.
  4. Printing the file in PDF format and writing the transfer of rights in it does not give you assurance that the seller has assigned the rights in the digital invoice, it has no legal value and it is possible to sue the seller.
  5. If you are a natural person registered for business or professional activity, you will issue an invoice as you always do and you will describe all the characteristics of the car.
  6. If you are an employee, you do not have a mandatory need to issue a tax receipt. In this case, the SAT system performs the procedure for free as an accidental commercial activity and you formalize the operation in an extraordinary way.
  7. In order for you to be able to invoice, you need the RFC, your electronic signature, the digital seal certificate and to register in the electronic invoicing system.
  8. If you are a natural person according to the income tax law, the operation exempts you from paying taxes if the profit is not higher than the $ 76760.00
  9. The operation also does not apply the VAT payment, therefore you should not include it in the invoice or itemize it.
  10. You will report the sale in the annual return if together with the exempt income they exceed the $ 600000.00
  11. As a seller, after you have surrendered physical possession of the car you must deregister your ownership of the car in the Public Vehicle Registry, since if you do not do it you will find yourself at risk if the new owner has an accident with the vehicle without you having canceled it.

How to endorse a car bill of sale

  1. Sign the contract for the sale of the car.
  2. If you sell your used car, issue a digital invoice.
  3. The operation may not require you to pay taxes.
  4. Remember that you must unsubscribe from the Repuve (Public Vehicle Registry) as a car owner.