How to contact Verizon wireless Customer Service

If you need to contact verizon wireless in spanish It is very easy because it has many customer service options, do you want to know them? Keep reading and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Options for contacting Verizon wireless in Spanish

Among the options to contact Verizon wireless in Spanish follow these instructions:

  1. Login to And so that your query is answered as quickly as possible, you will see several buttons with different topics, then choose the topic that best suits your query.
  2. If you want to modify the order or cancel the service, click order change / cancel services.
  3. Then a menu will open for you to choose between questions about the service or products; add or change your services, you want to check why you have moved, the status of your order or cancel the service
  4. Choose the topic for which you want to consult.
  5. You can also check for problems with your account or billing.
  6. In this case, a menu will open for you to consult the method to make a payment, the answers to all possible questions about billing and the help to pay online, if you want to cancel a payment, register or handle self-payment.
  7. If you have internet problems, click on internet issues and a menu will open for you to choose between FIOS internet and high speed internet.
  8. If you have problems with the television signal choose TV / Issues and when the menu opens you will be able to choose between I have no vision or the channels do not work, image quality problems, fix the upper box / problems with the remote control, activate the upper box or DVR, direct TV technical support.
  9. If you have problems with the phone, click on Phone Issues and a menu will open for you to choose between FIOS digital voice, Home phone or FIOS voice.

Note that if you don’t have a dial tone you can fix it quickly with the verizon troubleshooter, just click No dial tone, then click Next and follow the instructions.

  1. If your problem is of another type, click Other Support Issues and the next menu will show that you can choose between FIOS Internet OR High-speed Internet.

Verizon wireless Spanish TV problems

  1. Before installing the Fios service, follow the steps to self-install and then activate the set-top box and DVR and you also have the possibility to read the frequently asked questions of verizon services.
  2. If you have problems with Fios TV because you see an error message on the screen, you have no picture or poor picture quality, use the troubleshooter to identify and solve quickly. Click Get Started and then click Next. Without waiting, the technicians begin by solving the problem first of all by checking the status of your account, then they look for possible failures in the network and will test the telephone line of your home
  3. You can access all the information about Verizon FOIS remote control equipment, DVRs and set-top boxes with user guides so you can learn how to install, configure, program with dimensions, features and wiring diagrams.

It is an interactive guide that you can customize with your favorite channel list preferences, parental controls and on demand pay per view.

Verizon customer service

  1. Verizon wireless in Spanish has a customer service with specialized people to provide you with the best experience, seeking solutions to your problem as quickly as possible, since in many cases Verizon equipment can be repaired in 5 minutes.
  2. However, before contacting customer service, make sure that the equipment is plugged in and that the electrical power works throughout your home.
  3. If you still have questions, you can contact Verizon for a technical customer service representative to assist you by connecting through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or if you do not want to wait for an answer and have the ability to follow tutorials, you can watch the videos with tips at You Tube or visit the verizon forum for help from the community.

Verizon customer service number

  1. If your intention is to contact Verizon wireless in Spanish by phone, then you can call 1 (800) 922-0204.
  2. If you are a small business and need to communicate online, you can do so by going to
  3. Upon entering you will see that you can choose the category with options such as billing, Telephone, TV, Internet and applications, registration and registration.
  4. Choose the option that matches your question.
  5. Then you will see a field so you can enter your question. Try to be as detailed as possible to explain exactly what your problem is.

Verizon fios english

  1. Verizon Fios is 100% fiber optic, which means the highest speed on all devices, so you can add any other in your home or business and you will have no speed reduction problems.
  2. It is also a service with which you can obtain a credit of 200 dollars for Samsung technological devices or a Samsung Chromebook of 2 GB for free.
  3. That is to say that with verizon FIOS in your home or in your company, thanks to 100% fiber optic all your electronic devices that you have in your home will work at high speed and you can add more without worrying about their lack of performance, since they will all work at high speed. velocity.
  4. In addition, 100% fiber optics ensures the best image quality on your televisions.
  5. As for the telephone service, it ensures a clear voice so that you have good conversations on the phone.
  6. With a 100% fiber optic network, all Samsung devices that are pulled into your home can all work together at the same time without losing quality or speed.

Verizon Customer Service

  1. Contact Verizon customer service at 1- (800) 922-0204.
  2. Press 1 if you want to speak to a representative for a new service or if you want to add another to your existing account.
  3. Press 1 if you need help with your prepaid service.
  4. Press 2 if you want to update your wireless device.
  5. Stay online if you want to be a new verizon wireless customer.
  6. Then your call will be transferred and recorded.
  7. Call (888)294-6804 if you are a prepaid Verizon customer, you can call anytime of the day throughout the year.