How to contact the UAS social service

If you want to join the UAS social service, you need to pre-register from the official website, where you will complete a form indicating several of your personal data.

For example, the pre-registration needs to know:

  1. What is the name of your school or college.
  2. Your CURP account number.
  3. Your RFC.
  4. What is your medical insurance, for example if it is IMSS, ISSSTE, Seguro Popular or another.
  5. At the same time you must indicate your membership number.
  6. Your name.
  7. Your paternal last name.
  8. Your maternal surname.
  9. Your age.
  10. What type of applicant are you, for example if you are a student or graduate.
  11. Your average with the two decimal places.
  12. The street of your address, with number and neighborhood.
  13. The state where you live.
  14. Your blood type (if you don’t know it, you can choose: DON’T KNOW).
  15. Your phone number without spaces.
  16. Your email address.
  17. The name of a person who can be called in an emergency.
  18. An emergency phone.
  19. After you have completed all this information, you will enter the verification key or Captcha and click on Add.

Contact details of the UAS social service

You already know that to join the UAS social service you need to pre-register by going to

But if you want to get in touch you have several ways such as:

  1. Going in person to Calle Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez 1558, Cd. Universitaria, Universitaria, 80013 Culiacán Rosales, Sin.
  2. You can also contact by phone by calling 01 667 759 4500.
  3. If you want to send an email write to [email protected]
  4. You can make your query through twitter at:
  5. Through instagram make your query at
  6. You can also send a message through Facebook by going to:

Complaints to the UAS social service

It is possible that you need to communicate due to a complaint, therefore if this is your case you can handle yourself in this way:

  1. Go to
  2. On the website you will find the complaint box for you to complete.
  3. Start by choosing the academic unit that refers to your complaint: you can choose between several units.
  4. After that, describe in all the details the service you requested.
  5. Make a qualification of the service in the academic unit that you chose previously, it can be Excellent, Good, Fair, Bad or Very Bad.
  6. Follow up with a clear description of your suggestions or comments.
  7. Last port click Submit.

Academic units to refer your complaint and contact the UAS social service

You can choose to make your complaint and contact the uas social service among the following academic units:

Culiacán Architecture, Mazatlán Architecture, Higher School of Agriculture of Valle del Carrizo, Faculty of Agriculture of Valle del Fuerte, Agronomy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

Marine Sciences, Physical Mathematical Sciences, Culiacán Biology, Earth and Space Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.

Biological Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Biological Chemical Sciences, Los Mochis Nursing, Culiacán Nursing, Mazatlán Nursing.

Nutrition and Gastronomy Sciences, Culiacán Dentistry, Culiacán Medicine, Los Mochis Law and Political Science, Guasave Law, Mazatlán Law, Culiacán Law, Los Mochis Social Work.

Culiacán Social Work, Mazatlán Social Work, Los Mochis Business, School of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Economic, Administrative and Technological Sciences.

Economic and Social Sciences, International Studies and Public Policies, Mazatlán Tourism, Mazatlán Economic-Administrative Sciences, Mazatlán Social Sciences, Accounting and Administration Culiacán, Philosophy and Letters Culiacán.

Culiacán Psychology, Academic Unit of Arts School of Music, Philosophy and Letters Culiacán, History, Plastic Arts, Education Science, Culiacán Language Studies Center.

Faculty of Engineering Mochis, Chemical Biological Sciences, Economic, Administrative and Technological Sciences, Culiacán Informatics, Navolato Informatics Academic Unit, Mazatlán Engineering, Mazatlán Informatics, General Directorate of Social Service, Subdirectorate of Social Service Central regional unit.

Subdirectorate of Social Service North Regional Unit, Subdirectorate of Social Service North Central Regional Unit, Subdirectorate of Social Service South Regional Unit, Contradiría and Administration Ext. Navolato.

Accounting and administration Ext. Badiraguato, Accounting and administration Ext. Sinaloa e Leyva, Accounting and administration Ext. Mocorito.

Social service uas students

To access and contact the social service uas students follow these simple three steps:

  1. Login to
  2. The general direction of social service asks you if you want to access the system. As a student you will be able to access by indicating your username and password.
  3. Then click Access.

Directorate general of social service uas

  1. As a university extension, the general direction of social service is the administrative body. It is the institution that is responsible for the planning and management of everything related to social service, such as work carried out in conjunction with academic units.
  2. All this is done in accordance with regulations and constitutional provisions with a curricular objective and solidarity action, that is, in the social sphere.
  3. Due to the fact that it has financing and also from social agreements, without neglecting that thanks to the unrestricted application of the corresponding regulations, it can establish a good strategic plan to be able to carry out the social practice.
  4. All this allows them to enter into social development, aiming at community work, which in turn translates into their recognition by society and also allows students to acquire consolidated professional training.
  5. There are about 9000 people between students and graduates who are attended in each cycle of social service provision, whether they belong to the upper or upper middle level, for which there is a link between the University and the General Directorate of Social Service with about 1700 Units providing social services in the public, private and social sectors of the country.
  6. It promotes social service with the aim of establishing a development of awareness of solidarity with commitment towards society and transforming the provision of social service into a reciprocal fact for the entire society in which the social service provider interacts, work that can lead to carried out from programs and plans of the public sector.

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