How to contact an agency “On time charge”

On time charge is the company that you can take advantage of to send a package or cargo leaving from the United States to another country such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Therefore, if you migrated to the United States and you need to send a package to your family or friends who remain in your country of origin, for example in Mexico or Venezuela or any of the countries you just read, you can do it through this company, but for this you must get in touch, then …

How to contact «On time charge»

If you need to contact on time charge Because you are thinking of sending a package or cargo, the company has offices in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta and Greenville SC.

The main office of on time charge is located at 5530 NW 72 Ave, Miami, FL 33195m whose phone number is: +1 305-677-0991 email: [email protected]

  1. Login to
  2. You will see a contact form that you must complete with your name, your email address, your phone number, the subject you want to contact, you will indicate if you met the company through Google, if it was recommended by a friend If you saw the publication in a magazine or in the arepazo, you will write the message in detail and finally click on Send.

How to do on time cargo tracking

If you have already sent your package or cargo and you need to know about in charge of tracking, then handle it like this:

  1. Go to
  2. Next you will see a box to make the status query.
  3. You can make the query for the stamp number, for the carrier guide, the reference or tracking box.
  4. Then write the number in the corresponding box.
  5. Finally click on Consult.

How to contact cargo Miami on time

  1. If you need to contact on time cargo miami You can go to the main office at 5530NW 72nd Ave. Miami, FL 33166. Phone: +1 800-884-7570.
  2. You can also contact the agency El Arepazo Miami at 10191 58th St, Doral, FL. 33178, phone: +1 305 766 6671 At the agency they offer you tracking of your parcel bound for Venezuela.

How to find “On time in charge” agencies near me

If you need to search for agencies “On time charge” near me It is very easy because the company has an immense network of agents in California, Houston and Chicago, on the east coast of the United States, and to cover the European continent it also has associated agencies in Spain and England.

To contact the network of agencies you can get in touch in this way:

  1. Login to
  2. You will see a contact form that you must complete with your name, your telephone number, your address, your city, your country, your email address, you will write the message with as much detail as possible so that this message is explicit, you will display the menu to indicate how you got to know the company.
  3. Finally you must click on the blue Send message button.

In fact this is the best way to contact the network of agencies in charge of time near me.

But keep in mind that when completing the contact form, you must complete the fields with an asterisk, including the way you met the company.

In this way, knowing the way to contact cargo on time, you can take advantage of their services for shipping dry cargo either from the United States or to the United States by sea, land, air or multimodal.

In Miami it has a warehouse for cargo consolidation with the possibility of storage, inventory processing and even the company has all the tools that technology gives it to handle the merchandise.

You can also take advantage of the quorier mode for the urgent shipment of merchandise such as commercial samples, spare parts and even medicines, non-perishable food, personal belongings, gifts for friends or family, etc.

In this sense, remember that on time cargo specializes in the direct shipment of packages from the United States to Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and Venezuela. For the rest of America it has commercial partners.

In places where it does not have a direct presence, it works through national mail such as Fedex, UPS and USPS so that everyone can use the service even if it is a company.

With the ebox mode, the virtual locker is the option for international purchases. In addition to providing a physical address for Europe and the United States, it offers advice to individuals and companies through its brand

If you need to import or export, it offers you advice with qualified personnel so that you can resolve any questions that may concern you in terms of international purchases, transport, customs processes, negotiations and other activities that have to do with logistics.

Well, due to the technology applied, a tiempo cargo is a company recognized as a leader in the market, including its customer service and the attention it provides, operating throughout the east coast of the United States despite having its main warehouse in Miami.

Phone number on time charge

But since what you are interested in is to get in touch with in time charge …

  1. The office phone number in Greenville SC is (864) 292 1313.
  2. The phone number for the Atlanta office is (864) 292 1313.
  3. The phone number for the Tampa office is: (813) 217 ​​50 04.
  4. The phone number for the Orlando office is: (407) 339 2216.
  5. The London office phone number is: (.05) 922 6537.
  6. The phone number for the Houston office is: (713) 263 8090.
  7. The Chicago office phone number is: (773) 754 7372.
  8. The Charlotte office phone number is: (864) 292 1313.
  9. The phone number for the Los Angeles office is: (818) 308 3320.
  10. The telephone number of the offices in New York – New Jersey is: ((347) 736 9818.

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