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How to contact a representative

If you have a problem and need to contact a representative of the state insurance fund you can do it because you have several options.

If you suffered an injury or had an accident, it is very important that you know how to contact that representative who can advise you correctly.

What is the state insurance fund?

  1. You know that the state insurance fund It was created to guarantee you the constitutional right that you have as a worker against work risks, that is, accidents or injuries that you may suffer in your job.
  2. The security system is supported by a type of exclusive and compulsory insurance financed by employer contributions.
  3. The law considers as employer the legal or natural person that employs or hires one or more people who are the workers and receive remuneration for their work.
  4. The pattern can be temporary or temporary when its activities are generated in a place or place occasionally and for a limited time, while the activities of the permanent or regular employer are generated in a place or place continuously for an indeterminate time.
  5. All workers of the state, municipal government, of a private entity, associations, commissions, boards or governmental corporations must be insured.
  6. You must also be insured if you perform a job as a municipal assemblyman, serve in the courts of law, are an intermediary, an industrial partner or offer a service of goods or agricultural products.
  7. In fact, every employer is obliged to assure their workers who have the right to medical care, since the CFSE is the entity that ensures that the worker receives the benefits that are protected by the law of the compensation system for accident accidents. job.

How to contact the state insurance fund

Therefore, if you need to contact a representative of the state insurance fund

  1. You can call 1-844-728-766 between the hours of 8 a.m. at 4.30pm
  2. You can also call 1-844-765-4927
  3. If you prefer to communicate online with a representative you can send an email to [email protected]
  4. In the event that you do not have a policy and need a debt certification you can enter
  5. Keep in mind that if you are an employer according to the law and you need to access online services, you must register and have a policy in force with the CFSE (Corporation of the State Insurance Fund.

State insurance fund: rights and obligations

The state insurance fund imposes rights and obligations for both the employer and the injured party, for example:

  1. The employer has the obligation to insure its employees with the CFSE for risks in their work.
  2. If the employer is declared uninsured by the CFSE, he has up to 30 days from receiving notification of this decision to appeal to the Industrial Commission.
  3. Injured employees are protected by the Workers’ Compensation System Act with a social security system for workers in Puerto Rico who become disabled or suffer injuries due to a work accident.
  4. The worker who becomes unable to work, either with a permanent disability or in the event of death, receives financial compensation.
  5. You can contact 1-844-POLIZAS (1-844-765-4927) OR 1-844-employer (1-844-728-7666) OR 1-855-ELFONDO (1-855-353-6636)

How to contact a representative of the state insurance fund corporation

  1. If you need to contact a representative of the corporation of state insurance fund You can go in person to Urb. La Rovera Se 1024, Río Piedras, PR 00921.
  2. You can also communicate by phone by calling (787) 793-5959
  3. If you are an employer and need to access online services, register and have a valid insurance policy with the CFSE, you must register at

Then you must complete the online form with the security information (username and password), the user information with (name, maternal surname, paternal surname and email) the name of the company (telephone number, insurance social, the policy number and then you will click Register.

  1. If you are an employer and you have already registered but you need to access your account, you can enter
  2. As an employer who does not have a policy and needs a debt certification, you can enter

You will complete the form with the information of the company or individual (social security, company name, your first name, paternal last name, maternal last name, postal address 1 and 2, city, state, zip code, mobile phone number and fax); the applicant’s information (first name, paternal last name, maternal last name and email); the information of the application selecting legislative aid, unemployment, contract, employment, retirement, tender or others; then you will click Submit.

State Insurance Fund: benefits for the injured

If you suffer a work injury or accident, the state insurance fund corporation grants you benefits according to the classification of your case.

  1. Rehabilitation medical treatment.
  2. You receive a diet payment for a temporary disability and compensation for a permanent or total disability.
  3. It grants you permanent disability compensation if your case is related to your work and you will be compensable according to the criteria of the workers’ compensation law.
  4. You receive a temporary disability allowance payment that represents 66 two-thirds% of your salary considered at the time you suffered the occupational disease or accident.
  5. But in general, you will never receive less than $ 30 a week or more than a hundred dollars a week.
  6. Even the payment of allowances is established with a maximum limit of 312 weeks.
  7. The payment is issued when it is compensable according to the requirements established by law.
  8. As an injured person, you also have ticket payment benefits, that is, you receive reimbursement for your expenses to travel to meet your appointments with the CFSE.
  9. In general, the reimbursement is from 1.50 to 2 dollars depending on the routes to get to the nearest CFSE and even these payments must be authorized by the corresponding officials.