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How to contact a financial agent

Do you want to hire a service or you are already a customer and want to communicate with him bank bhd leon But you don’t know what the phone number of the bank’s contact center is?

Well, then you will not only know the phone number so that you can communicate with just one call and know several of the services or transactions but you will also know the bank branches so that you can go to the one closest to your home.

How to contact the BHD leon bank

The bank bhd leon puts at your disposal several services from the request of a simple credit card, you can also request a loan and even request a deferred credit with cash advance.

  1. For all this, you have the contact center so that you can communicate free of charge at 809-243-500 to inquire about your accounts, make payments, transfers or claims.
  2. If you are calling from within the phone number is 1-809-200-2445.
  3. If you are calling from the United States, the phone number is: 1-866-898-3300.
  4. If instead of calling by phone you prefer communication through email you can write to [email protected]

What is the bank BHD Leon phone

Of bank bhd leon phone For a free call it is 809-243-5000 and if you are calling from within, you can call 1-866-898-3300.

In this way, from the comfort of your home or your office and without having to go in person to the bank at its main office or to a branch, you can clear up your doubts or hire one of the many services offered by the bank.

If you have a company, you will be attended by an agent specialized in business clients who will be able to offer you special treatment to help you according to your requirements.

  1. You can call 809-243-5000 then dial option 2.
  2. If you are calling from within, do so toll-free at 1-809-200-2445.
  3. If you lick from outside you can call 1-866-898-3300.
  4. Keep in mind that the bank has a new, longer business hours from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. at 10 pm. and on Saturdays from 8a.m. at 1p.m.
  5. By calling by phone you can ask about the balance of products, check the status of tax payments.
  6. You can also ask about the Internet Banking Empresarial Bank Office affiliation.
  7. You can even ask about the means of payment, send a request or claim a service.
  8. You have the option to unblock and restart Internet Banking Empresarial Bank Office users.
  9. As a client and entrepreneur, you benefit from prompt attention to your query through a qualified representative who specializes in companies.
  10. The bank has a validation system, for which you obtain security and confidentiality, because information about business products is only provided to contacts who have registered in the system and are therefore authorized.

Where is the bhd león santo domingo bank located

The bank bhd leon Santo Domingo It is located at Av. 27 de Febrero No. 50, El Vergel, the telephone number is: (809) 243-5515

Banco bhd leon branches

Of bhd leon bank branches their addresses are as follows:

  1. Arroyo Hondo: Address: Calle Luis Amiama Tió at the corner of La Ladera, Arroyo Hondo. Phone: (809) 243-5524
  2. Duarte Highway. Address: Aut. Duarte Km. 12 1/2 esq. Av. Monumental. Phone: (809) 243-5555
  3. Bella Vista: Address: Av. Sarasota corner Francisco Moreno, Plaza Kury, Bella Vista. Telephone: (809) 243-5525.
  4. Bella Vista Mall 1: Address: Av. Sarasota corner Los Arrayanes, 2do. Bella Vista Mall level. Telephone: (809) 243-5531.
  5. Bella Vista Mall 2: Address: Av. Sarasota esq. Arrayanes, 1st. Bella Vista Mall level. Telephone: (809) 243-5558.
  6. lue Mall: Address: Av. Winston Churchill corner Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Blue Mall, Telephone: (809) 243-5552.
  7. Bolívar: Address: Av. Bolívar No. 169 esq. Pasteur. Telephone: (809) 243-5563.
  8. Brisal: Address: Carretera Mella, Km. 7 1/2, Plaza Fantasía. Phone: (809) 243-5575.
  9. Carrefour: Address: Autopista Duarte km 10 ½, Carrefour.
  10. Mella road: Address: Mella road at the corner of Los Trovadores, Las Palmas. Telephone: (809) 243-5500.
  11. Charles de Gaulle: Address: Av. Charles de Gaulle No. 3, Los Trinitarios. Telephone: (809) 243-5001.
  12. César Nicolás Penson: Address: Av. César Nicolás Penson corner Federico Henríquez y Carvajal, Gazcue. Phone: (809) 243-5512.
  13. Downtown Center: Address: Av. Rómulo Betancourt, esq. Núñez De Cáceres Downtown Center Shopping Center. Telephone: (809) 243-5537.
  14. Duarte: Address: Av. Duarte esq. Francisco Henríquez and Carvajal. Telephone: (809) 243-5573.
  15. Duarte 2: Address: Av. Duarte No. 233, Villa Consuelo. Telephone: (809) 243-5513.
  16. E. León Jiménez Corporate Building: Address: Ave. George Washington Inside the Corporate Building of E Leon Jiménez. Telephone: (809) 243-5502.
  17. El Millón: Address: Av. 27 de Febrero at the corner of Núñez de Cáceres, El Millón. Telephone: (809) 243-5532.
  18. American Hardware Store: Address: Av. John F. Kennedy KM 5 1/2. Gallery 360, Arroyo Hondo. Telephone: (809) 243-5523.
  19. Gazcue: Address: Av. Máximo Gómez corner Juan Sánchez Ramírez, Gazcue. Phone: (809) 243-5512.
  20. Haina: Address: Av. Refinería on the corner of Calle D, Zona Industrial de Haina. Telephone: (809) 243-5553.
  21. Herrera: Address: Av. Isabel Aguiar No. 38, Herrera. Telephone: (809) 243-5533.
  22. Terrera 2: Address: Av. Isabel Aguiar No. 262, Herrera. Telephone: (809) 243-5581.
  23. Independencia: Address: Av. Independencia esq. A No. 15. Telephone: (809) 243-5526.
  24. Independencia Km. 8: Address: Av. Independencia Km. 8, Rosa María Building, Marién Urbanization. Telephone: (809) 243-5534.
  25. John F. Kennedy: Address: Av. John F. Kennedy No. 135 esq. Straps. Telephone: (809) 243-5597.
  26. Las Praderas: Address: Av. Núñez de Cáceres No. 130, Almost in front of La Cadena Supermarket. Telephone: (809) 243-5535.
  27. Lincoln: Address: Av. Abraham Lincoln No. 1000, Torre Romanza, Paraíso. Telephone: (809) 243-5527. Hours: MF 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  28. Lope de Vega: Address: Av. Lope de Vega almost on the corner of Fantino Falco, Naco. Telephone: (809) 243-5530.
  29. Los Mina: Address: Av. Presidente Estrella Ureña No. 179, Los Mina. Phone: (809) 243-5503.
  30. Los Ríos: Address: Av. Los Próceres No. 1, Circunvalación corner, Shell Station, Los Ríos. Telephone: (809) 243-5536.
  31. Luperón: Address: Av. Independencia Esq. Av. Luperón, Local No. 26 (Facilities Of Luperón Commercial Plaza) Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. Telephone: (809) 243-5538.
  32. Superón 2: Address: Av. Luperón almost on the corner of Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Residencial Anaconda. Telephone: (809) 243-5554.
  33. Megacentro 1: Address: Av. San Vicente de Paúl at the corner of Carretera Mella, Megacentro, Cancino. Phone: (809) 243-5504.
  34. Megacentro 2: Address: Av. San Vicente de Paúl at the corner of Carretera Mella, Megacentro, Cancino. Telephone: (809) 243-5584.
  35. Naco: Address: Av. Tiradentes No. 19, Plaza Cibeles, local 9, Naco. Telephone: (809) 243-5542.
  36. Núñez De Cáceres: Address: Av. Núñez De Cáceres No. 22, Las Praderas. Phone: (809) 243-5586.
  37. Occidental Mall: Address: Occidental Mall Shopping Center, Local no. 106, 1st level, Extension February 27, almost on the corner of Los Beisbolistas, Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo Oeste. Phone: 809-243-5551.
  38. Main Office: Address: Calle Luis F. Thomén corner Winston Churchill, Evaristo Morales. Phone: (809) 243-5104.
  39. Olé Las Américas: Address: Calle Miramar Norte corner Marginal, Km. 9 1/2 Autopista Las Américas, Los Frailes. Phone: (809) 243-5505.
  40. Olé Ovando: Address: Av. Nicolás de Ovando No. 154, corner of Juan Alejandro Ibarra, Cristo Rey. Telephone: (809) 243-5520.
  41. Olé Ozama: Address: Autopista Las Américas on the corner of Juan Luis Duquela, Hipermercado Olé, Ensanche Ozama. Phone: (809) 243-5506.
  42. Ovando / Duarte: Address: Av. Duarte corner of Nicolás de Ovando, Villas Agrícolas. Telephone: (809) 243-5514.
  43. Ozama: Address: Av. Sabana Larga corner Costa Rica, Ensanche Ozama. Telephone: (809) 243-5507.
  44. Independence Park: Address: Calle Arzobispo Nouel No. 456, Ciudad Nueva. Phone: (809) 243-5518.
  45. Patio Colombia: Address: Av. República de Colombia, Plaza Patio Colombia, Santo Domingo. Telephone: 8092436279.
  46. Piantini: Address: Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart corner Freddy Prestol Castillo, Plaza Cataluña, Piantini. Telephone: (809) 243-5543.
  47. Central Square: Address: Av. 27 de Febrero at the corner of Manuel de Jesús Troncoso, 1er. Level, Central Square, Piantini. Phone: (809) 243-5528.
  48. Plaza Paseo Churchill: Address: Av. Winston Churchill corner Roberto Pastoriza, Piantini. Telephone: (809) 243-5529.
  49. Private: Address: Av. Privada No. 38 at the corner of Rómulo Betancourt, Mirador Norte. Telephone: (809) 243-5539.
  50. Sambil: Address: Av. John F. Kennedy corner Paseo de los Aviadores, Sambil Santo Domingo, Villa Juana. Phone: (809) 243-5517.
  51. San Isidro 2: Address: Autopista de San Isidro Kilometer 8, in front of the Coral Mall, La Esperanza, Santo Domingo Este. Telephone: (809) 243-5508.
  52. San Martín: Address: Av. San Martín No. 122 corner Máximo Gómez, Villa Juana. Telephone: (809) 243-5519.
  53. Sirena Autopista Duarte: Address: Autopista Duarte Km. 13 1/2, Multicentro La Sirena, Los Peralejos. Phone: (809) 243-5541.
  1. Sirena Charles de Gaulle: Address: Av. Charles de Gaulle, Multicentro Sirena Charles de Gaulle. Telephone: (809) 243-5589.
  2. Sirena Churchill: Address: Av. Winston Churchill esq. Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Multicentro Sirena Churchill. Telephone: (809) 243-5590.
  3. Sirena Luperón Herrera: Address: Av. Luperón almost corner. Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Multicentro La Sirena Luperón Herrera. Telephone: (809) 243-5592.
  4. Sirena Mella: Address: Av. Mella No. 268, Multicentro Sirena Mella. Telephone: (809) 243-5594.
  5. Sirena San Isidro: Address: San Isidro Highway, in front of the Italia Urbanization, San Isidro. Phone: (809) 243-5509.
  6. Sirena Villa Mella: Address: Ave. Máximo Gómez Corner Charles De Gaulle, Plaza El Dorado. Phone: (809) 243-5510
  7. Unibe: Address: Av. Francia No. 129 almost corner. Leopoldo Navarro, Gazcue. Telephone: (809) 243-0516.
  8. Villa Consuelo: Address: Calle Eusebio Manzueta No. 122, Villa Consuelo. Telephone: (809) 243-5522.
  9. Villa Mella 2: Address: Av. Hermanas Mirabal No. 387. Telephone: (809) 243-5511.
  10. San Isidro Free Zone: Address: Aut. San Isidro, San Isidro Free Zone. Telephone: (809) 243-5588.
  11. Ágora Mall: Address: Ave. Abraham Lincoln esq. Ave. John F. Kennedy, Ágora Mall Shopping Center. Telephone: (809) 243-5574.

How to check my balance at BHD Leon bank

To learn how to check my bank balance bhd leon follow these steps:

  1. Download the BHD León Personal Banking Mobile App.
  2. Log in with the security pattern, pin or fingerprint.
  3. When you enter you will be able to check the balance, transfers between your own products, transfers to another bank or to third parties, pay services, loans, taxes or credit cards.