How to contact a Bancomer advisor online

On Bancomer online you find the solution with quick access, if you do not know how to deal with the online bank, below you will find all the explanation to know the status of your account, if you need to contact the customer service attention And in the event that you want to cancel your account because you regretted it, you will also know how to do it:

How to deal with online banking

You know what Bancomer online It is part of the main financial group in Mexico that offers a variety of services and products for individuals and businesses.

Bancomer knew that an extension of its services was necessary, extending them to the possibility of executing banking transactions on the web from a solution that, in addition to being fast, is reliable for all users and even with the aim of providing good customer service. and thus developed:

  1. Mobile Bancomer as an application so that you can carry out banking operations and you can also make inquiries about the movements of your accounts no matter where you are because you can connect with your mobile phone. For this you can download mobile bancomer from the App Store at no cost.

If you need urgent help from online banking

  1. Enter the bank’s official website and choose the urgent help you need or if you don’t want to waste time you can call 0155 5624 1199.
  2. If you forgot your passwords and you are a natural person, in exress access, enter the 16 digits of your card that you use to access the service and then click on Go.
  3. Then enter the requested data and click Continue.
  4. Generate passwords that are between 7 and 10 alphanumeric characters and answer the secret question.
  5. If you lack any of the requirements you will receive an alert.
  6. The system will show you a confirmation and indicate the successfully updated data then click OK.
  7. If you are a legal person, do the same in express access by capturing the 16 digits of your card and click on Go.
  8. Then go to the online banking access and click on I forgot my passwords and it will direct you to the definition of new passwords,
  9. Liego captures the requested information and click Continue.
  10. Generate the passwords of between 7 and 10 alphanumeric characters and answer the secret question.

If you have problems with the accounts with online bancomer checking

  1. Call your executive to inform him of the procedure you will carry out looking for a branch near your home.
  2. When you go to the branch, you will give your executive a letter of request with the data of the account holder or of the attorney-in-fact if you are a legal person, the data of the checks and the signature.
  3. When the bank receives the request, it may be held responsible.
  4. You can also contact Bancomer by phone at any time of the year at Mexico City: 52262663, or Monterrey: 8 1579111, Guadalajara: 3 6690 229 or toll-free long distance phone: 52262663.
  5. Choose option 1 of self-service for suspension of checks, for which you must have your security code and the number of your credit or debit card with you, then dial the number of the check to be suspended.

If you lost your credit card Bancomer online

  1. Make a call to bancomer at any time of the year at: 52262663 in Mexico City or in other cities.
  2. They will immediately respond to you and ask for the name of the holder and the credit card.
  3. Send a request letter and the bank will be responsible upon receipt,
  4. The loss notice will be backed by a report number, from which the bank will be responsible for the misuse of the card.
  5. A new credit card will be automatically generated with another number and it will be delivered to you within 7 business days.

If you have problems at ATMs online banking

  1. Initiate a clarification at your branch or call Bancomer.
  2. Have the ATM number with you even if you have not made the withdrawal.
  3. If you received money, you need to provide the actual amount that the cashier gave you.
  4. The date, the credit or debit card number.,
  5. Then it will be your executive who will be in charge of monitoring through online banking.

If the ATM retained the online bancomer card

  1. In the event that the expiration date of the card has expired, you must request its replacement at the bank branch.
  2. If it was a communication error, the cashier retained it for safety, then call 52262663 in Mexico City or 8 1579111 in Monterrey or 3 6690229 in Guadalajara or 01800 5 226 26 63 toll free long distance phone.

Bancomer online banking

Bancomer provides customers with a PDF in English so that everyone can learn about its services such as online banking with everything you need to know about credit cards, investments, taxes, bill payment, online banking, etc.

Online bancomer account statement

  1. With the online Bancomer account you do not need papers, you can see the account statement of your deposits when you need it and always online and if you want you can print and save the files in PDF.
  2. All your electronic statements are kept protected encrypted with a password. In this way, your account information is available when you need it with easy access, since copies of your account statements are always stored.

Online Bancomer Customer Service

  1. You will find advice, to make claims or clarifications at any time of the day every day of the year, having with you the card number and the access code.
  2. Call to 3669 0229 from Guadalajara, to 8157 9111 from Monterrey or 01 800 226 2663, the toll-free long distance phone number.
  3. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, call 1998 8039 or 01 800 1122610 or you can get in touch by email at [email protected]

How to cancel an account in online bancomer

If you want to cancel your account in online bancomer you must go to a bank branch with your official identification and one of the executives will attend you and receive your request in person.

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