How to check your Costco credit card statement

You have a costco credit card to make purchases in stores and use it as cash or to make purchases online? Well, do you know how easy it is for this card to know the balance? In fact, it is very easy to verify the account statement, you still do not know? Then keep reading …

Methods to know your Costco credit card statement

As you just read, know the Costco credit card statement It is very easy, since you have several methods such as:

  1. On the back of your card, that is, on the back you can read a phone number that you can call and follow the instructions to find out your balance.
  2. Login to www.costco.comOnce you have logged in, choose My account. In Registered Buyers enter your email address with which you registered and your password. Then enter your card number and your password. Then click on View balance.
  3. When you buy a product at a service station or in a store they will give you a receipt, because on the same receipt you can read your balance.
  4. If in the store you bought the product you can see a red kiosk, you just have to swipe your card in the reader and you will easily know your balance.

However, given that to enter the website you must enter the password you generated when you registered, it is likely that you have forgotten it.

If this is your case, you must enter Forgot your password ?, then enter your email address and then click Go. This way you can reset your password when you receive an email to reset it.

Costco credit card statement

For your convenience you can sign up for the electronic account statement of your costco credit card free of charge. In this way you will receive your account statement every month in your email 5 days after the cut-off date.

If you want to register for the electronic statement, you can do so by calling the toll-free call center from Mexico City or from within the Republic.

Verify costco credit card statement

Once you receive the statement of accounts you can verify it in this way, since it has several items:

  1. Item 1 tells you the payment deadline.
  2. Item 2.3 tells you the summary of operations.
  3. Item 7.4 tells you the cutoff date.
  4. Item 5 tells you the minimum payment.
  5. Item 8.6 tells you the total amount to pay.

Payment limit and cut-off date on costco credit card statement

To pay your card, you have 20 days after the cut-off date. In the event that the cut-off date is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the cut-off date is brought forward to the previous business day.

Payment can be made at any of the branches with cash, with a check from any bank or with your Banamex debit card.

But in the event that you make the payment with a check, it will be payable to Banco Nacional de México SA

You can also make the payment of your card online if you are a Banamex customer requesting your Netkey and access code, then you can make the payment online or by phone.

Costco credit card statement and benefits

You already know how to verify your costco credit card statement, but if you still do not know all the benefits that you access once you account and use your card, here are some of them so that you can take full advantage of it:

  1. Of all the purchases you make in stores in Mexico, you receive an annual refund of 2%, which you will see as Costco Reimbursement 2 in your account statement on December 1 as a credit on movements.
  2. You can access exclusive promotions for you as a customer.
  3. You save 2.3% on your purchases made at Costco in all of Mexico thanks to the Cash Price program.
  4. During the first year you benefit from the annuity at no cost.
  5. You can make purchases with your card at the Papalote Cuernavaca, Fresko, Al Precio, City Market, Sumesa, Bodega Comercial Mexicana, Mega Comercial Mexicana, Comercial Mexicana and Costco stores.
  6. You have benefits, discounts and promotions as well as cash at the Comercial Mexicana Stores.
  7. You can defer the total or partial balance in monthly payments thanks to the personal payment plan with a preferential fixed rate. You just have to activate it by calling 01 800 226 2639.
  8. You can receive Banamex notifications with SMS notifications to your mobile phone from any telephone company when you use your credit card.
  9. Your Costco credit card allows you to receive the electronic statement in no more than 5 days after the cut-off dates so that you can know your operations and take care of the environment.
  10. If you need it, you can customize your line of credit.
  11. If your credit card is lost or stolen, from the call center you can notify the loss or theft as well as check the balance and movements, pay for services and the card.
  12. By having the credit card and using it, you can take advantage of the insurance for the release of debts due to the death of the holder and protection for the fraudulent use of it.

Banamex Costco

Banamex costco has very few requirements, therefore if you are looking for a decisive credit without the need for you to have a credit history and meet these requirements, you will be able to obtain it:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Your monthly income must be $ 7000 or more.
  3. You must present your proof of income.
  4. The seniority in your job must not be less than 12 months.

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