How to change password without entering facebook

You want enter facebook without password and without emailWell, in a very simple way, following a few steps, you will learn it and you will not have to change your password, do you want to know? Keep reading…

How to enter Facebook without password and without email

In order to enter facebook without password and without email it’s very easy if you’ve logged in before, well …

  1. When entering facebook click on any page of the site.
  2. Choose settings.
  3. Click on edit
  4. Click on save changes.

If you have logged in but suddenly you don’t remember your password …

  1. Click on forgot your password?
  2. You will receive steps to reset it, but then you should have access to the email associated with your account.
  3. You will click on reset the password.

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Reset facebook password without logging in

  1. Enter to recover your account.
  2. Enter the email address, then the mobile phone number, the username that is associated with your account.
  3. Click on search.
  4. You will receive the instructions to continue.

Change facebook password without logging in

If you want to reset the password, you do not need to log in.

You can change your facebook password without having to access your account.

  1. Enter facebook features.
  2. Then go to forgot password.
  3. Locate the login credentials that you will find in the upper right corner of the main page.
  4. Click on you have forgotten your password.

To reset the password, a process is carried out that needs to locate and identify your account, and then reset the password. If the account cannot be identified, you can only change it by contacting facebook.

If you need help identifying your account by email, follow these steps:

  1. You can do it with your real name, with the URL or with your email address.

With any of these options you must write the information in the space provided.

  1. Click on search.
  2. When you find the account, will you see the password reset?
  3. Facebook will send you a code to reset with an email or a text message, choose which option you want.
  4. Click on send code.
  5. Open the message in the email or on your mobile phone and you will get the code to reset the password.
  6. Enter it in password reset code.
  7. Click on send code.
  8. Write the new password in new password.
  9. In the confirm password space, confirm it.
  10. Click on change password and you will have changed your password.

However, it may be that for some reason it is impossible for you to identify your account, then proceed as follows:

  1. Go to have you forgotten your password?
  2. Choose and click I can’t identify my account.
  3. You will see an identification card.
  4. Fill it in with your username, email address, description of your profile picture, and Facebook URL.
  5. In the description of the problem, write in detail the problem you have.
  6. Send the report by clicking on send.
  7. Now just wait until facebook identifies your account and you can reset the password.

Without changing the facebook password, how to recover it

You may have forgotten your password but don’t want to change it, so how can you do?

  1. Enable cookies
  2. Then go to
  3. Go to fscbook.vm / reset.php
  4. After trying several times to reset the password without success, due to security measures Facebook will temporarily close your account.
  5. You will only have to wait a few hours and you will log in again.

How to recover my facebook password without changing it

1Enter Facebook, because if you have your account open close it.

  1. Enter the email address associated with the account.
  2. Click on this is my account.
  3. Click on you no longer have access?
  4. Enter an email address that is not associated with the facebook account, but that you can control.
  5. Answer the security questions, you must answer them correctly, otherwise you will not recover the password.

Assuming you forgot the security question:

  1. Click on recover the account with the help of friends.
  2. Choose three friends to help you log into your account.
  3. Facebook will send those friends the password to recover your account and your friends will send it to you.
  4. Your friends will have received the codes that you will enter to reset the password.
  5. Then it is convenient that you protect your password.
  6. Log in to your account.
  7. Click on menu, at the top right corner of the page.
  8. Choose settings.
  9. Click on security.
  10. Click edit next to login approvals.
  11. You will then receive the instructions that you must follow to enable login approvals.
  12. Associate your mobile phone number with facebook.


  1. Although you will have read it a million times, it is important that your password is unique, avoiding choosing your own names, the date of birth or your home address, since in this way you can protect your password. The best thing is that you combine letters with numbers, or words without meaning and that only you know it.
  2. The passwords must always be different, never the same for the Facebook account, for your email, for your bank account and for any website you access, since if you use the same it will be easier for them to hack you the accounts because this way it is easy to discover the passwords.
  3. It is also necessary that you change your password frequently and especially if you suspect that someone tried to enter your account, change the password urgently and you will avoid being hacked.
  4. If you access your account from a computer or mobile device that does not belong to you, remember that you should always log out, since then another person will use that device and can review your information and access your account at any time without your authorization.
  5. Install a firewall and it will detect any log of keystrokes and will notify you when a third party receives information and will ask for your permission.

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