How to buy medical insurance in the United States for tourists

Choose the medical insurance in the United States for tourists. it can be a very difficult process. After all, the United States has one of the most complex healthcare systems in the world, which means that the not Obtaining travel insurance would not be a wise option.

When traveling to other countries (especially second world countries where having travel health insurance is probably more expensive than getting treatment at a local medical facility) it may seem like travel health insurance is something you can easily skip. Although travel insurance is always a safe bet wherever you go, we can agree that in some countries around the world, it is not so risky not to have health insurance.

How to contract medical insurance in the United States for tourists

Coming to the United States as a visitor without medical insurance for tourists it can be quite luxurious. It can be like riding a Harley without a helmet, driving a car without a seatbelt, and well… you realize it. The point is, US visitor health insurance is a pretty smart investment when a tourist comes here to visit the country for a short, or even an extended period of time. With the high costs of medical treatment in this country, a simple visit to the doctor’s office without travel medical insurance can be detrimental to your finances.

Now that we have covered why the travel medical insurance of the visitor is critical when coming to the United States, one question still remains …

What is the right travel health insurance for you?

There are quite a few factors that visitors can take into consideration here as they select the right travel insurance plan for them. Let’s review each of these!


Age is a very important factor when considering the medical insurance in the United States for tourists. Often times, what you may notice is that travel health insurance plans can vary in price and benefits offered depending on the age of the insured.

For example, when comparing quote prices for inbound travelers ages 20 and 80 respectively at visitorscoverage. com, we saw a huge distinction in premium prices for the same policy. One insurance partner in particular cited that the monthly premium for a 20-year-old would have been around $ 16 / month, while the monthly premium for an 80-year-old was $ 211 / month. Also, once the individual looking to purchase an insurance policy reaches the age of 80, it becomes increasingly difficult to find an insurance company that will sell him an insurance policy.

As such, if you are a traveler who considers yourself an adult citizen, it is more important for you to constantly be comparing prices and looking for the best deal. Visitorscoverage. com It is a great place for you to compare prices and benefits that different insurance companies can offer you based on your age.

Pre-existing conditions

One thing that can often surprise unsuspecting people is the fact that in the United States, pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by most insurance policies. What does this mean? Let’s say you already have a heart condition before coming to the United States. You have had a heart attack in your home country and have been diagnosed with a heart condition long before you booked your flight to the United States. However, you come to the United States and a few weeks later, you have a heart attack. And guess what? Your insurance does not cover you!


That is exactly what happened when my grandmother came to the United States, she got international health insurance before coming to the United States, but due to the fact that she already had a heart condition, she suffered a heart attack while there, she did not get coverage for your surgery.

However, the good news is that more efforts are being made to protect these people from being denied insurance coverage based on their pre-existing condition.

Length of stay

Your length of stay while visiting the United States can greatly impact what Type of insurance is the best for you. For example, most of the time, visitors’ travel insurance is only covered from 5 days to one calendar year of being in the United States. If you are only coming for a couple of days, you may not be eligible for many common inbound travel medical insurance policies.

On the other hand, if you are staying in a country for more than a calendar year as a visitor, it might be wiser to look at other inbound insurance plans; not just insurance plans for tourists or visitors.

For example, many fellows who visit the United States for an extended period of time, despite not being international students, may choose to come to the United States on a study plan. Rather, you can always renew your insurance policy if it stays for more than one calendar year.

In any case, whether you choose Visit-USA HealthCare Visitors Insurance, or another plan that best suits your needs, it is extremely important to consider these factors, among others, to help you choose the plan that is right for you and will be of real benefit should you need medical assistance during your visit to the States. United. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your stay!